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Saturday, October 10th

NOAA-Go Away Zone

Big bumbling bureaucracies are incompetent and inefficient. Take the Post Office for example. They raise the price of stamps one cent just after we buy a new book. Their employees have morale problems and tend to shoot up the place occasionally. Their hours are not convenient for people who work for a living but they really don’t care. They lose more than a billion dollars a year.

Another big bumbler is Federal Emergency Management (FEMA). They have become too big to manage a crisis. They simply can’t respond to desperate situations unless they are given a year or so to decide who should be in charge of what and who should be officially blamed when things go wrong.

Social Security, Department of Health, Education & Welfare, Treasury, United Nations, all these agencies have big systemic problems causing them to function without even a modicum of efficiency. Is NOAA any different? Should we trust them to manage our surrounding marine waters and do what they think is best for our beloved whales? No!

The following evidence of their incompetence is proof enough. Our Prosecuting Attorney has questioned NOAA’s authority over the “Boundary Straights” area. In a brilliant piece of research Mr. Gaylord was able to dust off an international Treaty that has governed maritime navigation since 1846. In this Treaty between the U. S. and Great Britain, it was intended that navigation in the whole channel where the proposed “no-go” zone is located, “would remain free and open to both parties.” Unfortunately, Mr. Gaylord’s findings devastate NOAA’s proposal and spoil all of their regulatory fun.

The bureaucrats at this department seem oblivious to the Treaty of 1846. Why? Shouldn’t we trust NOAA to know what laws and treaties govern the waters they are supposed to oversee and protect? If not, why should we trust them to be competent in their regulation of our local waters?

San Juan County should be a NOAA-go-away zone. First the Marine Sanctuary, now this, how many times do we have to tell them to butt-out? We can manage our own local affairs thank you very much.

People come from all over the world to see these magnificent Orcas, and like many intelligent animals, they seem to like the attention. When they splash and play to the delight of awestruck audiences, they look like they are enjoying themselves to me.

I don’t think the whales care about NOAA’s no-go zone at all. If they could talk they would probably say “More salmon please?” If the salmon could talk they would probably say, “Stop saving the whales!” Porpoise and the Seals would probably agree with both of these statements.

It‘s a big ocean where the only law is survival of the fittest. Big fish eat little fish. Whales don’t need bumbling bureaucrats who treat them like big pet poodles. They have survived for millennia without NOAA’s help. They’ll get through this. The zone we should support is not NO-GO but NOAA- GO.

(Gordy graduated with honors from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Philosophy. He also attended Theological Seminary. He has spent most of his life sequestered in the remote San Juan Islands where he has survived by fishing, hunting, and growing prize-winning vegetables. He once owned a small chain of grocery stores in the islands. He has served on many committees and has held elected office. )

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