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Smith Column: I Am Famous On An Island
Evans Column: Enough With The Signs Already!
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$10K Reward For Information On Explosives

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is offering up to a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for placing explosives near a trail in the San Juan County Land Bank Turtleback Mountain Preserve on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands.

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About Those New Vacation Rental Permits

IG-Merri_Ann_Simonson-3 (21k image)By Merri Ann Simonson

I have reviewed the County’s new Vacation Rental Permit requirements and I found them most reasonable, I think they did a good job.

As a REALTOR, working in the field, I only noted two areas that may be difficult for some property owners to adapt to.

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13 Mo Sentence For Sex With 14yr Old Boy

Kelsey Lee O’Day, 27, of Friday Harbor appeared before visiting Superior Court Judge Deborra E. Garrett on Tuesday to be sentenced for having sex with the son of a man she was living with at the time.

O’Day is 27 years old and the boy was 14 years old when she was involved in three sexual encounters with the boy. According to court documents O’Day admitted to a friend, and to the father, she had engaged in sexual acts with the boy.

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46 Sailboats Race Around Shaw Island

ig_SHIYC_ShawRace-2018-001 (126k image)
(SJIYC photo)

The currents were strong, the winds temperamental, and the fleet diverse, making for a memorable 48th annual running of the Shaw Island Classic, a highlight of the summer boating season. Hosted by the San Juan Island Yacht Club, the race draws sailboats and crew from throughout the region to circumnavigate Shaw Island. The race drew 10% more racers than last year.

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More Questions On Gaylord’s Action In Grellett-Tinner Case

ig_Alex_MacLeod-003 (30k image)By Alex MacLeod

Not long after Randy Gaylord filed sex charges against Gerald Grellett-Tinner, then an Orcas High School teacher, he signed a “Certificate of Helpfulness” on behalf of a “U Visa” request of the young immigrant woman who was the victim in the case.The 19-year-old mother of a young child was living with family on Orcas despite her visa having expired and she was worried about being deported.

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J35 Is No Longer Carrying Her Dead Calf

ig_CFOR_Orca_J35_001 (95k image)
(Orcas & J35 chasing a school of salmon -Ken Balcomb photo)

Ken Balcomb reports that J35 vigorously chased a school of salmon with her pod-mates in mid-Haro Strait in front of the Center for Whale Research for a half mile - no longer carrying the deceased baby that she had carried for at least seventeen days and 1,000 miles. Her tour of grief is now over, and her behavior is remarkably frisky.

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Orcas IED Of Serious Concern

San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs has announced the improvised explosive device (IED) that was located Turtleback Mountain Preserve property on Orcas Island had the potential to easily kill or injure, and it contained contained commercial grade explosives that are not readily available to the general public. At the current time there are no suspects.

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Aug. 17 County Council & Planning Commission Meeting


On August 17, 2018, there will be a special joint Planning Commission and County Council public hearing and meeting. The public hearing will be on a draft ordinance to comply with the Western Washington Region Growth Management Hearings Boards' (GMHB) Final Decision and Order (FDO) regarding an appeal of the County's Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The Planning Commission and County Council will also be briefed on the status of updates to the Comprehensive Plan.

Sea Scouts On SJI 1st Meeting Thursday

ig_SO_SeaScouts_Logo-001 (58k image)Sea Scouts will hold their first meeting Thursday (August 9th) at the San Juan Yacht Club 18:30 (6:30pm), for both young men and women ages 14-21. Learn maritime skills and obtain a free youth membership to the Yacht Club as well.

For nearly 100 years Sea Scouts have been cruising the waters of the Salish Sea on sailboats, power boats, canoes, kayaks and more recently, stand up paddle

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IED "Neutralized" On Orcas


On 08/06/2018 at approximately 10:30am an Orcas Island resident reported a suspicious item on a Turtleback Mountain trail. Photographs and a description of the item was sent to the Washington State Bomb Squad who then responded to Orcas Island to investigate. At approximately 7:00pm, the explosive was detonated.

The item was determined to be an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) by Members of the team. The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is assisting the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation into the IED.

Sheriff Ron Krebs stated more information will be made available as it comes in.

Power To & And By The People

ig_B_OPALCO_SolarArray-01 (186k image)
(solar project on Decatur Island -OPALCO photo)
OPALCO’s first big community solar project, a 04KW-DC solar array has began producing power. The 272 OPALCO members who invested in the project will begin to see credits on their September bill for the energy produced to date. Member participation ranged from one unit to as many as 160 solar units.

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Kulp Peads Guilty To Murder


ig_SC_Culp-002 (80k image)
( Island Guardian photo)

44 year old Eric A. Kulp was back in court on Friday to plead guilty to the murder -in the second degree- of his wife, Abigail Finney, 38, on Shaw Island, and then hiding her body in a van on the property at their home (Original Report).

Kulp entered into a plea agreement with the prosecution attorney, part of which resulted in the dropping of the charge of unlawful imprisonment. The remaining charge has the potential of Kulp being sentence to a life sentence of imprisonment without the possibility of parole, but it is unlikely he will spend the rest of his life in prison. He will be sentenced on September 17th, at 9 a.m.

Two FH Residents Die In Airplane Crash


(UPDATED 10:00 AM, 08-03-18) Yesterday at approximately 5:00pm a pilot reported seeing an aircraft go down somewhere on the south end of Lopez Island near the airport. Sheriff’s deputies along with Lopez Island Fire and Rescue mobilized to search for the plane and incorporated the help of the US Navy, Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol and Island Air. At approximately 6:40pm the plane was located.

Capt. Daniel S. Schwartz, President, San Juan Pilots Association issued the following statement: "We were shocked and heartbroken to learn that last night, our islands' aviation family lost two of its members. San Juan Pilots Association Treasurer David King and Vice President Lou Coleman were aboard David's Mooney when it suffered a fatal accident at Lopez Island Airport (for yet to be determined reasons.) Both were active, experienced pilots who had contributed much to our community's flying community.

We are all shocked and saddened by this news. They were our friends and colleagues and our prayers are with their families at this time."

At this time the NTSB and the FAA are investigating into the cause of the crash.

Calling All Tree-Loving, Bunny-Hugging, Dirt Worshipers!

It’s award season here in the San Juans. The Oscars have nothing on the Finnies. Know someone who deserves to walk the stewardship red carpet?

Nominate them for a Good Steward Award.

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FHHS Aerospace Update

ig_SJISD_2018_FHAT-003 (166k image)
(Contributed photo)

The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Team, along with additional teammates from Colorado, Pakistan, India and the UK, took second place over all at the International Space Settlement Design Competition World Championship at Kennedy Space Center.

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Local Group To Sue Feds To Protect Orcas

ig_CFOR_Orca_J-35_001 (206k image)
( Ken Balcomb photo of orca with dead calf)

The Center for Biological Diversity and Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance today sent a notice of intent to sue to the Department of Commerce for failing to respond to a petition that was filed to “designate a Southern Resident killer whale protection zone,” that would protect endangered Southern Resident killer whales from boat traffic and noise in a key foraging area near Washington’s San Juan Island. “

In 2016 the Conservation groups petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service to establish the 10-square-mile zone in the Salish Sea’s Haro Strait, a step that would limit vessel speeds and other activities.

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Local Brew Wins Gold Medal

ig_B_SJIBco_2018_GoldMetal-001 (159k image)
The Aylward Brew Brothers & Master Brewer Jesse Visciglia (center)
San Juan Brewing Company proudly took home a Gold medal in the ESB (Extra Special Bitter) category at the Washington State Brewery association awards. With over 390 breweries in Washington State taking home any prize is a feat - let alone less then a year after opening.

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Why Did Gaylord Not Charge Parker?

By Alex MacLeod

One of the best things about democracy is we get an opportunity on a regular basis to review the performance of our elected leaders and decide if they merit continued employment. To do so, it is important to have something more than campaign mailers and yard signs to make our decisions.

As a longtime county resident with a background in public-service journalism and the belief that fact-based information is essential to the democratic process, I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking beneath the surface of things in the county, and writing about it from time to time.

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FH Students Design Team At NASA

ig_SJISD_2018_FHAT-001 (158k image)
(Contributed photo)

By Daniel Garner

The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Design Team has passed the 24-hour mark of the 42-hour International Space Settlement Design Competition world championship (ISSDC). Held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the ISSDC brings in 250 high school students from nine countries to take part in an aerospace industry simulation. These 250 students are divided into four multinational teams of 60+ individuals. Their mission: Design a space settlement for 18,000 residents on the moon.

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Cute But Nasty, Sea Otters Are Showing Up

ig_E_A_Ottor_ken_conger-001 (115k image)
(Ken Conger photo)

Those cute furry little sea otters have returned to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, including off of San Juan Island, and while it is seen as more evidence that after nearly being wiped out by fur hummers, they are returning -over 2,000 counted last year in Washingot- but some are not so sure it is such a wonderful thing, given some of their habits.

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Baby Orca Dies Shortly After Birth

Another orca has died; of the eleven births between 2014 and 2016, only five have survived.. so far. This week a newly born calf reportedly died in less than an hour of birth.

According to CWR ( Center for Whale Research ) The orca population is now at it’s lowest in over three decades, and no calves have been produced since 2015.

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Primary Election: What’s New?

This year’s primary election is generating a lot of questions. That’s not unusual; election cycles are long -four years between elections for most positions- and it’s easy to forget what a particular type of election looks like. But this year there really are some new and unusual things going on.

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Whale Force One: Drones Used To Study Orcas (38k image)On July 25th, Taylor Shedd, The Whale Museum’s Soundwatch Program Coordinator, will present “Whale Force One: Utilizing Aerial Drone to Study the Foraging Behavior of Southern Resident Killer Whales.” This lecture will be held at the Whale Museum at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 25, as part of The Whale Museum’s Summer Lecture Series.

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Washington Talking Book & Braille Library Helps People Find Jobs

he Washington Talking Book & Braille Library (WTBBL) announced today it has joined WorkSource Seattle-King County’s network of WorkSource Connection Sites. As a Connection Site, WTBBL can help patrons connect with the WorkSource community of resources, providing them with a portal for electronic access to career planning tools, training programs, and job-search resources.

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Power Suit Forces County Hand On 1st Amendment Violation

After 25 years, and a law suit by a local attorney, San Juan County will finally remove an unconstitutional probation that restricted political signs.

On July 20th the County will hold a joint public hearing(pdf 4826\k file) with the planning commission as the first step in the legal process to change language in an ordinance that sets time limits on the posting of political signs.

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Once Again: USCG To The Rescue. Love Those Guys!

A Coast Guard aircrew medically evacuated a 69-year-old woman from Sucia Island, Washington, Wednesday afternoon, after she reportedly dislocated her hip while hiking.

An aircrew aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles, transported the woman from Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands National Monument to emergency medical services at Bellingham Airport.

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SJI Real Estate Market Summary


IG-Merri_Ann_Simonson-3 (21k image)By Merri Ann Simonson

The results are in on real estate sales, and Merri Ann Simonson of Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands reports the numbers are up, not only for San Juan Island, but for Orcas as well. Why is Orcas doing better than San Juan? You can read the full report HERE.

USCG Medevacs 2 Boaters

ig_G_USCG_ResponseBoat-001 (115k image)
(25' Response Boat -USCG file photo)

A Coast Guard aircrew medically evacuated two boaters from Friday Harbor, Sunday night, after they sustained severe injuries when their vessel ran aground.

The Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles aircrew, aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, transported the two from Friday Harbor to Harbor View Hospital in Seattle for further medical care.

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USCG Rescues Capsized Kayakers

ig_Orcas_Clark_Isl-001 (55k image)
( - photo)

Two kayakers who capsized near the northeast side of Orcas Island on Saturday (07-14-18) were rescued by the Coast Guard.

A third kayaker had made it to shore on Clark Island when he placed a 911 call and was later recovered by the fire and rescue boat crew.

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SJC Disability Advisory Committee

ig_M_Handicap-001 (18k image)Are you looking for a way to serve your community? San Juan County Elections is looking for persons with disabilities, and providers of services to persons with disabilities, to serve on the Disability Advisory Committee.

Washington State Law requires every county to have a Disability Advisory Committee.

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Author At Whale Museum July 16

ig_Rebecca_Pillsbury-001 (36k image)Monday, July 16 at 6 p.m. at The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, join Bainbridge Island author Rebecca Pillsbury as she discusses her latest book, Guided by Whales. Written as a story compilation, the book is an exploration of career paths and passion projects undertaken by people who saw a whale and were never again the same.

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USCG Recovers Passenger Who Went Overboard Near The Strait Of Juan De Fuca

ig_G_USCG_Recovery-001 (103k image)
( A Coast Guard helicopter aircrew from Air Station Port Angeles transfers an unresponsive individual -USCG photo)

A Coast Guard helicopter rescue crew recovered an unresponsive individual from the water near the Strait of Juan de Fuca this afternoon, transferred him to local Emergency Medical Service personnel waiting on shore and then to the Olympic Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased.

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Keep Crab Pots Out Of Ferry Lanes

ig_CrabFloat-001 (52k image)

Harvesting crab is a Northwest tradition, but improperly set and lost crab pots can mean big trouble for the region's ferry system.

That's why the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Washington State Ferries (WSF) are joining forces this summer to urge recreational crab fishers to stay out of ferry lanes, docks, and terminals when dropping crab pots.

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10th Is WA Line Worker Appreciation Day

OPALCO’s team of line workers keep the lights on for more than 11,300 co-op members on 20 islands in San Juan County. That is no small task! Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed July 10, 2018 as Lineworker Appreciation Day and OPALCO invites its members to give their local line workers a proud salute.

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CG & OIFR Rescues Hiker From Fall Off Cliff

ig_G_USCG_MH-65-Dolphin-001 (46k image)
(Screen grab of USCG rescue photo)

A Coast Guard aircrew hoisted an hiker after she suffered head and back injuries from a fall off a cliff on Obstruction Island, Wednesday. An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station/Sector Field Office Port Angeles transferred the hiker at Bellingham International Airport to emergency medical service personnel, who took her to PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center for further care.

The patient had fallen approximately 100 feet down a steep embankment, landing on a rocky coastline. The initial response was complicated as the beach was not accessible by vehicle and required a marine response from the OIFR Marine Response and Transport (MRAT) team. Lieutenant 26, Geoff Nelson, responded in his personal boat to transport BC Kiniski and other OIFR members to the remote beach location.

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SJI Mt. Grant Walk Saturday

Know Your Island Walk Saturday August 25, 1-4 pm - Doug McCutchen with the Land Bank will take us on a walk on Mt. Grant (aka Lawson Ridge). He may show the progress on the trail system in the Mt. Grant preserve. Terrain is moderate mostly on road surfaces. Dogs on leashes are welcome. Meet at Mt. Grant parking area just off Beaverton Valley Road.

Seahawk Fan Fest Tonight

Calling All Twelves! Calling All Twelves! Thursday at the Fair is Seahawks FAN FEST! Or is it FAIR FEST? FAN FEST!
Bring your Seahawk Spirit, wear your Seahawks gear and meet a Seahawk, a SeaGal and DJ Supa Sam, official DJ for the Seahawks. Be there! Thursday Night from 8:00 to 9:00 on the Main Stage.

Enter A Car In SJI Concours

Get ready for Concours d’Elegance at San Juan Vineyards on Sunday, Aug. 26; 11 to 9. Enter a vintage car or even a less-than-perfect car.

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Still Looking For "Con" Argument

Voters in San Juan County will decide two local measures in the November election. (People who don’t vote won’t decide anything.) On Lopez, the annual one-year levy for the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District will be on the ballot. The district is once again asking for $105,000 to support operations of the district.

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Join Home Trust At The Fair

The San Juan Community Home Trust will be at the Fair. They develop permanently affordable houses for islanders. Their housing is the “ultimate recycling project.” They will have pictures of their homes and neighborhoods. Board members will be on hand to answer questions and to tell you about their future plans.

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Fiber Optic Cable Repaired

The mainland fiber break in Anacortes has been fixed and fully restored. All Rock Island fiber customers are now back online. All T-Mobile cell phones remain online and are fully un-throttled.

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State Parks ‘Free Day’

To celebrate the National Park System’s 102nd birthday, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is offering free entrance to state parks on Saturday, Aug. 25. Day-use visitors will not need a Discover Pass to visit state parks by vehicle.

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Draft Lopez Village Subarea Plan Information

Staff will brief the San Juan County Council and Planning Commission on the Draft Lopez Village Plan (Draft Plan) on August 17, 2017 at joint meeting. This meeting will be held in the County Council Chambers, 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor. It will be live-streamed for on-line viewing.

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Kings& FH Marketplace Apologize For Supply Problem

The major supplier of NW independent grocery stores is undergoing a major warehouse and systems change, and this has complicating grocery delivery to the islands. The management of Kings Market and Friday Harbor Marketplace want to sincerely apologize for the supply shortages in the stores in recent weeks.

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Announcing SJI Community Foundation County Fair Match

All Fair-goers are invited to visit the San Juan Island Community Foundation’s Fair booth next week in the main hall to learn about and boost support of eight special community projects. The Community Foundation is pleased to match 50 cents on every dollar raised until each project goal has been reached.

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Forestry Field Day For Woodland Owners

With an alarming increase in the number of dead trees throughout the islands, taking better care of forested areas is critical. Owners of wooded property in the San Juan Islands will build skills for caring for their land and trees at the San Juan Islands Forest Owners Field Day on Saturday, August 25th from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Thornbush Farm on San Juan Island.

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Let the Festival Begin!

With just 48 hours to go until the launch of the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival’s 21st Season, the staff and their invaluable, intrepid volunteers are ready for the festival to begin. Tickets Still Available:

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Fun Fair Activities

During Fair week, there are demonstrations, activities & games each day - for all ages. Check our Information Kiosks or online schedule at for more info! You won’t want to miss out on the fun! One example: The San Juan Nature Institute and Friday Harbor Labs are bringing a TOUCH TANK.

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Some Words Of Wisdom

ig_SO_PetWeek-Romina-001 (47k image)
Hello there!

I’m Romina, and I’m new at the animal shelter.

Although I’m only about a year old, I’ve learned a lot in my life.

Allow me to share some words of wisdom:

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Buying Property in the San Juans

IG-Merri_Ann_Simonson-3 (21k image)By Merri Ann Simonson

Select an Agent to Represent You. As you may be aware, all of the brokerage firms on San Juan Island are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service; therefore, any of the agents can assist you with any of the properties listed with Coldwell Banker or other brokerage firms

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SJ Island Walk Saturday

Know Your Island Walk Saturday July 28, 1-4 pm Roche Harbor Trails: Mike Buettell volunteer trail builder will lead us on a hike in the Roche Harbor Highlands and around Briggs Lake. Distance is 3.5 miles. Terrain is gentle wide trails. Dogs on leashes are welcome. Meet at park at the intersection of Roche Harbor and West Valley Roads.

San Juan County Orca Recovery Efforts

On August 2, Frances Robertson, the Marine Program Coordinator for San Juan County, will present “San Juan County Orca Recovery Efforts.” This lecture will be held at The Whale Museum at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, August 2, as part of The Whale Museum’s Science Lecture Series.

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Boater Education Class

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018
Time: 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Location: Orcas Ferry Landing Community Room, Orcas Island
Cost: FREE, bring a sack lunch and beverage, coffee will be provided
Register: David Tribolet (360) 376-3994 or

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About Access To Mt. Grant (aka: Lawson Ridge)

Access to Mount Grant Preserve is via a private road, Richard Lee Lane, which is off West Valley Road. The current parking area and first 1/5 mile of road are on an easement over privately owned land.

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Get In Line For This One!

ig_SO_PetWeek-Banana-001 (97k image)

Hello, World! My name is Banana and I’m new here. I’m the CEO in Charge of Cuteness here at the animal shelter.

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FH Talk On Permaculture

Islanders can produce an abundance of food for their families while restoring degraded lands and fighting climate change. Tall order, you say? Permaculture designer Keith Keyser will show how it has been done elsewhere and how it can be done here. Join Keyser on Wednesday July 25th at the San Juan Island Grange Hall for an informative talk on "Permaculture, or regenerative ecological agriculture and its promise for restoring a damaged planet".

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Shakespeare’s Tempest on SJI

ig_ISL_Tempest_keith_busha-001 (110k image)

Shakespeare Under the Stars is back! Island Stage Left’s new production of The Tempest plays on San Juan Island July 19-August 12.

This is Shakespeare’s fantasy about a magical island populated by spirits, monsters, a duke-turned-magician, and a group of corrupt castaways including two vicious courtiers and a pair of inebriated underlings.

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Primary Election Begins Friday

Registered voters throughout Washington will soon be receiving ballots for the Aug. 7 Primary Election. Thanks to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, Governor Jay Inslee, and county officials statewide, voters in every county can return their ballots via the U.S. Postal Service without having to pay for a stamp.

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Last Call For Island Writers

Last call for Island Writers & Learn How to Prepare Your Fair Entries. Still hear that beat? That should have been the quickening heart rate of all you Island Writers preparing your entries to the drum beat of the 2018 “Rockin’ the Salish Sea” San Juan County Fair.

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American Camp Wildfire Contained

ig_sji_Fire_AmericanCamp-001 (42k image)
(SJIFD FB capture photo)

On Sunday, July 15th, 2018, a historic weapons artillery demonstration caused a wildland fire at American Camp within San Juan Island National Historical Park. National Park Service personnel called 911, and San Juan Fire District #3 responded.

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Virgin Mary Statue Returns

ig_VirginMary_StFrancisChurch (45k image)
A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary stolen from St. Francis Catholic Church in Friday Harbor has been returned to the church.

Information as to where it went, and by whom, has not been released by the church.

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Showcasing Community At Fair

We are one community here in the San Juans. Sure, we have Orcas, San Juan, Waldron, Lopez, Shaw, Stuart and 122 other islands that have names, but we are still ONE community with many personalities.

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Looking For Good Times

ig_SO_PetWeek-Cocoe-001 (172k image)

My name is Coco. I believe that just because something is a terrible idea doesn’t mean it won’t be a really good time. If you agree, we should meet. I’m here at the animal shelter, waiting for you to come and share your ideas with me. I know we could have a good time together. Let’s go find some adventures together!

The Tempest 7-11 At Doe Bay

ig_ISL_Tempest-1 (33k image)

Twenty years ago ISL (Island Stage Left) performed Shakespeare’s magical play about forgiveness as its opening production. With magic, spirits, love, treachery and forgiveness, this is Shakespeare’s last solo work and one that has delighted and inspired all audiences, no matter what their age or background.

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Conversations With Gee’s Bend Friday

ig_SJIMA_Conversatons_Gee_Bend-001 (44k image)
(Mister Puppet by Ken Kelly)

Friday May 25th, 2018 - Monday September 3rd, 2018: Considered to be the most important African-American cultural contribution to the history of art in the US, the Quilts of Gee's Bend are "Moving, Powerful and Abstract Masterpieces."

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FH Parade Winners

$600 Best use of THEME - Float - San Juan Community Theatre
· $400 Best use of THEME - Non-Float - Community Marching Band
· $300 Best use of THEME - Children/Youth - The Rock Shop Villa
· $300 Judges Special Choice - Boo Boo’s Women and Girl’s Boxing
· $200 Best Costumed Group - The Pirates
· $200 Best Animal/Animal Group -" The Golden Retrievers
· $200 Best Off-Island Entry - Cousins Across the USA
· $100 Best Vehicle -" Wally Weaver

Volunteer Of The Month

ig_SO_APS_MylaSowderSettles-01 (71k image)

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor is announced Myla Sowder Settles as the Volunteer of the Month for June. Myla has been volunteering at the animal shelter for several months and is a favorite of all the pets there, as well as staff. Myla can be counted on to help walk dogs, socialize cats and do some of the more un-pleasant tasks like litter box cleaning and laundry. Volunteers like Myla help save lives and the animal shelter is very grateful for her service.

Superior & Juvenile Court Celebrates Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteers.

CASAs_2018-small-001 (57k image)
(See larger photo below)

The Washington Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care proclaimed June Washington’s Family Reunification Month, to commemorate parents who have worked hard to successfully reunify their families after significant struggles.

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We -Really - Don’t Care…

ig_SO_PetWeek-Beatrice-001 (38k image)
(Contributed photo)

It’s true. Cats know what you’re thinking and feeling. We know your fondest desires and deepest emotions. We know your likes and dislikes; your hopes and your dreams. We don’t care, but we know.

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Birthday Party for The Whale Museum July 8th

The Whale Museum is having a party to celebrate its 39th Birthday. The event will take place on Sunday, July 8th from noon until 3 p.m. in the parking lot of the American Legion, next door to the museum.

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Fresh Bucks Program on SJI

Nourish to Flourish - Coalition to End Hunger on San Juan Island is offering $20 Fresh Bucks at the San Juan Island Farmers Market and the San Juan Island Food Co-op starting July 1.

The Fresh Bucks Program’s goal is everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, local food. Nourish to Flourish is helping Basic Food customers stretch their dollars to make healthy food more affordable.

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Steve Brandli Announces Candidacy For SJC District Court Judge

ig_Steve_Brandli-001 (26k image)Steve Brandli is running in the November 6th election for San Juan County’s next District Court judge. Judge Stewart Andrew, the current District Court judge, announced that he will retire at the end of his current term. District Court hears misdemeanors, small claims, protection orders, infractions, and other civil matters.

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Calling All Island Writers!

Hear that beat? That should be the quickening heart rate of all you Island Writers preparing your entries to the drum beat of the 2018 “Rockin’ the Salish Sea” San Juan County Fair.

Deadline for the Written Word entries is July 20th. So, polish up those writings -Prose, Poetry, Writing for Children- from the last two years, and postmark them to Island Writers, SJC Fair, POB 1094, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 or email them to by July 20th. Check out the premium book: Island Writers (Z -as in ZZ Top?) is on pages 36-37. Questions? 378-4130.

Fair Food and Fund Raising

The 2018 San Juan County Fair is fast approaching. Different people associate different things with the Fair. For some it is the carnival. For others it is 4-H events, and for even more it is seeing your friends who you haven’t seen since last year’s fair. For me it is the food.

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Restraining Order Requested Against County

Nick Power has filed a Temporary Restraining Order against San Juan County and its Auditor Milene Henley in federal district court in Seattle, asking for the immediate removal from the official homepage of San Juan County an “op-ed” piece written by the County Auditor related to posting of political signs.

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