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Weekly Nag Purpose

THE WEEKLY NAG is a column dedicated to giving vent to some of the many things that our readers may find confusing, perplexing, frustrating, exasperating etc. about Island life. It’s tone is intended (the path to hell is paved with…) to be light hearted, and non-libelous.

The Weekly Nag welcomes contributions: All submittals are subject to being edited without review from the contributor. The Nag may publish "anonymous" submittals, but only if the author is revealed to the Editor

Don’t worry, Folks. It won’t happen here! Trust us!

We have a small community whose county council just officially enacted a “Sanctuary County” policy.

Perhaps San Juan County doesn’t receive federal funds supporting local programs. Maybe the proponents haven’t learned that it was a customs officer from Port Townsend and a sheriff from Whatcom County who first pressed that the San Juan Islands were U. S. Territory instead of British. Perhaps they don’t believe the additions to the local economy brought by international border crossers who arrive at Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor because of their “Port of Entry” status. Perhaps they aren’t aware that the international status was established for Roche Harbor by a President Teddy Roosevelt Proclamation and Friday Harbor by a Treasury Decision. It could be they are unaware how a greatly simplified border crossing system in this area could disappear in an instant since it is an extralegal process. Maybe there could be no more international ferry runs.

Some or many benefits listed above could be erased, just as they were enacted, with the signature of a sitting president.

Do San Juan County residents really want to ban cooperation among local and federal enforcement officers to identify potential problems? Do they want to alienate local officers who live among us, buy local goods and services, pay taxes and are meaningful parts of the community?

Good intentions without good sense rarely achieve good works.

We live in a beautiful happy little island community with yellow brick roads. There is no evil. All are purehearted and striving for the best. Those 2500+ who signed the petition to become a true sanctuary for illegal aliens, along with our County Council, will never succumb to living in fear of danger to our property, our livelihood or our lives. Just because it has happened in countless other communities throughout the U. S. is meaningless. There is no chance that others wishing us harm will venture to our shores.

Oh, yeah. There was that little time-period about fifteen years ago when MS-13 tagging was appearing on public walls, restroom walls and the like here in Friday Harbor. Those guys riding around in their tinted-window gangsta cars were here just enjoying the scenery like the rest of the visitors. It was just a coincidence that those vehicles were linked to MS-13 activity on the mainland. The fact that the recruiting effort by MS-13 was stymied by a coalition of federal and local law enforcement, along with leadership in the local Hispanic community is irrelevant. Don’t worry. That was just a little glitch and won’t happen again. They can ignore the death of Kate in San Francisco and the recent rape of a woman in Burien by an illegal alien followed by rape of a 14-year old girl by the same guy prior to being captured and need not bother to read the report about gangs, “Gun violence on rise in Snohomish County: ‘We’re really concerned more people are going to get hurt’. POSTED 11:01 PM, MAY 10, 2017, BY KRISTYN LEON”

That’s just anecdotal and only hurts the individuals involved along with their families. Doesn’t affect us out here! It’s o.k. to condone illegal behavior because it’s the right thing to do. If an illegal alien needs medicine and steals it from a local pharmacy, it’s o.k. If an illegal alien tries to force his attentions on a young girl because he has relational problems, it’s o.k. He was probably just lonely. We can pick and choose to follow the laws with which we agree and ignore the rest. It’s just the right thing to reward bad-behavior.

When evil actions occur (I don’t say ‘if and when’) in our community will you who support the action of our county council please step forward and agree that you were at least partially at fault? Will you personally apologize to the victim and family about what happened? Or will you just sit back and lament the tragedy?

It probably won’t be a local person who does the unthinkable. It will probably be a wannabe thug fulfilling an initiation rite to join the gang where he can truly feel he belongs. I guess that maybe makes it acceptable in your minds.

Don’t mind the ravings of Dennis. He’s just a fear-monger. The fact that he has lived and worked in El Paso, Nogales, New Orleans, Long Island, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C. and others and has seen the ravages dumped on communities by illegal alien gang activity has jaundiced his view. After all, San Juan County really isn's a border community. We're different.

In the inimitable words of Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Sometimes, as classless as it is, there is only one word to describe some situations.

Dennis R Hazelton
San Juan Island

May You Have A Wealth Of Bad Luck

We found one of Jenny Ledford’s signs laying on the ground this morning, obviously vandalized. We cleaned the mud off the sign and returned it to its upright position -creatively booby-trapped to cause discomfort but not injury to the next jerk who comes along with an attitude and a destructive impulse.

It’s hard not to notice that Ledford’s are the only signs disappearing. Perhaps I am wrong but in any case, here’s something just for the thief or thieves and vandal(s) who should be ashamed of their repulsive villainy.

May your line at the bank always be the longest.
May your computer crash.
May your ferry break down when it’s most inconvenient.
May your luck be bad and good fortunes too few to mention

Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel
And remember what you deserve.

Old Nags


Substandard political involvement

So here we are with the filing deadline passed, remembering pronouncements from the Charter Review Commission Chair about how great it was going to be going back to three full-time council members because they would make lots more money and the job would attract many candidates.

The three council members (who are not allowed to talk to each other outside of meetings) are indeed making a lot more money.
How many challengers does Jamie Stephens have on Lopez? Zero.
The future looks bright for incumbents.

While I'm nagging, it is a sorry statement on citizen involvement in the political process that the Prosecuting Attorney, the Auditor, and the Assessor all have no competition.

Sort of a depressing commentary.

Janice Peterson
San Juan Island

We Are Not Above The Law!

I'm really bugged! Now that the recreational marijuana lotteries are being announced I'm realizing how our county is going to lose out on the bonanza.

Most other places voted against the GMO initiative, but our county held firm and voted firmly in favor of having none of those pesky and dangerous GMO products in San Juan County.

Now, if we maintain consistency with our strongly held principles, we won't allow genetically modified marijuana to be sold, or perhaps not even used, in our island paradise. Let us remain firmly attached to our stand against genetically modified marijuana even though it will put our local entrepreneurs in a less competitive position.

Please contact the San Juan County Commissioners and let them know that we will accept no genetically modified marijuana in San Juan County. Urge them to promulgate restrictive regulations to protect us. If the old natural weed was good enough for our grandparents, it's good enough for us.

Dennis R. Hazelton
San Juan Island

Everybody Knows...

To the Editor:

Re "Everybody Knows" [NAG below -Ed] in The Weekly Nag: Taxpayers do not pay for abortions as per the Hyde Amendment of 1993 except through Medicare in proven cases of rape, incest, or to preserve the life of the mother. How cruel would one have to be to deny poor girls & women that?
Robin Blair
San Juan Island

To The Editor:

Everybody knows Peace Health is a Catholic organization that opposes abortion; if somebody doesn’t know, he has his/her head in places heads should not go.

We voted for it; it was built & now we have those who want to accomplish an after the fact change of the basic contract.

If a pregnant female, regardless of age in this society, can’t figure out how to get help in their situation then no amount of help will work. There is the internet and Google search; there is Planned Parenthood right here on the island; there are other females who have faced the situation; there are parents and trusted friends.

The issue is not about whether a pregnant female can obtain help; it is about some misguided souls trying to impose their will on others without regard for their religious or other rights.

Besides that I, as a property owning taxpayer, do not want to support abortions with my money.

Dennis R. Hazelton
San Juan Island

How Dare They?

The House Republicans’ decision to shut down the federal government, is an immoral and unconscionable “threat” to the American Government, and not just an ordinary political disagreement.

House Republicans do not have the votes to repeal Obamacare, which by the way, went through the outlines of the constitution and actually became a valid law and was actually passed as valid by the Supreme Court many months ago.

This is “political terrorism”, through the processes of democracy, have closed the federal government, throwing hundreds of thousands of innocent government employees out of work, and damaging the nation's shaky economic rebound from prior republican and democratic party failed policies.

This act of “Political Terrorism” and is wreaking havoc with yours and my national interest, and is inflicting serious harm on hard-working, loyal public employees, Sick Children, Elderly, public safety, national defense, and every other part of our government that our enemies would love to see destroyed.

Those “Political Terrorists” are coercing the government into doing what they want, not persuading through majority opinion nor following the Constitution.

The House Republicans, in short, are holding my Country hostage to their demands.

This is not democratic governance.

This is extortion, plain and simple.

In any other circumstance, this would be criminal conduct.

Do you wonder what those brave soldiers who lie on a distant beach in Normandy would think of this?

Stand up America, where are you?

Norris Palmer
San Juan Island

Idiot Of The Month Award

Will the operator WA license plate 000YKJ please step forward and claim your idiot of the month award? I’m certain that your husband, your kids, your dog, and perhaps your neighbors think you’re a wonderful person. I don’t.

You even have a blue & white “PEACE” sticker on your rear bumper. After I had been circling several blocks for over ten minutes I finally spotted a spot in front of the Thai Kitchen.

So - I went to the corner, conducted a legal U-turn and approached the parking slot. You illegally crossed the double yellow line and took the spot. As you emerged from your car, I advised you (politely) of the $75 fine for such an infraction and asked you to back out of the slot in my favor.

You declined (twice) and said you would only be a few minutes. Gotta tell ya. I don’t feel very peaceful about your actions and attitude. At best you are a hypocrite with the bumper sticker and at worst just a plain nasty self-centered five letter word.

(Name known and confirmed, but withheld per author's request -Ed)

John Evans
Greg Hertel
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Teresa Smith
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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