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Home » Archives » November 2006 » Just Can't Let Go

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11/09/2006: "Just Can't Let Go"

To the Editor:

What is it with Councilmen Lichter and Ranker? First they are telling our County Prosecutor how to practice law, and now they are telling him who he can and can not hire. (Related Story) Randy Gaylord is an elected official, duly elected by the people of San Juan County, to represent us, the citizens of San Juan County, as our Prosecuting Attorney. Where do these two Councilmen get off telling him how to run his office and department?

I can understand why these two become upset if Mr. Gaylord hired someone to represent the citizens regarding the ADU issue that has not been recommended by one of their Special Interest Groups. And given their past arrogance, I can also understand their unwillingness to yield to the Home Rule Charter, that the vast majority of citizens voted for. But what I do not understand is why they just cannot seem to understand that, we-the-people, do not want them meddling in the administration of the county business. We also voted, through the Charter, to have a County Manager, thereby insuring that they could not meddle any longer in the administration of County business. But no. Now they are telling our public officials who they can, and cannot hire, and seem to be doing so by holding the budgeting process as the cleaver.

These actions are a slap in the face to every citizen in this county. I would suggest that they start doing the job that we-the-people have asked them to do, and butt out of that which we clearly have asked them to stay out of.

If they cannot read the Charter, I am sure that there is someone in our educational system that could provide remedial training, and a good number of citizens that could explain it to them. The Freeholders, I am certain, would take the time to come to a meeting and explain it too. Bottom line is, we don't want the Council meddling in the administration of County business, so "Just Let Go".

Tired of it all,

Ray Bigler
San Juan Island

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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