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Home » Archives » August 2005 » Mr. Meyer's Response Needed A Response.

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08/06/2005: "Mr. Meyer's Response Needed A Response."

Dear Editor,

I read Mr. Meyer's response ( Meyer's Guest Editorial ) to Mr. Weissinger's column and felt that it needed a response.

I guess it's a sure sign that it's a connected world when the GOP talking points make it into the Island Guardian. And it's a sad intrusion of GOP tactics into our island when the name calling starts. Why is it that the self-appointed "adults" of government are the first to resort to the most childish of tactics when discussing their opponents?

I take exception with most of what Mr. Meyer claims to be fact. Facts taken out of context can be misleading, and we have some fine examples of that in Mr. Meyer's writing.

While I'm sure that Mr. Meyer knows a great deal about the CIA, he seems to have willfully ignored much that is in the public record. I was disappointed that Mr. Meyer toed the GOP line in trying to claim that Plame was not a covert officer. There seems to be little doubt, at least if you believe what the CIA says, and by that I mean pretty much all the public CIA sources other than Mr. Meyer. If the CIA didn't believe that she was a covert officer, then they wouldn't have referred the case to the Justice Department. Several former CIA officers have also come forward to say that Plame was a covert agent and that "outing" her put her contacts in jeopardy. Sounds pretty covert to me.

Mr. Meyers attempts to fabricate some kind of political definition of "covert" by insulting the agent's spouse (again with the name calling and slander!) and by citing the fine points of a specific piece of legislation. That might work for the GOP faithful, but hopefully thinking people will see right through it. This was political retribution against a covert CIA agent for political comments made by her spouse. We don't know all of the details yet, but something is seriously amiss.

I was further disgusted by Mr. Meyer's attempt to downplay the importance of the Yellow Cake issue and how it ties into how our President sold the public a war over WMDs. The Yellow Cake incident that President Bush cited during the prime-time State of the Union speech was used to scare the population into invading Iraq to save ourselves from Iraq's WMDs. That it was a false claim seems important to me. Generally speaking, I expect my President to present valid arguments to the public, containing information that has been scrutinized and vetted at the highest levels. The fact that President Bush decided to include the false information about the Yellow Cake incident says a lot about the "grownups" in our White House and how they work.

Granted, this is just one piece of the giant WMD deception pie, but it was a big public relations effort. And it worked. Big time.

Mr. Meyer mentions the Niger trip report, but he fails to give you the entire picture. This claim that Iraq sought Yellow Cake is far from fact. Even the CIA didn't put much faith in the Yellow Cake story. Wilson did report some contact between Niger and Iraq, but the CIA felt that the contact was not significant, and they could not verify the authenticity of some of the documents, some of which turned out to be forged. The CIA, had they been consulted, would have removed the reference to the Yellow Cake from the State of the Union speech.

And finally, about Karl Rove. While it's true that grand jury testimony is secret until released, it is also true that the witnesses are free to discuss their testimony outside of the court there is no gag rule. What we have heard from many of these witnesses and what we have gathered from the public record indicates that this administration leaked Plame's name. Granted, some details are yet to be revealed, but it's only the GOP faithful who are able to maintain the notion that somehow, Karl Rove did not act dishonorably (if not illegally) in all of this. Reality based folk see Rove's actions for what they were: underhanded and traitorous.

Mike Harrington
Friday Harbor

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