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07/26/2013: Annual Friday Harbor Fly-In
06/14/2011: San Juan County Arts Council
10/23/2010: Wolf Hollow Fund Raiser
06/05/2010: Island Rec Commission Vacancy
02/22/2010: Baseball & Softball Registration
12/10/2009: International Human Rights Day
10/04/2009: Inskeep Family Donates $4 Million To Scholarships
09/21/2009: Leadership SJI Class VI
08/29/2009: Concours d’Elegance at San Juan Vineyards On Sunday
05/13/2009: Islanders Bank is looking for the next Relay Idol!
05/02/2009: A Book And Computer Drive
04/21/2009: WSU “World Class” Teacher Training For Educators
04/09/2009: FH Centennial Honored at Elegant Edibles
02/23/2009: Weekly, Old Time Country Tunes And Barn Dances
07/10/2008: Swimming the Crossing for Breast Cancer
06/18/2008: Christina Orchid To Speak at Discovery Series
06/12/2008: Skyhawks Multi-Sports Camp Comes To Orcas
06/12/2008: Global to Local Video and Discussion
06/11/2008: Meeting On A New Expanded Medical Center
06/11/2008: SJSD Board To Meet On Funding
05/08/2008: Rotary "Bike Rest" Has New Bike Rack
04/23/2008: Memorial Day Poppies
04/17/2008: Opening Day On San Juan Island
04/07/2008: Matt Johnson Fundraisers Planned
04/01/2008: “Open Campus Days” Spring Street International School
03/30/2008: Parenting Well in a Media Age
03/28/2008: Griffin Bay Learning Center Open House
03/16/2008: Zach Named Finalist In National Geographic Bee.
03/14/2008: Wynn Barnard Is The '08' Violet Richardson Winner
03/13/2008: Realtors Provide Life-Saving Devices To School
03/02/2008: Dispatches From The Field
02/07/2008: Knowledge Bowl - 2008

Bullying, & What You Can Do About It

01/07/2008: Friday Harbor S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g Bee Winners
01/07/2008: “Open Campus Days”
12/29/2007: New Year's Eve Party
12/26/2007: Native Plant Sale: Order Now
11/21/2007: Fundraiser, Dec 7th, 6 PM at the County Fairgrounds!
11/14/2007: ACLU Pot Luck In FH
11/14/2007: November 14 At SJI Library
11/01/2007: Dinner & Discussion Nov 9th in FH
10/23/2007: ROAR
10/16/2007: SSIS Completes New Science Facility
10/16/2007: A Real Water Shortage Is Known By Some
10/15/2007: Support Scholarships for 2008 Graduates
10/15/2007: Realtors Sponsor Local Food Drive
08/31/2007: Rotary Bike Rest Ribbon cutting
08/24/2007: 2nd Annual Concours d’Elegance
08/20/2007: 8.8 Race Results for The 2007 Event
08/10/2007: Best Cheeseburger In Friday Harbor?
08/10/2007: SATURDAY, August 11, 9 to 2 - Huge Parking Lot Sale at the Mullis Center
06/12/2007: Legion Team Work For A New Patio
06/07/2007: Benefit For Tom & Connie Odegard
06/04/2007: Well Child Health Screening Clinic
05/29/2007: Memorial Day 2007 Photos
05/23/2007: Kids’ Fest At Orcas Center Memorial Day Weekend
05/19/2007: Friday Harbor Laboratories Open House
05/18/2007: Learn How To Shoot A Flare.
05/14/2007: Master Gardener’s Fundraiser A Success
05/07/2007: San Juan Historical Museum’s 2007 Silver Tea
05/07/2007: 6th Annual Dragon's Lacrosse Spaghetti Supper & Dessert Auction
05/07/2007: SJI LEO Club 1st Annual Golf Tournament
05/02/2007: SJ Democrats & Dinner May 6th
04/25/2007: Bowling For Scholars
04/22/2007: Family Umbrella Group's Luncheon & Auction
04/22/2007: Great Food, Great Fun and a Great Cause!
03/30/2007: Free Vision & Hearing Screenings At Market Place
03/08/2007: Dinner And Auction To Benefit PTA
03/07/2007: Tickets For St. Patrick's Day Dinner & Auction
03/02/2007: March 3 Announcements & Stuff To Do
02/24/2007: Soroptimists Awards Outstanding Women & Teens
02/24/2007: SJ Library Hosts Discussion on Secrecy
02/15/2007: United Way's Looking for a Volunteer Coordinator
02/13/2007: Parents' Night Out Child Care
02/12/2007: Mullis Center Fund Raising Dinner & Music
02/02/2007: Sign Up For Classes
01/29/2007: Seniors-4-Seniors
01/27/2007: ROAR (Reach Out And Recycle) With The Lions
01/25/2007: Play Ball!
01/24/2007: "San Juan County Employee Appreciation Week" Thank You For Your Help
01/24/2007: Support Group Meets On SJI
01/23/2007: Robert F. Buck Family Sells Land For Affordable Housing
01/22/2007: SJI Firefighters Honored for Dedicated Service
01/19/2007: Saturday is "San Juan Leo Day"
01/18/2007: Tamale Dinner Fund Raiser In FH
11/05/2006: A Child In Need Of Community Help
11/02/2006: Leadership SJI Holds Two November Open Houses
10/26/2006: San Juan Island Annual Roadside Cleanup
10/24/2006: 5th Annual Dessert Night and Membership Meeting
10/03/2006: New Group Want To Hear From The Community
09/29/2006: Pete Rose Continues His Rotary Membership
09/27/2006: Sweat Equity, and Neighbor Helping Neighbor
09/21/2006: Pinwheels for Peace
09/12/2006: SJI Lions Help Student Athletic Participation
09/12/2006: Fair Rides Go Down, No Refunds
07/29/2006: Big Check For Ball Fields
06/26/2006: Chad Kimple Receives FF-EMT Scholarship
06/23/2006: New Island Rec Intern
06/22/2006: Summer Programs For Kids On Orcas
06/04/2006: The Friends of The San Juans New Attorney
05/22/2006: Three & Counting: Leadership 06' Class Graduates
05/05/2006: 17K Raised For Preschool Programs On SJI
04/11/2006: San Juan Island EMS Recipient 60 Glucometers
04/11/2006: SJ Lions To Form "Leo Lions" For The Young
03/23/2006: Val Mark Receives 2006 Rotary Award
03/08/2006: Leadership SJI Recruiting for Class of 2007
02/27/2006: Forum On Patriot Act Draws Large Crowd
02/20/2006: Local Student To Congressional Leadership Conference
02/20/2006: FH Forum on: "Homeland Security and Civil Liberties"
02/15/2006: A "File of Life Kit" Could Save A Life
02/15/2006: Spelling Bee Champion Selected
02/01/2006: A Pandemic Flu Primer for the Islands
01/07/2006: Back On Schedule At Mullis Center
01/01/2006: New Years Resolutions made possible by Island Rec!
12/31/2005: The Grand Old Party Has One On Orcas
12/31/2005: San Juan County Democrats Announce 2006 Activities
12/28/2005: 12 New EMTs Ready To Serve
12/13/2005: Learn About Historical Reef Netting Of Salmon
12/07/2005: Attend Make a Book Workshops at Library
11/25/2005: Cowan, Erickson win first annual Turkey Trot
11/25/2005: 5h Annual Thanksgiving Dinner On SJ
11/23/2005: Gretchen Shaw Winner Lions Annual Shopping Spree
10/30/2005: $6.000.00 Raised For Wounded Solder
10/24/2005: New SJI Lions
10/24/2005: SJ Islands Women's Summit Nov-5 & 6th
10/24/2005: SJC Leadership Class Of 2006
10/20/2005: New Director For College
10/16/2005: A Walk for the Wounded
10/16/2005: New Rotary Members
10/11/2005: SJI Business Raises $14,000.00 For Local Groups
10/06/2005: Want To Be A Trustee?
10/03/2005: Open Gym programs In FH For All
09/22/2005: Youth Basketball Volunteers Needed
09/21/2005: Spend A Year Overseas: Rotary Club To Sponsor Exchange Student
09/14/2005: SJ Island Rotary Club's Helps Katrina Relief
08/27/2005: Saying Good-Bye To Wendy
08/16/2005: Last Week To Apply: Leadership Class II
07/11/2005: Athletic Fields Are Supported At Grass Roots Level
06/23/2005: SJI School Expects to Start Site Work On Fields
06/23/2005: Special Report: History of Special Education & IDEA
06/21/2005: SJI School District Settlement Is Released
05/30/2005: Memorial Day - Friday Harbor - 2005
Lions Club: White Cane Days May 6 & 7

Town Proclamation

03/31/2005: Charlotte Hincke - 100 Years Young
03/25/2005: Looking Good At The Mullis Community Senior Center
03/09/2005: Painting Project Completed
03/07/2005: Eleanor Roosevelt is visiting our islands!!
02/27/2005: Michael Soltman Is Inducted Into The San Juan Islands Rotary Club
02/24/2005: Pelindaba Lavender Receives San Juan Islands Rotary Club First Award for Business Excellence
02/18/2005: CONDUIT MAN
02/14/2005: Valentine's Day was Volunteer Appreciation Day at Mullis Community Senior Center
01/18/2005: Service Organizations

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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