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Home » Archives » February 2007 » Global Warming: Who Has A Plan?

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02/05/2007: "Global Warming: Who Has A Plan?"

To the Editor:

Now that the Global Warming Commission has come out with their report, that indeed, in the last 100 years, there has been a rise of 0.7% in the earth's temperature...and that man most likely has contributed to that rise, it is time to do something about it. (None of us will be around to find out if the warming is cyclical, as some experts believe), but trying to address the issue certainly is for the benefit of all of us.

The problem remains, that most off the largest contributors to air pollution did not sign the Kyoto Treaty, and those that did, sign it still have not lived up to that agreement. There is no enforcement. It was under the Clinton administration in 1995, that the Senate voted 95 to 1 to NOT sign it, yet the Democrats continue to blame it on George W. Bush, (along with all the other problems in the world!) George Will this morning came up with a great idea. Now that the Democrats are in control of Congress, lets have a vote on it again and see what happens. It is time to call their bluff and stop blaming the current President! Lets all write our Senators to do just that.

I found this interesting and worth reading.--

Global Warming? Go Nuclear!
By Frank Pastore
Why aren't we building any more nuclear reactors, especially now? Why do we--almost eagerly--fund our worst enemies? Why are we still so economically--and therefore militarily--vulnerable to Islamofascists like Ahmadinejad?
Answer: For the very same reason we aren't doing more off-shore drilling or drilling in Anwar, or building more refineries. Because the very same people who are now screaming "The globe is warming! The globe is warming!" don't want them. They'd prefer having their fear-mongering political wedge issue than actually solving the problem. And because the Democratic Party depends upon such malcontented special interest groups for its political power, we don't have a solutions-oriented energy policy.
Something is terribly wrong when Brazil, who has achieved energy independence by growing and running its own ethanol, and France, who is getting 80% of their energy from nuclear power, are ahead of us.
Just think: Why do you never hear any real solutions from the Greens other than things like "cap greenhouse emissions" "ratify Kyoto," "institute a windfall profits tax on Big Oil," "use alternative energy," "flush less often," "use different light bulbs," "lower the thermostat," "take a bus to work" or some other proposal that will only end up raising gas to a Euro-pean $5.00 a gallon (or more), hurt the global economy, and leave the world's poor in worse shape?
As with Iraq, I want to ask these people, "Where's Your Plan?" I, like most Americans, am interested in solutions.
This is not to say the Greens could not serve some instrumental purpose to good ends. If they succeeded in allowing/persuading their Democratic Leadership to "go nuclear"" drill in Anwar, build more refineries, and offer more tax in-centives to venture capitalists in new technologies like hydrogen and fuel cells, then I wouldn't mind their "The Globe is Warming" eco-terror mantra.


Helen King
San Juan Island

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