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Friday, September 29th

Pete Rose Continues His Rotary Membership

ig_Pete_Rose- (41k image)County Administrator Pete Rose is inducted into the San Juan Island Rotary Club by Rotary International District 5050 Governor Rod Thomson, Abbotsford, B. C., on Wednesday morning at Downrigger's Restaurant.

Rose is a former member of the Rotary Club of Woodinville. He welcomes the opportunity to participate in some of the on-going service projects in our community.

The San Juan Island Rotary Club will mark its third anniversary on October 11th. Local projects include but are not limited to "Rock the Dock", Knowledge Bowl, Children's Festival, Rotary Room at Skagit Valley College, San Juan Center, Spelling Bee, and the upcoming Rotary Roadside Rest Stop on Roche Harbor Road.

Rotary club members are part of a diverse group of professional leaders working to address various community and international service needs. In its 101st year of existence, Rotary is the oldest service club in the world. Founded in 1905 by Paul Harris, an attorney in Chicago Illinois, it has 1.2 million members worldwide. In 1945, 49 Rotary members served in 29 delegations to the United Nations Charter Conference. In 1985, Rotary committed to immunize all of the world's children against polio. More than one billion children have been immunized, and Rotary has contributed half a billion dollars to the cause.

Local Rotarians have donated $18,000 to the Rotary International Foundation since the inception of the club. Club members have participated in wheel chair deliveries to Trinidad, a Habitat for Humanity build in New Zealand, literacy projects in Guatemala as well as the eradication of polio worldwide. Additionally, the club participates in projects that combat disease and provide education and resources to communities around the globe.


Wednesday, September 27th

Sweat Equity, and Neighbor Helping Neighbor

ig_LeewardCove-1 (84k image)

Homes for Islanders and the Leeward Cove Homeowners held a ceremony on Saturday Previous Story to celebrate the completion of eight homes on San Juan Island, and to pay honor and give thanks -and some special recognition- to the contributions made by members of the community who joined in to made it possible for eight families to own homes; homes that will produce future equity for them as a result of their investment of money, and labor, to build the homes. Because the government and the private sector were willing to become involved in providing funding in the form of loans and contributing time and materials, and with "Neighbor helping neighbor", as one participant said, the dream of home ownership for eight families became a reality.

The project came in within 1% of the total 1.2 million budget, in part because of those in the community who stepped forward to help, but mainly because the homeowners had a vested interest in protecting their investment as they worked long hours building the project. Carol Maas told the assembled group on Saturday that, "The recorded number of hours by the homeowners and the volunteers totaled approximately 19,000 hours. Of this amount approx. 66% of these hours were provided by the homeowners at an average of over 27 hours per week for each household for the last 14 months, and the total number of volunteers hours were in excess of 6,500 hours, at an average of over 15 hours per week for each household".


Thursday, September 21st

Pinwheels for Peace

The San Juan Island Library will celebrate International Peace Day on Thursday September 21 at 6:30 PM with readings from literature and poetry, song, silence and the making of pinwheels. The event is conceived as a family event. Part of the time adults will explore the idea of peace through sharing readings and songs. Nine presenters from the community read aloud, sharing original work, selections from classic literature, and sing and play music. In another part of the library, children and adults will be invited to contemplate peace by making a pinwheel from paper on which they can write thoughts about what peace means. The event is free of charge and open to the public.

Tuesday, September 12th

SJI Lions Help Student Athletic Participation

The SJI Lions Club have stepped up to the plate once again to help the community. San Juan School District Athletic Director, Marc Vermeir, a recent Guest speaker at Lions luncheon on August 22, told the Lions that the new athletic fee for student participation has now risen to $150.00 per student, per sport,

Marc's talk to the Lions was just meant to be informative, not a request for funds, however, at the recent Lion's Board meeting, a unanimous vote of the Board approved $600.00 to assist financially needy students to be able to participate in an extra curricular activity. Four other individual Lions matched the $600 for a total of $1200 or 8 students to be sponsored.
Momentum then gained for this idea.

Dr Mark Fishaut heard about the Lions support and agreed to match dollar for dollar, the total of the Lions contribution, with his own donation to help financially needy students making the total committed to date of $2400 or 18 students to be assisted.

Although this one particular effort was directed toward sports, the Lions also wish to encourage extra curricular student activities in music, the arts and other extra school student curricular activities. Everyone agrees it is far better to see the youth engaged some extra curricular activity and participation.

Determination of whom receives the funds will be determined in this case by the Athletic Director and Principal(s) with emphasis on financial needs, grades and school attendance.
San Juan Lions encourage other island service clubs to consider sponsoring students in some way. San Juan Lions Club will also be chartering a Leo Club for the youth in the next few months to encourage service to the community.

For more information please contact Jim Carroll - President, San Juan Lions Club, at


Fair Rides Go Down, No Refunds

ig_Fair_06_Thalya_and_Corbin (71k image)
( Thalya Harvey and son Corbin ask for refund)

Children - who paid $15.00 for a bracelet that would allow them unlimited rides at the Fair until 5 p.m., were disappointed Saturday when a series of brake-downs of three of the mechanical rides resulted in little to do, disappointment, and then some anger and frustration from adults when their children were refused re-funds. Thalya Harvey and son Corbin told the Guardian that they waited for two hours for a ride, and after giving up they asked for a refund and were told "We don't give refunds".

ig_Fair_06_CorkMan-1 (44k image) Other adults(Photo: "Cork Man", on display at the Trash To Treasures booth) heard about the problem from of the children. Some of them went over to the ticket booth and confronted the operators, demanding that some refunds be made, or at least the deadline of five o'clock be extended for the use of the tickets so that if the rides could be started again, any of the kids willing to hang around could still use their passes. This also was refused.

Scott Bell was one those involved, in what was starting to become a heated conversation, when Fair Board members showed up, and according to Bell, told him he was out of line and had to leave the Fair Grounds. Bell said he told the Fair Board representatives that "While you're standing here lecturing me, they are right now continuing to sell $15.00 bracelets for rides that are not working. How about directing some of that advise on them!".

This was just before Bell was to start another round of the locally famous zucchini Races that he runs, so with the head Zucchini now thrown off of the Fairgrounds, the problem for the kids was about to go from bad to worst. Bell said about this time Fair Board member Sharon Kivisto turn things around by telling the Fair Office that no Mr. Bell means no more Zucchini races. Bell said the put things back into perspective, and it was decided that Bell did not have to leave, the Races could continue, and the deadline for the use of the $15.00 bracelets would be extended to 8 pm. Back to having fun at the Fair.

ig_Fair_06_FreeRides-1 (78k image)
Two kids that found some rides at the Fair are free.


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