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Home » Archives » February 2007 » "CAPR" Starts SJC Chapter

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02/26/2007: ""CAPR" Starts SJC Chapter"

Dear Editor,

Property issues are becoming a topic of debate in this state. For example, King County has ordinances that prevent many building lots from being built on, and Kitsap County has now placed 100% of their shorelines under a CAO (critical area ordinance), while other counties, like Pierce County, only have 13% under CAO. These regulations can be, and are devastating, to many people. The legislature recognized the unfairness in this and unanimously passed ESHB #1933 to clarify the fact that not all shorelines are critical areas.

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and since I believe in fairness to property owners, I have started a property rights organization in Friday Harbor. CAPR (Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights) was organized in 2003 as a non-partisan political action committee where individual citizens and existing organizations can work together protecting property rights.

Four other local citizens have joined me in forming a non partisan chapter of CAPR (Citizens Alliance for Property Rights). Our chapter was formally approved 2/23/07, and is called: CAPR-San Juan. We support equitable and scientifically sound land use regulations that do not force private landowners to pay disproportionately for public benefits enjoyed by all.

After observing environmental conditions around the world, we have concluded that private owners are far better stewards of this earth than government planners. Landowners who own and control their own land take much better care of it, regardless of whether they live in an urban, suburban, or rural setting.

The CAPR Mission is to protect property rights by:

Establishing a single coordinated voice dedicated to preserving and protecting property rights.
Electing legislators pledged to protect, not destroy, property rights and electing judges pledged to uphold our constitutionally guaranteed right to own and control property.
Promoting legislation to preserve and protect property rights while opposing excessively burdensome legislation.
Reducing the regulatory cost of living in Washington State.

Our group looks forward to forming an advocacy group and to help our community keep the cost of owning property down, so that the average person can more easily afford to own and enjoy his or her property.

Each year owning property in San Juan County has become more expensive and troublesome due to ever increasing regulations. If you ever want to own property or if you are already a property owner, then you need to be involved. You also need to invest in protecting yourself and your property rights. The best ways to do this are to belong to a property rights group and to keep informed about property rights issues. If you would like to join our CAPR San Juan chapter, Contact us at: Phone: (360) 378-3776 or Box 1866, F.H.

Frank Penwell
San Juan Island

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