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Home » Archives » December 2005 » Wolf in Sheep's Clothing An Update

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12/24/2005: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing An Update"

It is telling that, when pressed on the illegality of the proposed guesthouse settlement hacked together in a backroom deal between Kevin Ranker, Alan Lichter and the Friends of the San Juans (see Guest Editorial: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ), about the only thing Roger Collier, VP of the FOSJ, could muster was that it was "good for taxpayers".
In fact the settlement will increase taxes. For details on how, check out the Guesthouse Alliance website (Link to web page) - where I have posted detailed replies to the letters written by Roger Collier and Charlie Carver.

There is strong public interest in the guesthouse issue. The website is averaging about 160 unique visits per week. The most visited page is "Related Documents". Visitors have collectively downloaded over 1,400 copies of key documents relating to this issue. The most popular download is the FOSJ proposed ADU code changes. The document is a mess, but we have annotated it for easy reading. The second most downloaded document is SJC Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord's memo informing Alan and Kevin about the illegality of the proposed FOSJ settlement and code changes. Charlie Carver tries to make light of it, but I find it well researched, concise and compelling. Check it out and see what you think.

The second and third most popular sections of the website are "What to do?" and "In the News" - a chronological collection of the various news articles and editorials that have been appearing recently in local papers. There are some excellent articles there that detail how Kevin and Alan have systematically disregarded the public process in favor of backroom favoritism to special interest groups.

I also set up a page for the FOSJ to use to explain the Settlement and code changes, from their point of view. I invite them to provide a legal opinion on why the settlement and ordinance aren't illegal, using the SJC County Prosecutors memo as a base and annotating a rebuttal.

I know many Democrats who sheepishly admit that they voted for Kevin and Alan in a passionate reaction to the Bush/Cheney association with Republican John Evans. They now admit to John being more even handed than they gave him credit for. While the cats away, the mice did play. Kevin, Alan and the FOSJ were like kids in a candy shop. They packed the proposed agreement and code changes with all kinds of sweets. Despite Charlie Carvers assertion that that is the way the system works, this kind of servile catering to special interest group agendas is not what we want in our elected officials. The resultant voters lack of trust for the BOCC was made crystal clear in last months election when the public overwhelmingly voted for the Home Rule Charter and a professional administrator in an attempt to restore balance and professionalism to our county government.

But we won't have a six-member council until after the next election, and the little known fact is that land use laws can't be changed through initiative or referendum, only Alan, Kevin, and Bob Myhr can enact changes and their intention is to do that by early March.

Jay Kimball
Orcas Island

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