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Home » Archives » October 2005 » Letters In Support Of Bob Myhr

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10/08/2005: "Letters In Support Of Bob Myhr"

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Bob Will Energize The BOCC

To the Editor

I have known Bob Myhr for eighteen years. I have always found him to be a thoughtful, reasonable and caring human being. I think San Juan County would be energized by a commissioner of his caliber.


Penelope Gilde

Bob Has First Hand Knowledge


Mr. Bob Myhr, a candidate for the Board of County Commissioners, offers exceptional training, experience, and knowledge. He has an unmatched insight into San Juan County as a long-time resident of Lopez Island and as the former Executive Director of the San Juan Preservation Trust for more than two decades. He has first hand knowledge of virtually every island in San Juan County. Bob has participated in untold conversations, discussions, and negotiations with citizens and both private and public organizations. His long-term service to San Juan County has given Bob impressive insight into the culture and sub-cultures of the islands.

I believe that Bob will bring to the Board of County Commissioners a set of principles to guide, a commitment to serve. a capacity to listen, a desire to learn, and a willingness to compromise for the common good.

Roger deRoos
Friday Harbor

Voted For Bob & Plan To Again


We voted for Bob in the primary and will vote for him in the general election. Bob has the background and personality to be an excellent commissioner. His work on the Opalco board and his leadership as former director of The San Juan Preservation Trust allow Bob to be well versed incounty issues. Bob is honest, ethical and energetic and has already shown that he works well with the other comissionners.

David and Cherill Perera
Lopez Island

Myhr Has The Experience


Bob Myhr has the background and experience to continue beyond his interim appointment and serve through the end of 2006

Steven Rubey MD

Keep Bob As Commissioner


For the first time, I am writing in support of a candidate for San Juan County Board of Commissioners. I'm asking that we keep Bob Myhr in office.

I have had a chance to hear Bob explain his philosophy and management style, developed over years of experience working with a lot of organizations. He has led many of them: The Preservation Trust, OPALCO, and various library, electric, and other cooperatives. He is a cooperator, a consensus-builder, and with his conservation orientation, he takes the long view, working for lasting solutions.

I think he will resist going for the short-term, "easy" answer an approach that so often produces unintended consequences. I see him as a source of stability for our local government.

He will be a valuable worker for us as we deal with issues beyond the county. Through his university career, and through his experience with state and national agencies to establish natural preserves, he has contacts in Washington DC and in Olympia. We need this kind of horse power. Using these contacts, he can help us get grants and funding for our programs, and help with problematic issues such as ferry service.

As our third commissioner on the BOCC, Bob Myhr will bring intelligence, extensive and appropriate experience, and diplomatic skills.

Mike Kaill
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Bob Will Work Hard For Us

To the Editor:

Bob Myhr won the Democratic primary election, and now it's time to make sure he has the opportunity to do the job he promised to do. His many experiences and skills in handling people, finances, and governmental complexities make him by far the best candidate in this election for county commissioner.

He will be an attentive, effective, and conscientious commissioner working hard to solve our county's problems and promote a brighter future for all of us. Be sure to vote in this election and be sure to pick the best candidate for the Job!
Charles and Nancy Givens

Lopez Island

Bob Will Be Careful With Your Money

Dear Editor,

We are supporting Bob Myhr in the November election because he is an outstanding candidate. We are lucky to have him willing to serve. He is thoughtful and smart and a careful fellow with money.

Joe and Oakley Goodner

Bob Is Outstanding

Dear editor:

We support Bob Myhr for County Commissioner. His qualifications are outstanding and he has a proven record of service to San Juan County as is well documented on his website, Bob will study issues thoroughly and will arrive at decisions that are in the best interests of County residents. He is energetic and takes his commitments seriously. Bob is eminently qualified to continue serving as our County Commissioner.

Kay Gagnon
Fran Patrick

Myhr: Degrees In Economics, Public Law, & Government

Dear editor:

I wholeheartedly support Bob Myhr for County Commissioner for District 3. I have known Bob for most of that time - as a fellow Lopezian, as director of the San Juan Preservation Trust, and as an officer of the local Audubon chapter. He a person who is intelligent, well informed, cares about the world around him, and has been actively involved in our community. He holds advanced degrees in economics, public law, and government. He is well educated yet down to earth. He is a family man and is devoted to his wife and children and grand children. He has a dry sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously. He is thoughtful and in my experience will work hard to understand issues before forming an opinion. He is involved as a volunteer in a number of local organizations. He has shown that he works well with all kinds of groups and has a reputation as being a consensus builder. We are fortunate to have a candidate for commissioner with these characteristics.

Bob has contributed much to the islands in the 20 years he has lived here. His work as Executive Director of the Preservation Trust demonstrates a solid record of working to preserve some of the resources that make our islands so unique and special. His position as a director of OPALCO gives him a perspective on what it takes to provide services for our population. He was also involved 15 years ago in the Open Space and Conservation Plan and later was on the Comprehensive Plan Committee. These are all county wide activities and have provided him with a unique background to bring to the position as commissioner.

I urge you to be sure to vote in the November election -- and please cast your vote for Bob Myhr.

Ann Palmer
Lopez Island

Myhr Is Capable & Professional


Having been Bob Myhr supporters from the beginning, we were very pleased with the primary results. However, it was more than that. It was seeing our government working at the local level; the way that it is supposed to:

Supporting the candidate of your choice
Celebrating the winner
Acknowledging the great campaign of the candidate who didn't win
Joining together behind the winner to go forward and do outstanding work for the community

We have another big hurdle to surmount, the general election; but with Commissioner Myhr's qualifications and professionalism we continue to support him as the most capable and inclusive choice for San Juan County.

Don and Susan Campbell

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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