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Good Reasons To Vote For Petersen!

To the Editor:

San Juan County is in a pickle, but here’s how you can help: Vote for Gordy Petersen for County Council!

I have personal knowledge of the interest Gordy has taken in the County and its governance. When I was pursuing the Stormwater Referendum, Gordy was at the County Council meetings participating and making his voice heard. Unlike his opponent who expects a paycheck for participation in community groups,* Gordy has, over the past 25 years, served on numerous uncompensated committees and boards that have played a huge part in shaping the way that we live here in the Islands.

Now Gordy is running for County Council for District 1. Gordy recognizes that San Juan County government is spending tax revenue at an unsustainable level that threatens our ability to afford homes and property on the Islands. Gordy recognizes that boilerplate ordinances and off-island regulations adopted by San Juan County create unnecessary and unsustainable roadblocks and financial hardship to Island residents. Gordy recognizes that a good relationship between the citizens and their local government cannot be sustained without openness and communication.

San Juan County has a challenging future. Vote for someone who has the common sense and experience to put our County on a sustainable path. I have learned more about Gordy and you can too by checking out his web site at

Thank you,
Alexandra Gavora

* Lovel Pratt has requested $35.00/hour for up to 80 hours per month [$16,800 every six months] for her time spent on the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild. -item number ‘5’ in minutes of June 3, 2008 Ag Guild meeting

Enthusiastic About Petersen!

To the Editor:

We are writing with our enthusiastic support of Gordy Peterson for county council. The following are just a few of the reasons we support Gordy.

1) Gordy has been a small business owner and employer in San Juan County for over twenty-five years and knows intimately what it takes to make ends meet in the islands. As a small business owner Gordy knows what it takes operate within a budget.

2) Gordy cares passionately about the livability of our island communities not only from an environmental stand point but from an economic stand point. We believe that special interest groups have far too much influence in creating land use regulations that are often detrimental to the average “working family”.

My family has been blessed by being able to start and maintain a successful business headquartered on our own property back in the seventies. Hopefully we can pass the business on to one or more of our four kids……otherwise with the regulatory climate facing our type of business today there is virtually NO chance of creating a business like ours from scratch. Gordy understands that in order to protect working families’ ability to live here the San Juan County Council needs the balance that understands small business.

3) In the wake of San Juan County’s current budget issues Gordy’s experiences as a small business owner will help keep our property taxes in check while still providing the services essential to our County citizens.

Join us in support of Gordy Peterson for county council.

Mike and Julie Carlson
San Juan Island

We Support Pratt!

To the Editor:

We are writing to voice our support for Lovel Pratt as San Juan County Council representative, District 1.

Whether working in leadership position or as a team player, Lovel has clearly demonstrated an unwaivering commitment to community service and an ability to get things done. Her thoughtful and inclusive approach to issues of education, affordable housing and local agriculture will serve our community well.

During her 17 years as an islander she (with her husband, Boyd) has reared her children and been active in the schools, raised produce and livestock for a CSA on her Mulno Cove Farm, and served in many volunteer positions. In 2003 she was named “Citizen of the Year” by The Journal for her work as Executive Director of the San Juan Community Home Trust. She has proven record of productive and fair service to our community.

Lovel listens carefully, considers different points of view, does her research, and works toward equitable solutions that preserve the unique integrity of our community. She has our enthusiastic support.

Peter and Christine Chan
Paula West
Joe Cooper
Shann Weston
Steve Porten
Ruth and Walter MacGinitie
Toni LoBue

Look At The Responses!

To the Editor:

The recent barrages of online negative comments on Commissioner Candidates are attempts to promote a specific candidate by throwing dirt.

The candidates’ sometimes respond emotionally, and that shows they are human and care. I have had to endure similar attacks due to the ideological positions that I have taken in our community over the years. What is important in elections are the issues and how the issues affect the voters.

When you read or hear the answers to the Journal questions, CAPR San Juan questions (, the League of Women’s Forum answers, and the answers to the Islands Community Church questions (Oct. 22nd), you get a solid basis of where each candidate stands on the issues.

In addition, what a candidate’s life experiences and talents are also plays an important role. I favor candidates who are honest, have business experiences and show a propensity to be thrifty and careful with finances. I support Gordy Petersen, Fay Chaffee and Richard Fralick because of their historical actions, business and life experiences, and because of their answers to CAPR San Juan questions make it clear that:

* They are against the County fireworks ban. They favor appropriate regulations.
* They are not in favor of a blanket 200’ shoreline setback or wetland buffer.
* They are against putting regulations, or a tax, based on a person’s house size.
* They are not in favor of a special tax for low income housing. The taxpayers spoke on this issue and these candidates favor the Homes For Islanders approach-a hand up over a hand out.
* These candidates favor keeping the transfer station where it is, due to the fairness and cost issues.
* These candidates favor more cell towers because of safety issues.
* These candidates recognize the current financial situation, and will best hold the line on County spending for special interest causes.
* These candidates have not sought political endorsements from political parties, and are running on issues rather than associations.

As a result of the above reasons, I hope you will join me in supporting Gordy Petersen for District 1, Fay Chaffee for District 3, and Richard Fralick for District 4.

Remember, Clarence Darrow said, “To think is to differ.”


Frank M. Penwell
San Juan Island

We Support Pratt Too!

To the Editor:

Our community is fortunate to have a candidate of Lovel Pratt’s caliber running for county council. We have known Lovel for many years, both as an involved parent in the school system and as an active member of the agricultural community. We have been consistently impressed by her open mindedness, intelligence and grasp of the facts.
She is a good listener and a careful researcher who is concerned with getting the real facts about issues, not just supporting her own opinions. She is an effective communicator and a consensus builder, both qualities that are essential for efficient and responsive government.
In her 17 years of living on San Juan, she has an impressive record of community service in the areas of education, public safety, affordable housing and agriculture. She has a thorough knowledge of local issues and we know that she will be an excellent member of our county council. We urge you to join us in voting for Lovel for County Council, District 1 .

Mark and Mary Jane Anderson
San Juan Island

Gordy Is My Choice !

To the Editor:

Given the possible outcomes of the November 4, 2008 elections; locally and nationally,
it is indisputable that we will be in need people in Government with a sense of levity, of irony.

It is equally indisputable that locally, Gordy Peterson is that person.

Please vote: Gordy for County Council ,

Donna P. (Pauli) Gavora
San Juan Island

Had disagreements, But Support Pratt !

To the Editor:

I have served with Lovell Pratt for several years on the County Planning Commission. During that time, while I have had disagreements with some of her positions, I have grown to appreciate her ability to craft careful compromises that honor the opinions of people on all sides of an issue. She is thoughtful, intelligent, diligent, and does her homework.

While I believe I stand on the extreme opposite side of the political aisle from her, I am honored to serve with her, and offer her my unqualified recommendation. I think the people in our County would be well served with her as one of our representatives, and I offer her my unqualified support.

Brian A. Ehrmantraut
Orcas Island

There Is Only One!

To the Editor:

In my mind there is only one candidate for County Council, District One that has the breadth of experience, the collaboration skills, and the commitment to our entire community required to lead us through the inevitable future challenges. Lovel Pratt will receive my vote and I am asking for yours, too.

We face huge challenges -challenges that her opponent’s single-minded rhetoric for a smaller government will not solve. We need someone with compassion, wisdom, and a strong voice to guide us. Lovel’s experience as a planning commissioner, Home Trust Director, and very active community volunteer (firefighting, schools, Farmer’s Market) gives her a unique sense of our community’s needs and goals. She understands and appreciates ALL parts of our community; the business owners, the parents, the farmers, and the retired. These groups often have conflicting ambitions but Lovel has a collaborative style that engages all parties, listens with care, builds on her own research, then respectfully presents and explains her views.

Her position on the proposed relocation of the transfer station is most illustrative. One proposed site, off Beaverton Valley Road, is near my home and the issue therefore affects me greatly. Gordy, on the one hand, is adamantly opposed to moving the transfer station. I appreciate this and his position benefits me personally. However, standing above the NIMBY attitude and thinking more of our entire community, I much more appreciate Lovel’s evolution to a position. Regarding this transfer station she says, “…I think it is wrong to pre-judge a decision before all the information has been provided, before the public has had an opportunity to have their concerns addressed, and before recommendations from the citizen advisory group and county staff have been heard”.

Lovel puts as much weight on the decision making process as on the result and I strongly believe this is intellectually more honest and leads to a better community.

We will face many challenges in the next few years. Our goal should be to emerge stronger with a less divisive community. Only Lovel can take us there.

Larry Wight
San Juan Island

Gann, Turnbull & Guard Come Together For Petersen!

To the Editor:

As you're aware, the United States is entering a time of serious financial trouble. We won't be immune to its effects in San Juan County. It's vital that the members of our Council have the skills and experience to help bring us through the next four years as painlessly as possible.

This isn't a time to turn to a candidate whose only experience lies in the non-profit world of grants and special interests.

We need a leader with significant practical experience in business, and in dealing with financing, taxes, budgets, banks, insurance companies, and all the rest.
That's why we're putting aside our political differences to support Gordy Petersen. In this time of declining revenues and financial difficulty, we believe that Gordy is the best candidate for County Council.

ig_3-Signatures-1 (40k image)
Dodie Gann Tireless community volunteer

Kathy Turnbull SJC Treasurer 12 years

Lisa Guard 6th Generation Islander

Fay Chaffee Best Choice!

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the election of Fay Chaffee to the San Juan County Council District 3.
Having been involved in assisting the private sector with permit applications for over the past decade and a half, I have come into frequent contact with Ms. Chafee in her capacity as permit coordinator with the SJC Permit Center (now Community development & Planning).

While requiring that applications meet the standards of the land use codes, I have always found Ms. Chaffee to be solid in her understanding of the parameters of her job, and flexible to non-rote means of accomplishing it. When assessing a site for proposed development she has often been able to assist the applicant in developing the project in ways that not only satisfy code requirements, but result in a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive result than mere strict code enforcement would provide.

Fay Chaffee’s experience with regulatory mandates, and the often idiosyncratic language in which they are proposed, will make her a valuable asset to the County Council.

Perhaps if we had had someone of her experience in place, the County would not be in the process of trying to extricate itself from storm water policies, which it adopted and has been trying to implement for the past fifteen + years, that were designed for the King County urban area.

Please elect Fay Chaffee, San Juan Council District 3.

Donna P. (Pauli) Gavora
dba Gavora LLC

Join Us In Support !

To the Editor:

We support Gordy Petersen in the District 1 County Council race.
We appreciate Gordy’s firm resolve to not move the waste transfer station--nor to spend any more money on studies and land purchases that presume to move it.

We appreciate Gordy’s caution over an annexation plan that includes unquantified financial commitments to promote affordable housing. Similar good intentions and financial carelessness hatched our present economic crisis.

We appreciate Gordy’s concern for the environment. No other environmental activist has so effectively cast light on Victoria, BC’s shameful raw sewage discharge.

We appreciate Gordy’s practical business experience. Gordy overcame many challenges over twenty-five years to build a successful business in San Juan County. The whole current Council has less practical business experience. His opponent has none.
he County’s financial outlook has changed drastically in two weeks and today it is downright frightening. Now is not the time for well-intentioned but inexperienced leadership. Gordy will bring deep understanding of the issues, directly-relevant experience and a commitment to financial restraint. Please vote for Gordy.

Rosalie & Scott Webster
Marni & Bill Gendron
Kathryn & Everett Clary
Deanna & Gordon Banry
Kim Bertrand

Pratt Seeks Consensus !

To the Editor:

Lovell Pratt is a consensus builder, not an ideologue, which is a refreshing attribute this political season. In recent months I've been privileged enough to follow closely her examination of a critical issue for some islanders. Her method involved reading widely (and in depth), and gathering information from multiple points of view in the community. While her goal was to seek a solution amenable to all, it was also clear that she would not shy away from taking a stand.

I have for years appreciated Lovel's calm demeanor and thoughtful insights concerning the future of our fragile island homes. I was pleased to learn that she at last was seeking public office and will feel more hopeful about the future if she wins.

It's the right choice of the right person at a critical time.

Mike Vouri
San Juan Island

Stakes High In District 1 Race!

To the Editor:

The world has changed. Our retirement funds are smaller. A large number of island homes are for sale and are not selling. Property values are dropping. Everyone feels and is poorer.

But County government will not suffer. We are borrowing from next year’s budget to fund today’s well-intended projects, and the list of attractive new projects, and new taxes, keeps growing.

We'd ask the County to practice fiscal restraint reflecting the times.

We have the chance to elect another well-intentioned, popular and free-spending Council Member. Or we can support a real change. Gordy has the practical experience and deep commitment to fiscal restraint that will help the County find a good path forward. T

he political establishment and the papers are out to defeat Gordy, but this race could still go either way. In fact, the new attacks suggest that the other side is getting nervous. A few votes really could decide it. Please vote for

Gordy. Scott & Rosalie Webster
San Juan Island

Why I Do Not Support Lovel & Kayl!

To the Editor:

On May 31, 2008, I sent an email to Mindy Kayl asking her viewpoint on five enumerated items. She responded on June 2, 2008 with:

“Hello Dennis,
You have asked some good questions! …
I will respond soon - hopefully by Wednesday AM
Thank you for your time,
Mindy Kayl”

I have heard nothing since. If she fails to respond to a constituent as a candidate, how will she will respond if elected?

Howie cannot stop spending our money -even in time of economic crisis. He pushes for a storm water tax to solve a problem that remains undefined and in spite of overwhelming negative voter response last year. He leans to a noxious weed tax that was to be voted on their last session but has been put off because of voter opposition.

Now the State Ferry people are want to levy a tax on island residents to make up the transportation budget shortfall.
The SJI School District might sue the State for full funding. How much would we spend for the county and state to fight each other -all on our dime? Why does the SJI School District or the County Council refuse to study consolidation of the four districts into one and save hundreds of thousands of dollars?
It would be nice if we could have all of the things we want but sometimes we cannot afford them. Elect representatives who will show financial responsibility instead of spending and taxation.

We need proposals to reduce taxes and spending rather than constant increases.

Vote for Faye Chaffee and Gordy Peterson

Dennis R. Hazelton
San Juan Island

Thank You For The Alert!!

To the Editor:

Thank you, Gordy, for your latest column alerting us taxpayers that the
Council still intends to implement that Storm Water Tax. That's the tax
we all voted down 62 - 31% last year.

We need people on the Council who will be careful with our tax dollars.

Jill Meyer
San Juan Island


Signs Come Down!

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Helen Chapman King for bringing my attention to my campaign signs that were larger than allowed by county code. I have removed those signs and replaced them with ones that meet the requirements.
My apologies to everyone for this mistake!

Lovel Pratt
Lovel's Signs Are Illegal!

To the Editor:

I would question voting for a candidate for County Council who has violated the requirements for political signs in the San Juan Islands. All candidates were given a copy of the sign ordinance. The legal limit is 6 sq. feet.

The Lovel's sign by the Oak is almost twice that size! It is a billboard compared to others. I question the right to place signs on County roads or private property without permission. Gordy Peterson's signs are all on private property, and has received permission from the property owners. That's the way he does things.

Lovel Pratt now states regarding her signs: "Because I value the beauty of our islands and want to support and enhance our natural environment I did not purchase yard signs...I do not want to clutter up the roadsides with repetitive signs that become a visual blight. Some supporters are joining me to hand-paint a few signs with recycled materials. Let me know if you want to join us with your exterior paint remnants, drift wood, and/or scrap lumber".

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is a sign ordinance so these political signs don't get out of hand with every candidate's idea of what is a visual blight, what is attractive, what is not, or that large brightly colored, hand crafted folksy signs are better than professionally made!.

Who do you want serving you on the County Commission? Someone who evades the law for personal gain, or someone who respects it? I support Gordy Peterson for County Council, a man of taste and ethics.

Helen Chapman King
San Juan Island
I Support Lovel!

To the Editor:

Lovel is an excellent choice for a member of our County Council. She has been an active part of our community for the past seventeen years. I know Lovel as a member of the Friday Harbor Elementary School Learning Improvement Team and the person who initiated the Reading Buddy Program in cooperation with the San Juan Public Library. As a teacher in the district for 23 years, I know how her vision of this program, along with determination, made this program a reality. What could be important than helping meet the challenge of helping children find joy in reading?

In addition, she has been an active part of our community within the volunteer fire department, directing the Community Home Trust and as a co- owner and operator of a CSA farm. She also has been an active member of the San Juan Island Farmers Market Association. Participation in each of these groups required the ability to work well with other, come to a common ground over issues, and demonstrate commitment.

I believe Lovel has the has the ability to see the big picture and the willingness and wisdom to go after the facts in order to snap the pieces of the puzzle together. She will work to make San Juan Island an even better place to call home as we navigate the future together.

Nan Simpson
Steve Simpson
San Juan Island
And the Lovel Signs???!

To the Editor:

Re: Sign complaints:

I find the "Burma Shave" type signs rather amusing and a departure from the standard political
"name only" signs all over the island. I find it doubly amusing that yesterday there were large
colorful homemade signs promoting a vote for Lovel Pratt.

How do you feel about those Megan?

Helen King
San Juan Island
Mr. Petersen, Take Down Those Signs!

To the Editor:

Some new Burma-Shave-style signs appeared on roadsides last week with the message “If you don’t want your taxes to go from 10% to Forty, vote for Gordy”. The County Council has no control over property taxes or state sales taxes, which make up the vast bulk of the taxes we pay; in addition, voter-passed state initiatives have placed severe limits on tax increases. The Council controls only very minor additional fees. To imply that some Council candidates might be able to impose (even if they were inclined to) steep tax increases if elected is silly. This is just scare tactics.

I’d like to hope that voters will choose a candidate based on who is qualified and shares their values, not on whoever achieves maximum name-recognition with roadside signs. I suggest that voters read the candidates’ responses to questions in the Journal,, or, and let those guide their choice, and ignore signs that are a visual blight or that insult our intelligence. I am voting for Lovel Pratt: a thoughtful, intelligent, and dedicated public servant with a proven record of service to our community.

Megan Dethier
Friday Harbor

(Gordy explains: A smart voter needs to be informed. It is important to read all available candidates responses to media questions and compare experience and judgment. For example Lovel Pratt stated in the Journal July 23rd, In order to provide housing for those who can't afford it she supports using the sales tax. She supports a Real Estate Excise Tax, and would vote to place a tax on large buildings. If the Council raises local sales taxes that could be a huge problem for local business.

The County Budget increased 10% in 2008. 2 weeks ago the Council voted for the concept to borrow 3 million to buy a dock at Orcas Landing. They voted to borrow 2 million from the Public Works road fund to pay for Eastsound storm water projects. These are just a few examples of Council spending choices from July. My message is that I want to slow down this kind of reckless spending.

My sign, “If you don¹t want your taxes to go from 10% to Forty, vote for Gordy” may be exaggerated, but 39 percent does not rhyme with Gordy. So those of you without a sense of humor, just lighten up a bit. Jeesh!

Gordy Knows The Job

To the Editor:

Gordy Peterson will bring a unique, well informed and experienced perspective to the San Juan County Council. His election will also provide for more balanced representation of the diversity of viewpoints of our citizens.

His long record of experience and active involvement in County government includes membership in the citizens committee that developed the Comprehensive Plan as well as membership in the committee that developed the new County Charter.

I served with Gordy on the County Planning Commission when he was the Chairperson. He knows how to run a public meeting efficiently and fairly and is strong advocate of open and transparent county government. In particular I remember a very large public turnout at one Planning Commission meeting when he insisted as Chairperson that each person in attendance who wanted to speak be allotted a reasonable amount of time despite a lot of pressure from some to set very restrictive limits on the time for public testimony.

He is a person who you can count on to look beyond the immediate and obvious consequences of a particular decision to understand all of the unintended consequences as well. He believes in examining all sides of every issue.

His successful business background gives him a strong sense of responsibility to carefully and wisely spend the limited taxpayer dollars available to run our county government in the next few years.

Gordy will make a great County Council member. I urge you to vote for him in the upcoming election.

Jim Nelson
Orcas Island

Local Farmers Support Lovel

To the Editor:

We support Lovel Pratt for County Council, District 1. Lovel is a long-time supporter of local agriculture. She regularly attends meetings of the Grange, Ag Guild, Agricultural Resource Committee and numerous other volunteer organizations, which keeps her current with issues we face. Lovel works well in groups, is a good listener, facilitates the identification of priorities and goals, and follows through on what needs to be done to implement those goals.

Lovel was instrumental in finding a home for the San Juan Farmers’ Market at the Courthouse parking lot, and is now working with the Ag Guild to find a location for a year-round famers’ market facility here on San Juan Island. Her eight years supervising the SJC Fair Ag Tent has increased the awareness of the importance of local agriculture. Lovel’s long standing commitment to our community is why we support her.
Worthy note: Lovel has chosen to refrain from excessive signage along our roads.

Jim Lawrence,
Lisa Nash Lawrence
Jim Sesby
Christina Dahl-Sesby.
San Juan Island
Fralick: Ethics, Integrity, Hard Worker

To the Editor:

Although I have known Richard Fralick for many years it was during the time he worked for the good of the community as a teacher at the high school and as a member of the School Board that I witnessed his work ethic and his personal integrity.

As a science teacher at Orcas Island High School Richard challenged AP students into realms they had never traveled before. I was happy to see such a teacher on our faculty. His amazing knowledge of the subject and his ability to explain those concepts and hook kids into working hard for him and enjoying class at the same time was a winning combination. He set extremely high standards for himself and his students. On occasion our paths would cross in the teachers’ workroom. His good humor and fine work ethic always inspired me.

Richard also served on the School Board, an unpaid job for people in the community who wish at a deep level to bring about the highest quality education the community can produce for its children. His ability to work well with that diverse group of board members was a great contribution to the school district.

In these situations Richard Fralick proved that he is open to all possibilities as he solves problems, that he has a gift for understanding and explaining issues and concepts, and that he has the respect of those who work with him.

For these reasons I support Richard Fralick for County Council.

Tish Knapp
Orcas Island
Lovel will listen

To the Editor:

I would like to share the reasons I feel Lovel Pratt would be the best County Council representative for District 1.

I have known Lovel since her Son started school with my Son 12 years ago. The joint projects and committees we have both been involved in within the County, the Schools and the non-profit area are too numerous to mention. I have, however, gained a very good sense of how Lovel thinks things through. She makes a thorough effort to do the research, consider both sides and come up with the best solution.

Lovel will also listen to new views and new information. She has experience at the County level serving on the Planning Commission, at the all of the Schools on San Juan Island, in a small business (which is extremely important) and something near and dear to my heart -our local agriculture.

We do not always agree. However, I know Lovel will listen to me and even if we do not agree -she always bends a little more my way and attempts to find an answer that will consider all the important factors in each situation.

Please support Lovel Pratt as our District 1 representative in the upcoming election.

Cathaleen Cavanagh
Friday Harbor
We Need Fralick’s Leadership

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask you to vote for Richard Fralick for County Council -District 4/Orcas Island West.
Our community faces a wonderful opportunity to have a person on the Council who is intelligent and committed to making government effective. In addition, Richard brings to the table a skill set that we desperately need in government - he understands complex issues, he is an active listener and communicator, and he is knowledgeable about budgeting and will ask the hard questions.

I got to know Richard very well when he was a Freeholder. I was one of the many he enlisted to move forward public understanding of Home Rule. I saw him advocate and advance the concepts that resulted in the adoption of charter government. He was always calm and focused. He used his leadership skills to bring local government to a new level of sophistication. On a personal level, I have seen him cook for friends and build a house -all with the same calm and focus. All in all I have come to respect Richard not only for his accomplishments -which are many - but for the knowledge, persistence and integrity he brings to everything he takes on.

Voters of Orcas Island West, I urge you to vote for Richard in the August primary. Since there are four candidates seeking this Council position, the August election will be a “top two” primary whereby the top two vote-getters will advance to the general election in November. Vote leadership. Vote Fralick.

I am proud to be co-chair of his campaign committee.

Elizabeth Barth
Richard Fralick for County Council

To the Editor:

It is important for us to be represented on the County Council by individuals who are flexible, able to learn and adapt to new opportunities and situations as they move along, and able to find ways to get things accomplished as situations change and progress. Richard Fralick is such an individual.

When Richard completed Graduate School with a PhD in Physics, he turned to the commercial sector for employment. On day one of the new job, Richard’s boss noted his use of computer resources in his research work and suggested that Richard could be the corporate computer Guru. While his computer usage was a very small piece of managing corporate computer resources, Richard accepted the role which included understanding a host of challenging needs, new knowledge, and additional skills. He assessed the scope of the assignment, and proceeded to research and learn the technologies and new skills required to succeed.

Going forward he was able to lead the way into new fields of expertise, to work successfully with a range of people to support the organization, provide the technological support and expertise required, and get the job done successfully. We need this same learn and grow as you go ability and performance on the County Council.

Please join me in voting for Richard Fralick for County Council.

Spencer Clark
Voters Urged To Vote For Petersen

To the Editor:

I have had the privilege of knowing Gordy Petersen for the last six years. During this time, I have had many opportunities to talk to Gordy about the issues that confront us here in San Juan County. He has shown me that he has a solid grasp of the facts behind these issues, as well as how the possible solution to these problems fits into the larger scheme of things. His many years of experience and record of accomplishments have been mentioned by others. But one thing which has always impressed me about Gordy is that he truly listens to the opinions of others.

One thing I want in a County Commissioner is the ability to listen to their constituents. As Woodrow Wilson once said, "I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow." I believe Gordy will take advantage of all the knowledge and skills of the people here in San Juan County.

I urge you to vote for Gordy.

Vince Dauciunas
San Juan Island
Lovel Is Dedicated

To the Editor:

I think we, the constituents of SJ County Dist #1, are very fortunate to have 4 terrific people vying to represent us on the county council. I like Gordy Petersen and Lisa Guard very much. Daniel Miller I see around town but don’t know. And Lovel Pratt, I seem to run into multiple times a week at community functions .

That said, I have decided to support Lovel because of her long track record of community service and getting things done. I have known Lovel since our children were in pre-school together and have observed over those 12 years her constant dedicated involvement in community projects. She has been a strong advocate and dedicated proponent of local agriculture, affordable housing and education.

Lovel is and has been active in local agricultural development for years, from Farmer’s market development, to family CSA, to WSU Coordinator, and Agricultural Guild. She has actively participated in schools and the SJ Public Schools Foundation. Lovel has been a strong proponent of affordable housing and served as executive director of the Home Trust, worked on the SJC Planning commission, and in 2003 was named “Citizen of the Year” by the SJ Journal. Lovel has shown over and over her dedication to community improvement through service both as a team member and a leader.

For example, this past weekend, it was announced on very short notice that Gov. Gregoire would be speaking on Orcas and be available for questions afterword. While other candidates appear to have been putting signs all over the roadsides, Lovel went to Orcas and spoke with the Governor 1 on1, discussing ferry system concerns and our acute lack of State funding for education. That’s the person I want working for me to get things done in SJ Dist #1. Lovel will work tirelessly on behalf of our community on many issues -as she has been doing for years. Her only shortcoming as a candidate may be she doesn’t advertise herself enough, but I’m one voter who doesn’t need a campaign sign or ad to realize who the best person for the job is. Please join me in voting for Lovel Pratt for San Juan County Council, district 1.

Drew Dawson
San Juan Island
Lovel has exceptional leadership

To the Editor,

Vote Smart, Vote Lovel

We are very excited that Lovel is running for County Commissioner. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership in many ways in our community. Some of her accomplishments are:

• County Planning Commissioner, two years as chair

• Executive Director of the Community Home Trust, named by The Journal as 2003’s Citizen of the Year

• Leader in the agricultural community through her work at WSU and the SJI Agricultural Guild

• Strategist for the San Juan Public Schools Foundation, including the very successful Save Our Schools Campaign that restored much needed school programs and services.

In each of these successes, Lovel has exhibited the highest ethical standards and values respected in our county. For example, we are very impressed that she is choosing to handpaint just a few campaign signs using recycled materials (

Lovel’s talents and expertise will be an important contribution to the County Council.

Vote Smart, Vote Lovel

Ann Harris
Luanne Hoeller
Mary Kingland
Paul Le Baron
Pamela Williams
San Juan Island
Join Us For Gordy Petersen For Council

To the Editor,

We strongly urge everyone in San Juan District 1 to support Gordy Petersen for county council. Gordy is a small business man who loves the quality of life here in San Juan County but he also understands that the county must operate using sound business practices.

Gordy is running for council with a thorough knowledge of the issues that face our county. He served as a freeholder and, out of concern for the quality of life here, has been attending county meetings for years.

While we may not always agree with Gordy on every issue, we know that he will listen and will make decisions based on sound reasoning rather than emotion.

Our county council can do better in many ways and Gordy Petersen is the man to make that happen. Gordy is not asking for your financial support. He believes we all pay too much money for the too much government already. All he needs is your vote on August 19.

Don’t just take our word for it. Go to and check out his positions on the issues. You will be convinced that we need someone with his knowledge and willingness to tackle the tough challenges. Sign on as a supporter of Gordy Petersen even if you don’t live in his district.

Remember to vote for Gordy on August 19.

Jim & Minnie Knych
Friday Harbor
Gordy Is Already Hard At Work Doing Council Work

To the Editor,

Gordy Petersen was interviewed last evening on Victoria’s leading news radio show. The subject was B.C.’s raw sewage, and for those of you who didn’t hear the interview Gordy was -as usual- terrific.

In the nicest possible way, Gordy made it clear to our Canadian neighbors that pumping their raw sewage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca just isn’t something they ought to be doing. And he warned Victoria’s tourist industry that unless this problem gets resolved, it’s likely that fewer Americans will want to visit their lovely city and spend their money there in hotels, restaurants and shops. (Would that our own State Department could speak to our allies as clearly and concisely as Gordy.)

Isn’t it obvious that Gordy Petersen ought to be on our County Council? He’s already accomplished more as a candidate that most of our Council members have accomplished in office.

Herb Meyer
Friday Harbor
Gordy Helped Write The Charter & Comp Plan

Dear Editor:

I am writing to urge voters to cast their ballot for Gordy Petersen in the upcoming San Juan County Council election. He has an extensive background in County matters, volunteering his time to serve on the committee that drafted the Comprehensive Plan and Unified development Code and to serve on the San Juan County Planning Commission. Most recently, Gordy was elected to serve on the committee that drafted the San Juan County Charter.

Gordy was the leader who stopped the unwanted mega-marina development in Orcas Village, was instrumental in securing the award winning sewer system for Orcas Village and directed the development of the village water system. In other words, Gordy knows how to get things done! He will do the same as a Councilman for citizens on San Juan Island.

I have known Gordy for over 20 years. He is forthright, impeccably honest, has a strong sense of community and is blessed with plenty of good old-fashioned common sense. He understands the quality of life we wish to maintain in the islands.

Gordy voted for the Charter. In doing so, he also made a clear statement that the Charter was going to increase the cost of County government. He was criticized by some for his honest assessment of the Charter’s impending financial cost. As it turns out, Gordy’s analysis was certainly correct.

As a voter, I greatly appreciate a person with Gordy’s strong business background and who understands budgets at a time when the County is headed for serious financial difficulties. Having a person with Gordy Petersen’s experience on the Council, an elected official who will “tell it like it is” and who is not beholding to special interests will benefit all of us.


John Evans
(Commissioner Evans served as a San Juan County Commissioner for 12 years)
Gordy Has 20yr History of Service to SJC

Dear Editor:

We are 40 year property owners on San Juan Island and full time residents since 1993. During these years, we have observed Gordy Petersen and appreciated all that he has contributed to San Juan County.

We are disturbed by the number of flashy activists who arrive on our Islands, push their personal agendas and then simply move on leaving behind unsolved problems and wasted taxpayer dollars.

This is certainly not the case with Gordy Petersen. Gordy has dedicated his skills and energy to San Juan County for over 25 years leaving a long trail of visible, successful and enduring accomplishments. He is known and respected on San Juan Island and Orcas Island as a community leader and honest businessman. Simply walk up Spring Street to admire the beautiful half block of stores and offices he rebuilt after the devastating fire of 2002.

Just three months ago, when the Washington State Department of Natural Resources pushed to establish a 90 Year Aquatic Reserve throughout San Juan County, Gordy Petersen stepped forward to organize county citizens against this unnecessary restriction to our Island waters.

San Juan County needs the qualities of vision and proven leadership demonstrated by Gordy Petersen. Thank you,

Kare & Ross Brown
San Juan Island
Gordy For County Council

I have known Gordy for 15 years and until my store Friday Harbor Grocery, burned to the ground, he was my landlord. During the years that I have known and done business with Gordy I have never met a more sincere and honest person and it has been a privilege knowing and working with him.

Gordy’s experience working on many different local Committees and Boards and his dedication to our community is unsurpassed. Unlike his competitors in this race, Gordy brings a vast amount of knowledge, experience and a sense of humor that our County Council has been lacking. While our current Council continues to spend much of their time on national issues that are not relevant to our local problems and spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors, I am convinced that Gordy’s ability to reach consensus with others will steer this group back to the problems that we all face locally.

There are many issues that need to be addressed and resolved. Reliable and affordable ferry service, affordable housing, sustainable farming, ever increasing taxes, secret meetings, just to name a few. Gordy’s experience and vision will be invaluable to the future of our community and the future of our children.

I strongly urge you to VOTE for GORDY, County Council Position #1.


Ray Bigler
San Juan Island
Fralick Best Choice For Council


Next month voters in San Juan County will be selecting the final candidates for County Council in the primary election. I recommend that voters mark their ballots for Richard Fralick. Richard has a long history of service to the community, going back as far as the Orcas School Board in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Richard and I served on that board together. His presence on the board was an asset to its members and contributed to the progress the school district achieved during that time.

Richard listens before he speaks. He has a scientific mind that looks at all the facts, analyzes a problem, and then works out a solution. He always completes his work with professional thoroughness, and he knows how to work cooperatively with others and bring out their best. I believe he will be a positive influence on the County Council.

Joyce Pearson
Orcas Island

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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