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Home » Archives » March 2011 » LETTERS ON GUEST COLUMN

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Mr. Law:

After reading your guest column, I was curious as to what signs and actions, by the unions, were so deplorable? I have been keeping abreast of the situation in Wisconsin also and did not see any actions or signs that were offensive and could not be shown on public TV. This is a democracy and we do have the right to protest those things which we do not agree with. Have you read the bill that is being proposed by the Gov. of Wisconsin? Do you have any idea what is actually in it? The unions were willing to compromise on everything but the collective bargaining issue.

Your statement, “ I believe all of us are witnessing the final death throws of unionism in America, and as one who has lived in a right-to-work state I believe it’s also the death of a decent standard of living for most workers in America.”, makes no sense to me. The unions had a huge part in creating that decent standard of living, and now they are fighting for their life against big business. This issues has nothing to do with the budget of Wisconsin, it’s just union busting plain and simple.

I have never belonged to a union, but I do believe that they have had some part in making this country great. I am really worried at the direction we are headed now that Corporations are persons, but cannot be held accountable for their thievery.


Matt Shildneck
Friday Harbor

The following is a response from Mr. Laws:

Mr. Shildneck,

In response to what despicable signs I was talking about please, see the few examples below and feel free to follow the Link ; comparing any representative of the United States to Hitler is outrageous, unless we have all forgotten the mass murder of millions of people by him; and the veiled threats of violence, or comparing the Governor to Al-Qaeda are out of line.

Christopher Laws

CL_ScottWalker_Signs-1 (47k image)

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