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Home » Archives » June 2011 » Letter on Colton Harris Moore Charges Vs. Local History Context

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06/07/2011: "Letter on Colton Harris Moore Charges Vs. Local History Context"

To the Editor:

We have followed the saga of Colton Harris Moore. He is being charge with 15 felonies in San Juan County. He stands accused of similar charges in a number of other jurisdictions. There is a public clamoring and buzz for "justice to be done". I do not condone the crimes he is alleged to have committed. I would like to put it in a bit of context. Lets look at some recent crimes committed in San Juan County and the punishments they received.

Young adult kills brother with shotgun in apartment in Friday Harbor. 7 years in prison.
Young adult kills friend while drunk driving. 3 years in prison.
Teenager kills bicyclist on Lopez and maims young girl with car. 45 days in juvenile detention.
Trio of individuals convicted of multiple felony burglaries on SJI. 1 year in prison.
Very recently a man convicted of burglary, drug charges, fights cops during arrest. 120 days in jail.

Again, Colton's crimes are not to be condoned, but bear in mind, he never committed a violent crime. He never waved a weapon at anyone. All of his alleged crimes are property crimes.

Using the crimes listed above and sentencing outcomes as a guide, he should get 1 to 1.5 years in prison.

Just something to think about in the days ahead, as this case is discussed.

Lets see what our Pro$ecuter does.

Harold Wilson.
San Juan Island

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