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Home » Archives » January 2008 » Letters On Upcoming Elections

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01/22/2008: "Letters On Upcoming Elections"

Choose Your Candidate From the Conviction of Your Principles, Not From Fear of Losing

An Open Letter:

For Republicans, the field is wide open as to who will be our 2008 Presidential Candidate. There are several choices, ranging from true conservatives to those who are borderline Democrat.

Much talk in recent weeks has focused on which of the Republican candidates is most “electable.” Obviously, Republicans want to win, but at what cost? Surely not at the cost of the conservative movement. A liberal in Republican clothing does little to help the Republican Party. And a liberal in Republican clothing will not put the values and principles into the White House that inspire United States citizens to greatness and serve as an example of leadership to the rest of the world.

This is not the time to compromise your values and principles in the hopes of appealing to those with opposite, weaker, or no principles. Do not vote for a watered-down Republican if he does not mirror your convictions. Citizens want strong candidates. Candidates who have unwavering principles and morals and who are not afraid to act on the courage of their convictions. We want a president we can respect. A president who will accept the input of all people, after which he will make decisions about what is best for our country based on the guiding principles of our Founding Fathers and not on the issue du jour or who has the loudest whine.

Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger first ran for governor, I was living in the Los Angeles area. Before the primary, Schwarzenegger was up against respected state senator Tom McClintock for the Republican nomination.

My favorite afternoon talk radio program at the time was “John and Ken.” John and Ken had Tom McClintock as a guest on their program several times leading up to the primary. McClintock, who had a long and consistent track record in the California Legislature, always came across in his interviews as knowledgeable about issues, eloquent, and personable. In addition, he was known to have outstanding character. Despite their obvious preference for McClintock, John and Ken put their radio weight behind Arnold Schwarzenegger because “he was electable.” Schwarzenegger had no governmental experience, pandered to the Left, and had numerous reports and charges thrown at him which made one question his character. However, he had star power, name recognition, and was a “moderate.” He was eventually elected.

Now, Californians are being told what light bulbs to buy and what the temperature of their thermostats should be.

It begs the question: What good is a Republican if he’s going to act like a Democrat?

Have Republicans really won a victory when their candidate is a Republican in name only? Sure, it’s an ego boost on Election Night to hear mainstream media grudgingly admit, “The Republicans won.” But watered-down Republicans do not help the Republican Party in the long run. And, if you are a traditionalist and believe in the principles of the conservative movement, watered-down Republicans are not the answer for keeping our country strong and great. They are not the answer for improving our country and leaving an even better America for our children and grandchildren.

In the upcoming Primary, be strong and courageous and vote with the courage of your convictions. Vote for a true conservative.

Jill Urbach
San Juan Island

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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