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Home » Archives » August 2005 » Letters About The School Levy

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08/19/2005: "Letters About The School Levy"

"yes" Vote Strengthens Community

To the Editor:

Many voters are altruistically predisposed to support every school
levy -- always have, always will. For us, schools are the
community's cornerstone, and universal access to quality public
education is a fundamental human right, and indeed a critical
prerequisite for democracy.

Some voters are skeptical and require a needs analysis and a costs-
benefits calculation. The needs analysis has already been prepared,
and it cites acute problems due to declining enrollment and other
challenges. Contact the SJISD for your copy of the fact sheet.

Re: costs-benefits ratio, please consider:

- the monetary costs are short-term; the human benefits are long-term
and are measured in numbers of successful community members and

- the monetary costs are greatly exceeded by the potential long-term
costs of ignorance.

Schools can remain strong only when they have the resources to do
so. On Sept. 20, your "yes" vote strengthens the cornerstone of our

Scott Schwinge
Friday Harbor

Levya Request Reasonable & Required

Quality instruction, safe and sound facilities, it takes both to maintain excellence in our schools. The school district's capital levy proposed for the September 20th ballot is a reasonable and required source of funding to preserve our investment in our schools. Capital funds are required to conduct the major maintenance of equipment and repair and replacement necessary to ensure that the quality of our schools will be sustained into the future. Thank you for joining my family in voting YES in support of the school levy.

Samantha Garl
Friday Harbor

Vote "YES" On Levy

I urge your support of the capital fund levy on the ballot September 20th. It is a small cost to each homeowner and a reasonable investment necessary to sustain the quality of our schools and community. Please join me in voting "YES" for this levy. Our schools are the future of our community.

Mary Frances McElfresh

Let's Support Our Schools

I am one of those people who follows what's going on in our schools, from academics to athletics, even though I have no school-age children of my own. Maybe it comes from having grown up in a small town, where what was going on with the kids in our community spoke volumes about what was going on in the community at large. I especially like to see where our seniors are headed after graduation.

I have been impressed that our graduates get into some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country, and recent graduates are pursuing careers in fields as diverse as engineering and culinary arts. We should all be proud of these young people.

This fall, we voters will be asked to approve a levy that will allow our schools to make repairs to our school buildings and to provide essential technology upgrades, among other things. Let's support our schools in continuing to provide our kids with an excellent learning environment so that they leave here with the competitive edge they need in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Denice Brown
Friday Harbor

I Want To Support Our Schools, But...

I've just read the Capital Projects Levy Fact Sheet that the school district mailed out this weekend, and it makes me think we ought to have a "Herb and Jill Meyer Capital Projects Levy" on the September ballot as well.

For example, we've never replaced our stove since building this house in 1993, and now one burner won't work and we're getting strange beeps when the oven heats up. We need a new stove, but we cannot really afford one because we are still paying for the new roof we had to install two years ago. Moreover, when we built this house we didn't have the foresight to run phone lines in all the rooms, and now that we've got computers all over the place we're stuck. A technology upgrade would really help. And we just got one of our cars serviced, which means we cannot afford to buy a new sofa that would make our home more comfortable.

If the voters would approve the "Herb and Jill Meyer Capital Projects Levy" our home would be nicer and more comfortable and you have my personal assurance that every single item I've listed is essential to maintaining our quality of life.

Unfortunately, in the real world you cannot always afford everything you want even things that make sense -- so you must make do. At a time when so many of us are pressed financially, it's a bit off-putting for the school district to come asking again -- for more money for capital improvements. I love technology myself and use it extensively in my own business. But it looks to me like our schools are investing far too much in technology and not nearly enough in books and in teachers. And is it really critical for the middle school "to replace blinds throughout the building (to darken rooms for video presentations)" as the levy proposes? Personally, I would either ban videos from schools entirely or ask parents to donate old bed sheets.

I want to support our schools, but I'm very much afraid that this levy is going down to defeat. May I respectfully ask the school district to take a second look at the proposed levy, and to cut it back sharply before putting it on the September ballot.

Perhaps the best lesson we can teach our kids is that you cannot always have what you want, when you want it and that sometimes you must just make do with what you've got.

Herb Meyer

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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