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Home » Archives » October 2005 » Letters In Support Of Liz Illg

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10/10/2005: "Letters In Support Of Liz Illg"

Elect Liz Illg to Town Council

To the Editor:

Liz Illg knows all about collaborative leadership. As a longtime resident of San Juan Island, and a dedicated active citizen of Friday Harbor, Liz knows how to bring people together and get the work done. She is able facilitate, listen and hear what they need and want. And, she's worked hard to develop an broad network of resources and knows how to access and empower folks to create successful outcomes.

I know all this firsthand, having met Liz through Leadership San Juan Islands, as a fellow Soroptimist, and from working with her in co-creating the upcoming Islands Women's Summit. Liz has the experience, resources, relationship and leadership skills that are very much needed on Friday Harbor's Town Council.

Vote for the best candidate- elect Liz in November.

Gretchen M. Krampf

Liz Illg for Town Council

I strongly support Liz Illg for Town Council and urge you to vote for her. I have known Liz for several years and have worked with her on committees and projects. She is a strong and intelligent leader as well as a team player. Liz has sound consensus building skills, is a good listener, a creative thinker and a very talented problem solver. These diverse abilities are tailor made for the position of Council member. In addition, her deep commitment to an endeavor brings a thoroughness to any undertaking for which she is responsible.

Liz is a person of high integrity, blended with a gentleness and a twinkle in her eye. The Town of Friday Harbor would be fortunate indeed, to have Liz Illg on the Town Council.

Marion Melville
San Juan Island

Every so often a candidate comes along you just gotta like

Dear Editor:

It was neat to see folks come up to Liz Illg after her presentation at the candidate's forum and tell her they liked what they heard. Several kids said it was cool she stuck up for them. A couple of business people said they like her approach to making Friday Harbor friendly. And one longtime islander said she really connected with the way Liz obviously loves this town.

Liz brings folks together to make things happen, whether it was the ferry rally last March or the Chamber of Commerce this year as president, or the work she's done on various boards over the years. She's smart, she's respectful of others' opinions, she looks for ways to make things work. She's got good ideas about making the Town work better (check out for details.)

Let's get her in there and put her to work. I hope you'll join me in voting Liz onto the Town Council.

Ian Byington
Friday Harbor

FH Council Needs Liz Illg

Dear Editor:

Liz Illg is precisely the right person at the right time for Friday Harbor Town Council. She's visionary and pragmatic; intelligent and thoughtful; and passionately committed to our community. She understands the complexities of life in a small town on a small island and the importance of creative and sustainable partnerships that serve both place and people. Liz has an extraordinary depth of experience -- in local business, in community health and well-being, in public service, and in a sustainable and reliable island economy. She's a great gift to our community.

Check out the website: for details about her education, her professional and life experience, and her community service. Then vote for Liz Illg for Town Council in November.

Janet Thomas
San Juan Island

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