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Home » Archives » May 2006 » Open Letter To Susan Robins

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05/11/2006: "Open Letter To Susan Robins"

Dear Susan,

Is the commentary ("Who's trying to run the county?") in the sanjuanislander a surprise to anyone? I personally would like to thank both the sanjuanislander and The Journal for their bias, slanted reporting, and even more disturbing, their lack of reporting on certain issues. If it wasn't for them, the Island Guardian would not have come to be. Of the three media sources we have, only the Island Guardian makes an effort to report all points of view, prints all letters to the editor -unedited- and attempts to report what is really going on in our county government.

Is it any wonder that what is going on with our County Council is being under reported by some of our media sources? These are the same sources that came out and publicly supported the present council. If they should report the failings, secret meetings and other irregularities that are happening on a daily basis, it would be tantamount to an admission of their own errors in judgment. It also goes against their own idea of what and how things in our county should be. Today it isn't so much what is being reported it is what isn't being reported that is the problem.

I personally wish to thank you and the other people that are taking the time to attend these meetings and make your voices heard. If it was not for people like you, our local government would continue to operate only for the special interests groups and the vocal few.

In our Charter government we finally we have a system of government where the people will be listened to, and if not, then a system exists that allows us to make changes. Voting is one method, and now Initiative, Referendum and Recall are other methods. Speaking out at meetings is our constitutional right, and if some of the media doesn't like it, then to damn bad.

One of the problems we have is too many meetings are held in secret where we citizens can't speak out. I am also very grateful for the Island Guardian and the fact that we citizens have a source that reports and represents every one's opinion and not just that of the few. I would send this to the other media outlets, but the likelihood it would ever get printed is remote at best. I hope you and everyone else continues to be involved and keep up the good work.

Ray Bigler
San Juan Island

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