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Home » Archives » October 2005 » A Word about Whiners

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10/10/2005: "A Word about Whiners"

To the Editor:

I feel need to join the current wave of complaining about everything under the sun.

My street sign is spelled wrong. Obviously George W Bush has neglected education so much that my local county workers can't even correctly spell our street names.

Every summer the ferry schedule is ridiculous. Try catching a midday ferry back. Or race to catch the last (8:30 PM) ferry back. Again, George W Bush has under funded transportation so severely to enrich his oil buddies that the State of Washington can't even afford enough ferries to make life bearable.

And what's up with the slow response to New Orleans? So what if that city doesn't even belong to George W Bush, or the State of Louisiana either for that matter. He should have walked right over all local and state officials and just gotten it done. Why wait for the Governor to activate the National Guard? Declare martial law without Congressional or State's approval.

I don't understand how the local evacuees aren't even blaming George W Bush. He must have brainwashed them with fluoride in the water in Houston.

Actually, I really can't do this. Frankly I'm tired of all this whining. America is much better than that, even if some don't want to or care to know that.

Have you forgotten the Chicago fire? How about San Francisco earthquakes (pick one) or Mount Saint Helens. Remember the dust bowl or the great depression, massive tornadoes in the Midwest, rampaging wildfires out West or Mississippi floods perhaps?

Lets talk about Tsunamis in Thailand, Indonesia or Japan (pick one, there's been many), or massive floods in India and China. Do you remember when Mount Pinatubo erupted? The earth is not here because of us or for us. Bad things happen and we have NOTHING to do with causing them.

If all you want to do is whine about how George W Bush is to blame for everything that goes wrong with life, then go home and cry to your mommies. The rest of us seem to realize that the world was not made for us. And in the end we as a nation will rebuild the beautiful city of New Orleans with or without you whiners.

The money to rebuild New Orleans will come from taxed money and donated money. Either way the best we can do for New Orleans is to live all our lives as best we can. Then pay our taxes and send in our donations.

Now if there's nothing else bothering you at the moment, I need to look for my glasses. George W Bush seems to have misplaced them. Perhaps he sent them to Iraq as well

Tom Bauschke
Friday Harbor, WA

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