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Home » Archives » November 2009 » County Commissioners Knew Their Pay Scale

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11/15/2009: "County Commissioners Knew Their Pay Scale"

I had to double check the calendar after reading the article today where by present and past commissioners voted themselves a raise in benefits. It wasn’t April Fool’s Day, but it certainly is Fool’s Day when we don’t speak out on this matter.

When our County Commissioners run for their office, they knew the rules and what was expected of them, their pay scale and other concerns. If they cannot do their job in their proscribed and allotted time, they should resign, with no retirement benefits, or work on their own time to solve the problems they probably created anyway. Island contractors, of which I was one for over 20 years, “bid” on projects according to their experience and knowledge of their trades. If it takes longer than expected, the contractor usually ends up working for free to complete the job.

These Commissioners are debating and bringing to light issues that are not necessary to run the business of running the county, especially in the context of current economic conditions. On the contrary, too much of their valuable time concern such controversial issues as the CAO which hurts the construction industry and property owner rights; Orca buffer zone (I love the whales, but also our tourism industry); and any other thing they may dream up to leave their mark on the island economy, all at the cost of island workers and taxpayers. I suppose the only job openings in the future will be in government.

I can’t hardy wait until the County follows the Town’s lead and mandates “traffic bubbles” on the corners of all county roads.

Ever read the Employment ads for County work? Most are part time, with no benefits. This is obviously a great example of fixing a problem by starting at the top.

It is a sad day for San Juan County. Problem created.

Peter DeLorenzi
San Juan Island

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