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Are You For Or Against -See Below

San Juan County Auditor Milene Henley sent in a notice that the County needs to receive Pro & Con arguments for the various ballot measures that will appear on the November ballot:

"For all ballot measures submitted by units of local government, it is the responsibility of the legislative authority of the district to appoint committees to write arguments for and against the measure. If the legislative body is unable to appoint committees, it is the responsibility of the County Auditor. For all measures on all ballots within San Juan County, I try to ensure that there are arguments for and against.

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Public Hearing Thursday On Placing New Levy Lid Lift On Ballot

The County Council will hold a Public Hearing July 31, 2014 - Thursday - 9:00 AM, to decide if they will approve a resolution providing for the submission to the voters of San Juan County a proposition authorizing the a Levy Lid Lift.

In December of this year the Council discussed the need to keep the “temporary” levy lid lift approved by the voters in 2009. Auditor Milene Henley was quoted as stating: “We had to make difficult choices, which the Council has confirmed.

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SJI 37th Annual 8.8K Loop Run

Island Rec and Xtreme Fitness invite you to take part in some local history and enter the 37th Annual Friday Harbor 8.8k Loop Run scheduled for a 9am start on Saturday August 16, 2014. People of all ages enjoy running or walking in this race.
Register by July 31st and pay the early fee, $15 for kids 12 and under and $20 for racers 13 and older, fees increase $5 on August 1st.

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Successful Belly Landing At Air Show

ig_P_2014_Flyin-002 (24k image)
(screen capture photos from Musburger video)
A. Taylor Musburger was filming at the Friday Harbor Fly-in on Saturday when, well, as he posted on his Facebook page (
“Thinking that this airplane was going to do a fly by, I started recording.” But as the screen capture photo from his video shows: “Then we found out that he didn't know his gear wasn't all the way down.”

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Saturday Fly-In In Friday Harbor


ig_P_2013_FlyIn-001 (98k image)
(IG file photo)

Friday Harbor Fly-In and Open House is Saturday, July 26, 2014. It all starts with Pancake Breakfast 8-10am, and the Fly-In 10am-3pm with free admission (come to the gate next to the airport tower. Read More Here

New Town Treasurer & Finance Director.


ig_Kell_C_Wilson-Amy_Taylor-001 (22k image)
(L to R: Kelle Wilson sworn in by Town Clerk Amy Taylor -IG photo)

The Town of Friday Harbor has appointed Kelle Wilson the New Town Treasurer and Finance Director.

The office of Treasurer is an elected position. Wendy Picinich, who held the position of Treasurer and Finance Officer for 30+ years, retired this June. Wilson has been performing the duties of the Treasurer and acting as interim Finance Officer since Picinich’s retirement.

Seal Pup Protocol

ig_Harbor_Seal_Pup-002 (20k image)By Julie Duke

Harbor Seals, being marine mammals, come under the authority of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), and are covered by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which makes it a federal offence to touch, harass, injure or feed any marine mammal, including Harbor Seal pups.

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Pro & Con Statements On FH Transportation District Needed For Voters’ Pamphlet

The Town is looking for volunteers to create pro and con statements for the Friday Harbor Transportation Benefit District Voter’s Pamphlet for a two tenths of one percent (.02%) sales tax measure.

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SJI EMS Will Try Again For A Tax Levy

ig_EMS_Logo-002 (18k image)
The last time the San Juan County Public Hospital District (Board) asked voters to approve a measure that would enact a permanent maximum tax rate of $.50 per thousand of appraised value of property; the highest rate allowed by the law (an increase from the current $.35 cents), the voters said No Thank You..

This time they are asking voters to approve a replace levy for the remaining two years of the current six year levy, and allow stable funding for personnel, ambulances, equipment, and overall EMS operations for an additional six years, taking effect in 2015.

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FH Airport Receives $1.2 M Fed Fundng

U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee, applauded the U.S. Department of Transportation’s announcement that the Friday Harbor Airport in the San Juan Islands will receive $1.2 million in federal funding.

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July 26: Fly-In & Community Open House

ig_P_2013_FlyIn-001 (98k image)
(IG file photo)

Friday Harbor Fly-In and Open House is Saturday, July 26, 2014. It all starts with Pancake Breakfast 8-10am, and the Fly-In 10am-3pm with free admission (come to the gate next to the airport tower.

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Town Approves Downriggers Building Locations & Heights

ig_G_PFH_SS_Landing-001 (81k image)

The Town of Friday Harbor Council has voted unanimously to approve the location and height of the Spring Street Landing complex, which is just one more step forward that will allow rebuilding on the site of the former Downriggers building.

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Town Honors King Fitch


ig_TFH_KingFithch_StreetSign-001 (39k image)
(IG -photo)

Retired Town Of Friday Harbor Administrator King Fitch attended last Thursdays town council meeting and was more than a little surprised after current Town Administrator Duncan Wilson informed the Town Council members that for administrative reasons the Town was required to name an access road on town property, and after consideration of names they all agreed on a name, at which point he held up a new road sign proclaiming “FITCH ROAD.” Duncan then presented the sign to Fitch and told him: “A sign has already been posted on the road, so you can have that one.”

Airplane Rolls Down Hill At Roche Harbor

ig_AirplaneRH_Runaway-003 (71k image)
(Nick Lange photos)

Well, At Least It Stopped At the Stop Sign. A Twin engine airplane parked at Roche Harbor rolled down from the upper parking area, went across the access road and came to stop directly in front of a stop sign by the stone gate, where it was found siting early Thursday morning.

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Town Serious On Trout Lake Trespassing

ig_Trout_Lake-V2 (17k image)(Trout Lake - Water Source For Friday Harbor Water System-TFH Photo)
The Town of Friday Harbor has recently installed security cameras to monitor activity at the Trout Lake Dam and to regulate access to the Town’s water shed.

Trout Lake is an environmentally sensitive area consisting of approximately 600 acres that supplies the drinking water for the Town of Friday Harbor.The Town reports: "Town officials were greatly disturbed to find evidence of significant trespassing activity at the lake which was detected with these security cameras."

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-- Guest Column --

OPALCO’s Legal Costs Spotlighted

ig_Alex_MacLeod-2 (30k image)By Alex MacLeod

When I wrote last month (Related Column) saying it was my belief OPALCO Board members and senior managers had not been honest when they publicly denied any involvement in threatening letters sent to a former Board member and sitting County Councilman, I knew more than I revealed.

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One Dead, Two Safe After Car Enters Deep Private Pond On SJI

(UPDATED 11:05 AM, 7-15-14) San Juan Island EMS, San Juan Island Fire, and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday afternoon at 2:13 pm to a report of an occupied vehicle submerged in a pond at a residence near False Bay.

Upon arrival of first responders, two of the three occupants had self-rescued from the vehicle, with the third, identified as Lester Gunther, trapped inside the fully submerged car. First responders were on scene within seven minutes of the 911 call.

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Council Moves On Motion To Study Impacts Of Large Greenhouses

ig_CC_Greehouses_Nolan-001 (48k image)
((IG photo)

The County Council passed a motion Tuesday in a split vote (2 to 1, Hughes voted “No”) to study the potential impacts of green houses.

The fear -and the desire by some- the Council would pass a temporary moratorium suggested by Councilman Bob Jarman was discussed and rejected, but a second motion by Jarman to send the matter off to the planning commission was supported and voted for by Councilman Jamie Stephens over the objections of Councilman Rick Hughes.

The following is the approved motion:

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SJC Hospital District Meeting

San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 Board of Commissioners’ Meeting will hold their regualr scheduled public meeting on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 5:00 pm. -Frank Wilson EMS Building. Agenda below:

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Young Naturalists Classes

Environmental educator and artist Alice Hibberd is offering classes at the Sculpture Park, Roche Harbor from, 10 a.m. to 12 noon on August 3 and 23. The course is designed for young learners 5-8 years old and costs $20 per child per class, or $ 30 for both classes.

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SJ County Fair Ag Corner

The SJC Fair Agriculture Exhibit (a.k.a. the Ag Corner) is the place to be to learn all about San Juan County Agriculture: Demonstrations; Cooking With Local Foods; Exhibits, & Grains & Forage Department.

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Get Ready For Shaw Island Classic Saiilboat Race

ig_SHIYC_ShawRace-1 (25k image)
The San Juan Island Yacht Club proudly announces the 44th Annual Shaw Island Classic Sailboat Race to be held Saturday, August 9, and invites all eligible boats and crews to participate. Registration is online at

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A Summer Dividend: Know Your Island Walk August 3

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3RD, 2014, 2-5PM! This special walk is to celebrate trails and walk with National Park Superintendent, Lee Taylor, on the Westcott Bay Trail, stopping to meet new owners of the Westcott Bay Shellfish Company, Andrea and Erik Anderson.

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Fair Photo Booth Help Needed

ig_A_PhotoDisplay-001 (10k image)

Volunteers are needed to help out "manning the photo booth," and possibly assisting with setting up on Tuesday including accepting photographs for display, etc., & cleaning up on Sunday. A minimum of one person in the department between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. beginning Wednesday and ending Saturday. During peak times two would be better. Email to offer help &/or for more information.

SJI Hospital District Community Advisory Committee?

A small group recently met to discuss forming a Community Advisory Committee to hopefully benefit Public Hospital District #1 residents. If formed it would be modeled after similar advisory groups successfully implemented in other areas of Washington State.

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Brickworks Mortgage Paid Off

ig_Ag_BrickworksBld-001a (23k image)
(SJI Ag Network photo)

The San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild announces that it has achieved its major goal of paying off the remaining mortgage on its downtown Friday Harbor Brickworks property.

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Free Sports Physicals For FHHS Students

Peace Island Medical Center doctors and nurses will donatetime to give free sports physicals for Friday Harbor High School athletes: Sunday, Aug 3rd, 3:00 to 7:00 PM in Hall Gym. Print forms necessary for the physical at:

SJI Preventin Coalition Head For Training In Florida

Health advocates from the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition will join more than 1,700 substance abuse prevention specialists from across the country at Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America's (CADCA) 2014 Mid-Year Training Institute in Orlando, Fla. July 20-24

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Lester Capell Gunther

ig_O_LesterCapellGunther-001 (94k image)

(December 3, 1925 ~ July 14, 2014

Beloved patriarch, dear friend, irascible coot, Lester Gunther perished Monday at his home on False Bay.

Born Dec. 3rd, 1925 in Paris, France, Les moved at the age of six to Montclair, New Jersey.

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WSF At FH Arts Fair

Learn more about vehicle reservations in weekend as WSF staff will be at the FHArts Fair Saturday and Sunday to explain vehicle reservation system coming to the SJ Islands Jan 2015; &/or go to for more information.

Probable Cause Editor Committed Trespass At Mar Vista

Legal problems stemming from the partial clearing of land without proper permits at the former Mar Vista resort continues even after the fact, with large unexpected additional fines against the owners, and criminal trespass charges brought by the County against a local editor who entered the property without permission.

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New Permit To Allow Vessel Dismantling On Water

The Washington Department of Ecology is developing a new water quality permit in response to the growing problem of older and sometimes abandoned marine vessels that can pose significant risks to Washington waters and to public health and safety. DOE is asking for public comments on the approach.

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FEMA To Revise Flood Insurance SJC Data

ig_FEMA_Logo-001 (13k image)
Subcontractors for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will do a “field reconnaissance survey…coastal study” of San Juan coastline during the week of July 14, 2004.

A courtesy letter informing the County of the field trips by Starr/Atkins was sent by Josha Crowley, the Starr Team Lead, out of FEMA Regional Service Center in Lynwood,.

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Sunshine Laundry Fire In Friday Harbor

ig_SJFD_SunsineLaundry-001 (20k image)
(Contributed photo)

At 2:32 AM Tuesday a neighbor made the call to Dispatch who alerted San Juan Island Fire Rescue of a fire at the Sunshine Laundry.

Three engines and the Rescue unit responded as well as EMS. There were 14 firefighters, four officers, and three EMTs plus a Paramedic who ran the rehabilitation unit for the firefighters. OPALCO was there to shut off power to the building.

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Orcas Fire & Rescue CUP For Community Meetings

Orcas Island Fire and Rescue has filed for a Conditional Use Permit which would allow the community to hold meetings and events at the Deer Harbor Fire Station #24, 59 Channel Road, Deer Harbor.

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Perform At The Fair

Anyone interested in performing at this year’s Fair can fill out an on-line application at:
Enjoying the performances of local talent at the San Juan County Fair has always been one of the highlights for many fairgoers. Listening to a group of young players rock the stage with their band, watching a unique dance piece or just mellowing out to a friend’s solo acoustic set reminds us that the Fair is truly a showcase of our islands’ talents.

WSF Reservations In Jan 2015

Vehicle reservations are coming to the San Juan Islands in January 2015. WSF staff will be at the Anacortes terminal today, the Anacortes Farmers’ Market tomorrow, and the Orcas Island terminal on Sunday to tell you all about vehicle reservations. In the meantime, head over to for more info.

Pig War Picnic Success

The Kiwanis Club Pig War picnic on the 4th in Friday Harbor was "a raging success and a good time was had by all. Best of all, the picnic raised over $15,000, which will go towards helping kids in the community through scholarships, grants and other programs. The Kiwanis Club sends a Thank You for "being such a great community and coming together to celebrate our country and children at one great down-home festival."

Island Scenes: A Celebration of Place

"Island Scenes" display is in its 4th year at the County Fair. Island artists are asked to portray a scene which is here now that represents "old island'" and what we hope will be here in the future.

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SJC Foundation Awards $152K In College Scholarships

The San Juan Island Community Foundation is pleased to announce its award of scholarships for the 2014/2015 academic year to former and present San Juan Island high school students. Awards were made to continuing college students, high school students graduating this year, and individuals pursuing career training.

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Economic Development Element

On July 18 the San Juan County Planning Commission will continue deliberations from a previous hearing on adoption of an Economic Development Element of the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan.

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Comment On New Orcas Trail

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is holding a public meeting on Orcas Island to discuss a proposal to develop a mountain bike trail in Moran State Park.

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Junk in the Trunk is just around the corner! The 2nd annual outdoor flea market will take place July 5th; from 5 to 8pm at the SJC Fairgrounds. Want to sell your junk? $25 gets you a space, 1 table, and 2 chairs! Visit the Fairgrounds website to learn more & get a vendor form!

National Exposure For Kings SJI Marathon

The 12th Annual Kings San Juan Island Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K held ilast weekend is the featured “Race of the Month” for June in the nationally published Runners World Magazine. The publication has a monthly circulation of 716,857. Both events were presented by Kings Market, for 12 years running. A portion of the proceeds goes to FHHS Purple & Gold.

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