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Home » Archives » January 2006 » Dialogue is essential

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01/02/2006: "Dialogue is essential"

An Open Letter:

Your darn right I give money to! A lot of people are imprisoned for doing what he's done and continues to do. Why should he be exempt from the rules just because he's in a high position? As our leader he should be especially diligent and accountable to the laws. Just a week ago another unlawful scheme of surveillance was revealed. In 2003, George Bush took it upon himself, to authorize, without any knowledge or discourse from our legislators the ability to spy on anyone in OUR country. No warrant or justification is needed. Add this to the fabrication of evidence and general fear mongering to justify starting a war as well as stealing at least one election. This seems like enough, but there is lots more!

Those who challenge my ideas will use the polar language and label me 'Liberal' or even 'Radical Liberal' but I prefer to be labeled Mother, or Empath who cant help but fathom what it feels like to be a child in Iraq, or New Orleans. Don't call me a liberal, call me a Caterer protecting my right to serve uncontaminated foods. Perhaps the label of Swimmer and pure water Drinker is a little more descriptive of my motivation for wanting George W Bush and his greedy crew removed from power.

I do care about financial stability, I do care about our troops and our veterans, that's why I am writing this. I am outing my humanitarian leanings. Fine. Done. That being said, who are you? Are you happy with what is being done by our leadership in your name? If not, talk about it. Even talk about it, with deep-breaths, with people who disagree with you. Dialogue is essential. Isolation is the enemy. I am thinking its time to examine our values. What is really important? Do we as individuals need so many things? Is having the right brand name, address or vehicle really going to satisfy us if our health and security are compromised? Lets think this through. Lets talk about it. Lets act. Even a small action makes the next action possible

.Kate Stone
Friday Harbor

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