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Tips on Conducting a Successful Island Garage Sale

Roche Harbor Resort Black Mouth Derby 2017

We had a great time at the Roche Harbor Derby last weekend. This is yet another example of the San Juan lifestyle that many enjoy.

San Juan Islands Life Style Video with tips on what some do in Fall/Winter

Here is another San Juan Island lifestyle video. This one offers tips on what some islanders do in the fall and winter. Not everyone goes to Hawaii or Mexico.

San Juan Island Life Style Tips on What Some Islanders do in January

San Juan Island life style video with tips on what Islanders do in the summer

San Juan Island life style video with tips on making plum chutney

San Juan Island life style video with tips on moving into a neighborhood

San Juan Island life style video with tips on salmon fishing

San Juan Island life style video with tips on fire pits and their social importance

San Juan Island life style video with tips on going to Splash in Victoria

San Juan Island lifestyle tips on crabbing

San Juan Island life style video with tips on Shrimping and some dancing

Hannah K. Snow Graduation Announcement

ig_Hannah_K_Snow-001 (26k image)

Hannah K. Snow, FHHS Class of 2010, received her Master of Science Degree on June 13, 2015 from Stanford University, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her program was Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology, and she will pursue a career in Coastal Engineering.

Hannah attended Friday Harbor public schools K-12, and we would like to thank all the teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, and mentors who helped her achieve her goals along the way.

Guatemalan Cooking On Lopez

ig_LS_ChefJuanCarlosMendoza_pat_tropie001 (84k image)
(Pat Tropie photo)

By Barbara Keller

For years I have been excited about a wonderful community development program on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This week ten lucky Lopezians had a chance to sample the culture of their "sister" community in Guatemala over food.

Thanks to Lopez artists Pat Torpie and Nancy Bingham the Islands have had a relationship with the hillside town of Santa Cruz la Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan for over two decades.

Chef Juan Carlos Mendoza is a graduate of the Amigos de Santa Cruz Culinary Program in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala and top chef for their award winning, graduate-run, Café Sabor Cruceño. He and Rosalia Simon Perez, the Amigos program coordinator, visited Lopez for a week to share food and friendship. Both graduates of the Amigos' CECAP (Centro de Capacitacion), last Tuesday they taught community members at Grace Church in Lopez Village to make traditional Guatemalan food, drink and hand-formed tortillas.

The Amigos programs include health and nutrition, educational support, youth development and vocational programs. The vocational programs developed as children started to progress through the school system for the first time and needed additional opportunities. While other organizations may focus on direct giving to meet immediate needs, Amigos works to provide a structure for generational change, a long-term work for long-term impact, helping the rural communities around Santa Cruz accessed only by water.

One of the vocational initiatives of Amigos became first the cooking school and then the top-rated restaurant overlooking Lake Atitlan with the mountains beyond, like looking across the straits here at home. Here on Lopez one class became a lesson in more than cooking, we are struck by the commonality of our desires to build strong, lasting opportunities in our remote locations and our enjoyment of flavorful foods in good company.

To learn more visit the Amigos website at:

ig_LS_ChefJuanCarlosMendoza-Guests_pat_tropie001 (127k image)

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