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Home » Archives » July 2005 » Appoint Bob Myhr To Fill Vacancy On The BOCC.

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07/19/2005: "Appoint Bob Myhr To Fill Vacancy On The BOCC."

Board of County Commissioners:
Alan Lichter
Kevin Ranker

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Having worked with Bob Myhr over the years both in the Lopez LIONS Club and within the Lopez community I am very impressed with him as a man who evidences a mature work ethic and a finely developed sense of fiscal responsibility. Additionally he is efficient, extremely competent and has excellent rapport with people on all the islands.

I am requesting that you appoint Bob Myhr to fill the current vacancy on the BOCC. He is organized, dedicated and a man committed to fulfilling his goals and responsibilities. He would assume this BOCC role in a desire to serve the community not to advance his personal objectives.

His participation on several countywide committees, along with service on the board of Orcas Power and Light Cooperative, has given Bob Myhr experience in working on issues of countywide significance. As a result of those roles you will find him to be experienced in County operations and issues. You may already then be aware from the work he has done in the past that his efforts have benefited both the county as a whole and Lopez in particular. I am confident that like me, you and others have found him to be thoughtful; well considered and deliberate in his decision making.

You can count on Bob Myhr to be an asset in the position of Commissioner as his ethical accountability and willingness to contribute to his community will support the reputation and efficacies of the BOCC.

Bob Myhr, with his wife Joyce, has lived at David Head on Lopez Island for over 20 years and has been a property owner in the San Juan's since 1967. Bob currently serves on the Board of the Davis Head Homeowners' Association where he has volunteered to manage the homeowners' association water system for many years and also is serving on the Boards of the Lopez Lions Club (as Treasurer), Lopez Library, and San Juan Islands Audubon Society.

Some of Bob Myhr's Active Involvement in the Lopez Community:

Active participant in the successful effort to Ban Jet Skis from our waters (1997-1998)

Created the ongoing Nature Lecture Series on Lopez in 1988 that lasted until 2001

Worked on Lopez Village Design Workshop and plan for Lopez Village Road (1991-1992)--resulting in new road plan, crosswalks, trees, and swales

Member of the original District and Steering Committees of the Comprehensive Plan representing Lopez and appointed by the BOCC (1993-1995)

Worked closely with the Bill Family to establish Sally's Garden and create its plan for conservation easement as Village open space and ultimate transfer to LCCA (2000)

A member of the Friends of Chadwick with successful efforts of making the natural landmarks of southeast Lopez--Iceberg, Point Colville, Watmough, and Chadwick Hill--into protected ACECs with the BLM, including extensive lobbying (1989-2000)

Volunteer at Lopez Library for over 20 years and currently a BOCC-appointed Trustee

Worked closely with Dennis Shaffer of the Land Bank on the strategy and tactics for the Upright Head and Fisherman Bay Spit acquisitions by the Land Bank on Lopez

Member of Lions Club (Treasurer); Trustee and volunteer, Lopez Library; supporter of Historical Society, Hospice, Community Land Trust, Catherine Washburn, Senior Center.

Don & Susan E. Campbell
Lopez Island, WA 98261-8628

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Mary Kalbert
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