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Smith Column: Hounds, Horses & Me
Greg Hertel Column: Grumpy Old Men
Things to do on Lopez - Orcas - San Juan
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Raising A Philosophical Child

On Tuesday September 27, learn more about and celebrate a program which has been implemented in Friday Harbor Elementary school during the past year. The program is called "Raising A Philosophical Child," and embraces the concept of encouraging the inquisitive child (in all of us) to ask questions for which there is no "right" answer. Children are natural philosophers, and often ask questions we don't always have answers to.

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OPALCO Offers Low-Income Energy Assistance

OPALCO’s Energy Assist Program will double the monthly bill credit (Monthly bill credits range from $20 - $50) for participating low-income members through the end of the year. The number of members participating in this new program is lower than budgeted and the Board decided to increase the assistance for those who need it.

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New Exhibitions At SIMA

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA) is proud to present Hydrographs by Nicole Pietrantoni and For All We Know by and Dianne Kornberg. These exhibitions by two innovative artists and printmakers will open to the public until November 28. 2016

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New Trial Granted Former Orcas School Teacher

ig_Gerald_Grellet-Tinner-004a (36k image)(Island Guardian photo)
Dr Gerald Grellet-Tinner was granted a new trial on Tuesday (09-20-16) after Judge Donald E. Eaton found that case law required the granting of a defense motion for a new trial, due to governmental misconduct.

New information that the defense argued cast doubt on the credibility of the victim, and a number of examples given to support a motion to dismiss the charges, or at the least grant a new trial, had been submitted to the Court for review and judgment.

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OPALCO To Hold Open House Events


OPALCO will hold "Open House" events in October to gathering member feedback on the election changes proposed by a Member Review Committee and sharing updates on Rock Island and all things OPALCO.

Thursday, October 6: Lopez Woodmen Hall 5 -6:30pm
Friday, October 7:Friday Harbor Grange 3 -4:30pm
Monday, October 10: Shaw Community Center 2-3:30pm
Tuesday, October 11: Orcas Senior Center 5-6:30pm

The report and recommendations made by Member Review Committee on Elections in the September board materials. Copies will also be available at the Open House events.

Fair Trial? School Teacher Misconduct Controversy

ig_Gerald_Grellet-Tinner-003 (70k image)
(Island Guardian photo)

At the end of arguments for a mistrial on Friday (09-16-16) in SJC Superior Court, Judge Donald E. Eaton continued the hearing to September 20th, but noted in passing that he agreed with the defense attorney in the sexual misconduct trial of former Orcas High School teacher Gerald Grellet-Tinner that if the trial had not been fair, it was also not fair to the jurors that based their conviction of the defendant without having access to the information the defense claims was withheld, and important in determining guilt or innocence.

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SJC Council Candidates:Forum Wednesday


A San Juan County Council Candidate Forum will be held on Wednesday, September 21st beginning at 5:00pm at the Grange Hall (152 1st St, Friday Harbor). The agenda is included below.

To accommodate the ferry schedule (the last ferry to Orcas departs at 5:45) forum will begin with the two candidates from Orcas.

The questions will be focused on those issues of importance to the Grange membership: local agriculture, home gardening/farming, and issues related to their mission and adopted resolutions The forum will also be videotaped and posted to their website.

Large Group Of Orca Encountered

ig_CFOR_Orca_LargeGroup_ken_balcomb-001 (57k image)
(Center For Whale Research - Ken Balcomb photo)

A large group of whales was reported by Ken Balcomb in the morning inbound near Sheringham on the Canadian side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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Prosecutor Misconduct Charge In Trial Of Orcas Teacher Convicted Of Sexual Misconduct

ig_Gerald_Grellet-Tinner-002a (35k image) (Island Guardian photo)

(Correction made 9:25 AM, 09-15-16) The sentencing in San Juan County Superior Court by Judge Don Eaton of Gerald Grellet-Tinner Ph.D (photo left,) was delayed on Wednesday due to the filing of a motion for dismissal by the defense.

Grellet-Tinner, an internationally renowned paleobiologist, and former Orcas teacher, was convicted in June of this year on sexual misconduct charges of a 19 year old Orcas student,

Defence attorney Robert Butler filed the motion biased on alleged “governmental misconduct” resulting from a delay in forwarding a complete record of the results of an investigation of charges of misconduct by the lead San Juan County detective in the rape investigation.

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Help for People with Low Vision

The San Juan Island Library and San Juan County Senior Services are teaming up to offer a workshop on living with the challenges of low vision and failing eyesight. The workshop will take place on Friday, September 23 at 2:00 pm at the San Juan Island Library meeting room.

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Deer Harbor Bridge Progress


ig_PW_Bridges_DeerHarbor_09-13-16 (59k image)
( SJC photo)

A large crane (photo above) is set to help in the demolition of the existing wood Deer Harbor bridge that is to be replaced by a modern one of concrete.

The completed project is projected to be fully completed by the end of the year, and will ultimately improve 700 feet of Channel Road on Orcas.

Truck Rollover On San Juan Island

ig_S_Truck_Westside-01 (63k image)
(IG photo)

A male driver of a south bound pickup truck on Westside Road ran off of the road and up an embankment, causing the truck to tip over, trapping the driver inside.

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Boater Attacks Deputy, Is Tasered & Jailed

Jason Eldridge Williams, 38, of Arlington Washington is a large man, standing 6’-2” and weighing 225 lbs, but after threatening to kill, and then attacking a San Juan Sheriff’s Deputy, he ended up not standing, handcuffed, and in jail.

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Husband Awaits Charges For Murder Of Wife

San Juan Island resident Kevin Patrick Taylor, 53, remains in custody today after SJC Prosecutor Gaylord requested, and Judge Eaton granted, that bail be set at $1 million dollars.

Taylor appear before Eaton on Tuesday for a probable cause hearing, with murder in the 2nd degree charges to be filed by Gaylord on Thursday, and arraignment to take place on Friday the 16th of September.

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San Juan Island Farm Tour Today

The San Juan Island Farm Tour is a unique opportunity to visit farms on the island! Sunday, September 25th 11am-4:30pm.

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Vote Counting Equip Test Oct 6

A “Logic and Accuracy” test of ballot tabulating equipment used in San Juan County for the November 8, 2016 General Election is scheduled for October 6 at 11 a.m.

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SJI Community Treasures Meeting Tonight

Tonight, September 22nd, 2016, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, at the Mullis Senior Center, is the Community Treasures public meeting/discussion. There will be a review history, go over some of the CT Board discussions, review the issues, and take input.

Williamson Elected Chairman Of Community Bankers Of Wa

ig_Brad_Williamson-001 (22k image)Brad Williamson, President and CEO of Islanders Bank was elected Chairman of the Board of the Community Bankers of Washington (CBW) during the group’s annual meeting held September 16th in Vancouver Washington.

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Reading/Signing At Darrell's Bookstore On Orcas

At 6:00 pm on September 22nd, Billy Sparrow, the author of Tranquility: A Memoir of an American Sailor, and Darvill's bookstore in Eastsound, will host a discussion and reading/signing event for this gripping memoir.

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Odlin Park Free Camping Sept. 24

Join San Juan County Parks for a night of FREE CAMPING on September 24 and commemorate the 90th anniversary of Odlin County Park. An Act of Congress granted the land to the County for "recreational and public park purposes" in 1926.

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Anonymous Women in the Bible

A four-week class on “Harlots, Widows, and Barren Women” explores some of the nameless women whom biblical history has forgotten. Led by Dr. Rebecca Moore, the course will look at the ways in which narratives about these unnamed women contribute to the theologies that appear in the Christian Old and New Testaments.

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National Public Lands Day

This year's NPLD (National Public Lands Day) in the San Juan Islands will be a celebration of partners, education, trails and service projects with multiple locations of activities for families, kids young and old.

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Pet of the Week

ig_SO_PetWeek-Marco-001 (59k image)

I only have one thing to say. “People are weird”. My name is Marco and if you are in the market for a wonderful best friend, loyal companion, snuggle buddy or just someone to have fun with, I’m your guy. I draw the line at silly hats. Good day!
Stop by the Friday Harbor Animal Protection Societyand say hi!

Sign Up For Dental Van

The Medical Teams International Dental Van is coming back to the Mullis Center on Friday, October 7th and Saturday October 8th. Fish For Teeth is sponsoring this clinic to provide dental care for anyone who is financially unable to afford it. Applications can be picked up at:

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Odlin Park Free Camping Sept. 24

Join San Juan County Parks for a night of FREE CAMPING on September 24 and commemorate the 90th anniversary of Odlin County Park. An Act of Congress granted the land to the County for "recreational and public park purposes" in 1926.

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The Women's Fund?

The Women’s Fund is a local fund that allows women to pool their monies to make a significant impact on San Juan Island. Women's Fund organizations nationwide bring women of all ages and experiences together who share an interest in making their communities better places to live now and in the future.

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DSHS Mobile at FH Family Resource Center

Wednesday, 14 September, 09:00 AM - 05:00 PMDivision of Child Support (DCS) will be on the truck with your case questions. At this event you can apply for: Cash Assistance, Basic Food Assistance, Medical Assistance. You can also drop off paperwork, complete an Eligibility Review, Mid-Certification Review or make changes to an existing case.

Homes Barging In On San Juan

The San Juan Community Home Trust will take delivery of the 8th of a proposed 12 homes for its new development, Sun Rise II, this Thursday, September 15th at about 5:30pm at Jackson Beach.

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Orca Greeting Ceremony

The Whale Museum invites everyone to our 10th Annual Celebration of the “Orca Greeting Ceremony.” This Fundraising Dinner and Auction will be held on Friday, September 23 at Brickworks in Friday Harbor.

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Remembering September 11 Attacks

WORLD_TRADE_CENTER_9-11_2016-002 (47k image)(
Detail of photo below - IG photo

They were only doing the jobs they were trained for but we call them Heroes.

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Daniel Scott Drahn

ig_O_Dan_Drahn-01 (35k image)

February 15th, 1961 ~ August 12

Daniel Scott Drahn, 55, passed away on August 12, 2016 in Kona, HI. His generous heart failed him while on an eagerly anticipated night scuba dive. Dan was a devoted father and husband who was known by many for his creative and adventurous spirit. Dan’s willingness and imagination led not only his own family on many memorable adventures but also delighted other children and families along the way.

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Citizens' Salary Commission Meeting

The Citizens’ Salary Commission will meet to discuss compensation of elected officials on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, at 12:00 noon, in the first floor Hearing Room of the Legislative Building, 55 Second St., in Friday Harbor. The public is invited to attend.

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Enter Annual SJC EDC Business Plan Competition

Entrepreneurs can bring their business ideas to the next level in the second annual EDC Launch San Juan Islands business plan competition, created by the San Juan County Economic Development Council and sponsored by local businesses.

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Man Dies After Fall On SJ Island

An elderly man, reportedly in his eighties, is believed to have fallen off of a ladder in San Juan Valley, with unofficial reports stating he received head injuries that resulted in his death.

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DeVaux Retires From SJC Community Home Trust

After 11 years of service as the Executive Director of the San Juan Community Home Trust, Nancy DeVaux has announced that she will retire on June 1, 2017.

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Wine Tasting / Art Auction For FH Animal Protection Society

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor will host a Wine Tasting and Art Auction, Friday September 16 at Brickworks from 5:30 to 8:30. The event will include a silent and live auction of donated and original artworks as well as the unveiling of five private label wines; featuring artist labels by San Juan Island artists.

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Call for County Visual Artists

Become a Member of SJIMA Artists Registry and be included in: “Spirit Taking Form,” 5th Annual SJIMA Artists Registry Exhibit
Opening December 10th 2016, at San Juan Islands Museum of Art
This year, San Juan Islands Museum of Art annual Artists' Registry exhibition runs December 10, 2016, thru January 30, 2017.

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Pie Booth Regains Success At Fair

Over 60 volunteers served up approximately 1,200 slices of donated pies at this years fair for the first fundraiser of the newly established PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)for the Friday Harbor Elementary school.

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School Means Limits On Work Hours For Teens

The start of school signals changes to work hours and requirements for teens. Employers have a Sept. 30 deadline to renew and have on file permission from parents and schools for teens to work during the school year.

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Murray "Champion Of The 50+"

ig_Patty_Miller-ARP_Award_001 (38k image)
( (Senator Murray receiving award)

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) was named a 2016 “Champion of the 50+” by AARP in recognition of her work on behalf of Washington state seniors and leadership in reauthorizing the Older Americans Act (OAA).

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