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Home » Archives » February 2007 » America Held Hostage

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02/07/2007: "America Held Hostage"

In return for selfless duty to our country by way of military service, it is expected that the "mission" is born from honesty and absolute necessity. For a commander-in-chief to deceive a nation into war is a crime of the highest magnitude against our personnel in arms, our nation, and the world.

Unfortunately, Bush is holding America hostage, not simply to a "failure of policy", but also to his false pretense and deceptions. To hold our nation's patriotism and our troop's lives hostage to his calculated dupe is high treason! Just because he is "America's president" doesn't mean he is God. Remember that all failed "leaders" throughout the centuries have been able to amass vast armies and nations of loyalists, only to overextend themselves and fail.

There is no such choice as "support the war or abandon the troops." This is ridiculous! One supports troops by keeping them in excellent shape for the purpose of defense, and only sending them into harm's way when there is a mission born of true need. Our troops, the American people, and the world deserve better than Bush's "fake it till you make it" psychiatric disaster of personality.

But what is even more egregious is the impotence of response by our "representatives" and utter lack of sense-of-urgency for what truly must be done - to stop Bush cold in his tracks NOW with administration-wide impeachment. While some brave loners are nibbling at the edges with petty investigations, this administration is unilaterally (and blatantly) many steps ahead of everyone. He "doesn't need a permission slip."

With over 50% of the American public supporting impeachment if Bush lied to send us to war, if our "leaders" can't find their backbone, then democracy is truly dead, and both red and blue are as culpable by virtue of dysfunction and impotence.

There is nothing radical or ambiguous about defending the Constitution of the United States with the right of impeachment of the entire administration as clearly given to us by our founding fathers. The first and foremost duty all elected representatives swear to (under oath) is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Is it time for "The People" to occupy the house and senate, to "BE" the news (instead of just consuming it)?

Now is not the time to "cut and run" from the inconvenient truth. Guns and bombs are easy for those who call themselves the "deciders" from the comfort of their offices, and they may even temporarily bolster one's sense of "mission accomplished." On the other hand, it takes real strength and true courage to admit one's mistakes - and then change behavior - but don't count on it.

Only when "The People" lead, will "our leaders" follow.

Jeff Bossler

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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