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Wednesday, November 21st

Fundraiser, Dec 7th, 6 PM at the County Fairgrounds!

ig_BanryFamily-1 (80k image)

A fund raiser that will be held Friday, December 7th at the SJC Fairground Building: There will be dinner, dancing and an auction. We need volunteers to help with all aspects of this project. We are also seeking donations for auction items. We encourage everyone to think Out-of-the-Box and THINK BIG. Help us make this a successful event. Contact Joan Byrne (378-8432) or Mary Karen Ryan (378-2524) with any auction items you would like to contribute or click on the link for donations.

As you may know, two of the four Banry children are afflicted with a genetic disorder called Mucolipidosis (ML) Type III, which is caused by a change in the instructions that direct the way our bodies grow and develop. Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no cure for ML. Both boys have experienced several surgeries and continued complications.

They have recently had a permanent severe loss of mobility due to their deteriorating health. This has caused an inability to complete simple tasks without severe pain and loss of function. They are now unable to walk without assistance and require the use of scooters and wheelchairs, but these devices do not fit inside their current home. The boys must be carried or crawl to move about the house. This has deteriorated the quality of life for the entire family.

The Banry family lives in a two-story, 100 year old farm house on an extremely small parcel. Contractors have found that it is not possible to remodel or expand the home to create wheelchair access.

If you can help or have any suggestions please contact .

Wednesday, November 14th

ACLU Pot Luck In FH

The San Juan Island Chapter of the ACLU of Washington invites you and your friends to a potluck dinner and social gathering on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at the Friday Harbor Grange Hall from 4 to 7 p.m.

This informal gathering of community members is arranged to allow us to meet each other, to visit, to enjoy the food, and to have fun. Please bring either a main dish or a salad. We will provide dessert and coffee. Also, bring your own utensils and your preferred drink; beer and wine are allowed.

If you have a musical instrument, please bring your talent to share. We look forward to meeting with you and your guests. Call Terry and Linda Lush at 378-7004 for additional information.


November 14 At SJI Library

10:00—11:OO AM

Getting Comfortable With Computers Class – Part I - at the San Juan Island Library
This is the first of a two-part introductory class for people with little or no computer experience; learn about the windows environment, the keyboard and the mouse. Take this class with Part II next week.


Thursday, November 1st

Dinner & Discussion Nov 9th in FH

ig_Daniel_Raniel-1 (45k image)Daniel Rateng', an HIV-AIDS counselor from Kenya, is in Friday Harbor for a six-week visit. He will speak at schools and community meetings here. He is here to aid a local group's effort to raise $40,000 to provide a clean water system for Kunya village in western Kenya. (Related story) The group's work grew from the seven-week visit by a Friday Harbor couple to Kunya this year. The group is sponsoring an African evening at the Mullis Center on November 9, with a dinner, music, pictures, and talks by Daniel and another Kenyan.

Four easy ways to help "Clean water for Kunya" Happen:

1. Buy TICKETs to the African Dinner, Nov. 9 at the Mullis Center,
2. Buy GIFT CERTIFICATES, make a contribution in someone's name- perfect holiday gift!
3. Make a DONATION, donations are tax-deductable
4. Buy RAFFLE tickets, for "feet of water pipe" and to win some great donated prizes, the
drawing will be at the African Dinner Nov. 9, and you don't need to be present to win.

African Dinner Event tickets are for sale at Griffin Bay Books and Garden Path Cafe or you can
contact: Joanruth Baumann or Dick Coffey at 378-6362

Daniel works with Mama na Dada*, a Kenyan organization that helps members of its communities to organize themselves to identify and find ways to solve pressing community problems. They have designed a system to treat, store, and distribute water for Kunya; they need money to complete the construction of the system. The goal of the local group is to raise that money.

The need for clean water in Kunya is serious. Kunya is a farming and fishing village on the shore of Lake Victoria, and although the lake water is contaminated with parasites and diseases such as cholera and typhoid, residents have only that water to use, usually without treatment. Since about half of the population of the area is children, and since nearly half of the residents of the area have compromised immune systems, diseases introduced from the water kill hundreds each year.


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