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Home » Archives » October 2011 » LETTERS ON SJI SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION

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(Note:Date above left is when the first letter was posted below on the subject)

We Support Hahn

To the Editor:

In 1997, Ralph Hahn was hired as the principal for Friday Harbor High School. In a short period of time he was very successful at establishing strong relationships with his students. They loved him! He quickly learned to balance the needs of staff, parents and community effectively so as to create the best educational environment for all. Ralph was a keen mediator. He was able to make community connections and learn how our small island worked. He understood people and their politics. All of this took place in the midst of the huge reconstruction project of our middle and high school. Ralph became a well-loved and much respected person in the San Juan Island School District.

We here at Friday Harbor High School enthusiastically support our former principal, Ralph Hahn for Position #3 on the San Juan Island School Board. Ralph brings to the table years of local experience. He knows his community well and continues to be involved as a substitute teacher and member of the Public Schools Foundation. Ralph cares about our kids. Ralph can help build and maintain the bridge between board and community. He can offer knowledgeable solutions to tough budget problems with deep concern for maintaining and developing instructional programs. Ralph will be adept at helping us all find new ways to fund public education. Please vote for Ralph Hahn for the San Juan Island School Board Position #3!

Susie Hale Jim McNairy
Steven Smith Gordy Waite
Catherine Buchanan Greg Sawyer
Becky Shanks Nick Frazee
Tami Sindelman Marc Vermeire
Beth Spaulding Ruthie Paull
Brook Landers Jenepher Reeves

Vote For Robin DeLaZerda

To the Editor:

We are writing this letter to enthusiastically support Robin DeLaZerda who is a candidate for the San Juan Island School Board Position #3.

Who is Robin? She came to Friday Harbor ten years ago to give her family a loving and nurturing environment. Facing the challenges of finding meaningful employment and child care, Robin found "Work First" to help subsidize child care as cost for this care exceeded her monthly income. She eventually gained employment with the Sheriff’s Department, working for three years on the graveyard shift; after hard work and perseverance she was promoted to supervise and trained employees which include state certifications.

As a mother of three children and working full time for the Sheriff’s Department, Robin generously gives any of her free time as a dedicated volunteer for many of the child-centered community activities. Just to mention a few, Robin works in the school training children on 911 information; works at the annual Children’s Fair craft booth; teaches 911 information to all aged children at the annual Safety Fair, and for the last eight years has volunteered at the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. She does regular lice checks at the elementary school and generally is the unseen volunteer who accomplishes tasks that often go unnoticed. She has also co-hosted a girl scout troop who worked at Wolf Hollow and the Animal Shelter, believing that girls can make a difference -and they did!

Why should you vote for Robin? She has a vision of community collaboration, and registered her candidacy on the first day the position was opened.

She is highly motivated to ensure that the community is aware and informed about tough decisions that are made affecting all of our students, teachers, parents and the community.

To ensure transparency, Robin will establish an email list to inform parents about agenda items so that “Review" will not mean "Done.”

From her humble beginnings and active volunteerism, Robin has now focused her time and energy on this position, as she is the candidate who will make a difference: dedicated to spending time on issues that greatly affect our greatest resource - our children.

We are honored to recommend Robin for this position, and for your vote!


Steve and Joann Ashlock
San Juan island

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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