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Home » Archives » January 2012 » LETTERS ON DRUG TRIAL

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Criticism Not Deserved

To the Editor:

Today I happened upon Mr. Harold Wilson's strongly-worded letter criticizing Judge Eaton's decision in a bail hearing for a person charged with dealing drugs.

While I share Mr. Wilson's concern about the impact of drug traffickers on our community, I respectfully take
issue with his attack on Judge Eaton. It is often difficult to determine what amount of money will reasonably assure a defendant's appearance at future court proceedings, and what conditions will adequately protect the community.

I think anyone who sits in Judge Eaton's courtroom would appreciate the care with which he considers and weighs the specific facts and circumstances in each case before making a decision regarding bail, and would agree that his decisions are reasonable, fair and just.

While I have no personal issue with Mr. Wilson, in light of the information provided to Judge Eaton during the bail hearing, I don't believe the criticism was deserved.

Charlie Silverman

Thank You Sheriff, But Upset With Judge

To the Editor:

Thank you to the San Juan County Sheriff's department for arresting one of the worst kinds of scum around. Meth dealer. They prey on addiction and weakness with an evil drug that robs people of their happiness and soul.

All of their hard work has resulted in the arrest of an individual who will be facing a serious prison sentence. This is a dangerous criminal who has been taken off the streets of our community. Our officers deserve our praise. Again, thank you to the Sheriffs Office.

I was SHOCKED to read the news story describing the bail proceedings in this case. The lead detective recommended $50,000 bond. Honestly, for multiple felonies, that sounds on the low end of things.

Judge Eaton had the nerve to lower that to $10,000. 80% off!!! A mere fraction. Typically this is done when the accused doesn't pose a flight risk.

This criminal has multiple convictions for drug offenses. Also, note that they have 10--TEN FAILURE TO APPEAR charges. That means they posted bail to get out of jail and DIDN'T SHOW UP!!!

A judge is given a lot of authority over our justice system and with that comes an immense amount of trust by the people of our community. That trust has been SHATTERED. This is INSANE.

We have 2 choices. Recall Mr. Eaton, or find an opponent who can soundly defeat him when his term is up. We need to weigh the cost and hassle of a recall drive against the potential damage he can inflict on our community during the remainder of his term with SERIOUSLY FLAWED decisions such as this.

This is a call to action.


Harold Wilson
San Juan Island

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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