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Home » Archives » June 2011 » Time For Howie To Resign

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06/02/2011: "Time For Howie To Resign"


To the Editor:

It’s time for Howie to resign from the San Juan County Council.

If an enforcement officer can’t see well enough to shoot straight anymore or can’t hear the high-pitched beeps from a radiation monitor to possibly prevent a terrorist attack, it’s time for him to retire or resign. If a soldier or sailor on guard duty can’t stay awake and it is wartime, he may suffer some very dire consequences including the loss of his friends and comrades because of his negligence " no matter that he may have been under severe stress and sleepless for days.

If a San Juan County Councilor can’t stay awake and hear/see testimony that may be vital to community interests he should have the integrity and honesty to resign and leave the job to somebody who is able to do it. While he’s not on wartime guard duty or protecting against terrorism, he is involved in a responsible position that has a lot to do with our tax monies, our local freedoms and our property rights.

It would be easy to treat his sleep apnea as a local cuteness that brought some notoriety to our small county. It would be a nice thing to think we could trust him to stay awake to fully understand and act appropriately about the issues facing us, but I don’t think we have that luxury. How many years has the solid waste issue plagued us? How many times has the Council ignored public testimony and created public policy out of private sessions? Yes " They’ve improved in the last two years, but we still have the flawed policies affecting us each day and with each tax payment.

Now they are embarked helter-skelter on a quest for CAO without any demonstrated problem, scientific or otherwise.

Whether it’s in our private lives or our public local policy when we have real economic issues facing us, we can’t afford to ignore an obvious problem that affects all of us. If you are a business owner and have an employee who can’t do the job, sleeps on the job or doesn’t show up on time you may have to let him go. You hired the person for good reasons " you’ve grown to like him, but you simply can’t put up with his inability to perform properly.

We need to get serious about the problems our county and our country face today.

Dennis R. Hazelton
San Juan Island

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