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Home » Archives » May 2010 » Grime Doesn’t Pay

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05/19/2010: "Grime Doesn’t Pay"

They wanted to clean up the big briny waters of Puget Sound. The Governor appointed them to protect us from invasive marine species and save our salmon. Now these shape-shifting elitists have become the invasive species and they have muck all over themselves. Everything they touch will be corrupted and stained because grime doesn’t pay! Let me explain.

The corruption started when Puget Sound Partnership became a government agency funded by taxpayers. The State Auditor recently exposed their abuse of public funds ( Audit Report).

When times are tough and budgets are slashed it is outrageous to see people in government drain the public treasury with waste and fraud. What is worse is that these con artists are doing it in the name of protecting and restoring Puget Sound. I find this despicable.

I wondered about the highly paid consultants from Puget Sound Partnership (PSP), who came to the islands from the sprawling urban basin down sound, to educate us. It seemed creepy to me that someone from the most polluted city on Puget Sound would come to our pristine islands and lecture us about protecting our environment. I think we have done a fine job here, thank you very much.

I have seen several of these people come and go in the last couple of years. They told us of the “Action Agenda” for Puget Sound. They were meeting facilitators and wrote down comments from the public with magic markers on big paper on easels. They wrote some comments of their own for public review. Their writing was somewhat below average with improvement needed in spelling and grammar. Their insights into our community were off base and easily forgotten. It made me suspicious. How did these “consultants” get such a lucrative and sweet assignment in the San Juans?

I thought it was fishy when PSP gave San Juan County $80,000.00 to hire a part-time (20 hours a week) consultant to “implement the comprehensive Action Agenda” of Puget Sound Partnership (SJC09CD.001), and $77,600.00 for similar work (SJC09CD.003). How does a person get a job like this? This kind of job does not exist here in the private sector. Were applications available? Was the job listed in the employment section?

Ladies and Gentlemen: with the help of the State Auditor we now have our answers!

Cronyism, corruption, and fraud have been added to the real “Action Agenda.” The list of laws that have been violated by the PSP would make any outlaw blush. (Related Story) For example, there was the illegal distribution of $4.8 million of taxpayer money in prohibited sole-source, no bid contracts. They paid up to $300 per hour for open-scope consulting contracts awarded without competitive applications or proper documentation. That is how our tax money was spent. This explains a lot about the consultants who came here to help save us.

Our County Council is considering trading control of our local planning to this group for special grants and favors to implement their “Action Agenda.” Thankfully, they stopped short of making a dreadful decision to associate with this group of lawbreakers. Our leaders need your support to resist the offers of grants and threats of withholding State funds in exchange for regulations that will kill our economy and devalue our property.

The Puget Partnership web site describes their Action Agenda like this, “We will base decisions on science, focus on actions that have the biggest impact, and hold people and organizations accountable for results.”

I think we should hold this organization accountable for honest results before we listen to another word from one of their highly paid “consultants.” They should pay back the taxpayers of this State for the millions in waste and fraud. The corruption of PSP does nothing to further the noble goal of cleaning up Puget Sound. This agency needs to wipe the grime off their own hands first before they muddy the waters here in the San Juan Islands because grime shouldn’t pay.

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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