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Letters On Upcoming Elections

Dear Editor:

Having done my homework I whole heartedly recommend John Manning for the SJC Public Hospital District Commissioner's position.
My reasons:

• By way of formal education he has a Master's degree in Public Health Administration.

• He has 20 years of experience as the Director of our San Juan County Department of Health with its vast and multi-faceted budget.

• He has 5 years with Alaska EMS services in planning. This is most salient as our EMS Chief recently resigned. As such, our community is in harm's way unless we quickly regain stability in an EMS agency that is fundamentally based on a volunteer group of dedicated EMTs who receive humble stipends for their services.

• He served as a Board member with the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, whose mission is to reduce substance abuse among our youth. The current Public Hospital District Board dedicated limited funds for this critical community need.

• His education, experience and dedication prove that he understands the many facets of public health care operations and finances.

By way of contrast his competitor pales in terms of qualifications, experience and expertise. This I say without malice...just a fact.

Robert Callegari
San Juan Island

Dear Editor:

Two years ago approximately 60 percent of voters on San Juan Island supported Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams, and Monica Harrington for the public hospital district commission. Since that time the commission has:

· cleaned up the financial situation of the Emergency Medical Services, which led to the successful passage of the EMS levy after two previous failures;

· successfully negotiated with PeaceHealth to reduce by $50,000 per year the annual tax subsidy we pay to the hospital and used that money for services that the hospital can't or won't provide, including reproductive health care and death with dignity services; and

· voted to support the community paramedicine program, which is leading to improved health outcomes for some of the repeat emergency callers.

Now, with Barbara Sharp's term expiring at the end of the year, this very productive majority on the commission is at risk of being lost. But candidate Anna Lisa Lindstrum supports all these initiatives by the commission and will continue to support affordable health care for all islanders.

Anna Lisa Lindstrum is the only candidate who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes. In addition, she shares the concern of members of the commission that the loss of the Life Care Center must be addressed in a meaningful way.

I hope you will join me in voting for her now.

Lee Sturdivant
Friday Harbor

Dear Editor:

I strongly support Anna Lisa Lindstrum for election to the Public Hospital District board position #2, and urge my fellow islanders to vote for her as well. She is committed to ensuring the viability of Planned Parenthood, a vital service in a community with no other local options for women’s reproductive care, and she is committed to leading discussion on solutions for elder care with the closing of the Life Care Center. Anna Lisa is well known in the community, but is no politician -she is stepping up (as we all need to!) in order to improve our community and bring fresh leadership to an important decision-making body. Her answers to questions about supporting Planned Parenthood were clear and forthright, and did not dodge the issue, as have others who run for our PHD board. She is committed, articulate, and understands the issues facing our community.

Please join me in voting for Anna Lisa Lindstrum for position #2 on the Hospital District board!

Mark Madsen
San Juan Island

Dear Editor:

I recently had the opportunity to have a long visit with Barbara Marrett concerning her reelection bid for Port of Friday Commissioner.
I have followed Barbara tenure as port commissioner for a number of years. In my estimation Barbara has done an excellent job as a port commissioner. She has a very through knowledge of the port business, and has a true feeling for what the citizens of the county need and want from the Port. It is without hesitation that I give Barbara my vote, and I encourage you to once again reelect Barbara

Steven king
San Juan Island

Dear Editor:

We write in enthusiastic support of Farhad Ghatan for mayor of Friday Harbor. Carrie Lacher has done a wonderful job and we think Farhad will be every bit as good.

Living in a town that becomes such a busy tourist spot requires an administration that is not always busy promoting ever more visitors, but instead works on stabilizing the situation we have here: traffic and parking issues, our water supply, sewer concerns, etc. That’s what Friday Harbor has been doing for the last few years. We think Farhad will continue in that mode and urge you to join us in voting for him.

Louise Dustrude
Friday Harbor
Lee Sturdivant
Friday Harbor

Dear Editor:

Barbara Marrett has my vote for reelection as Port Commissioner. She has served our community in several key leadership capacities for 39+years. Barbara has continuously impressed me with her ability to immerse herself in complicated issues such as FAA master plans that involve many complex parts and significant sums of public money.

Barbara continually shows herself as an excellent steward of public money. For example, She has shown great tenacity and a willingness to challenge FAA edicts, that if followed, would significantly increase the operating costs of our airport. Barbara really watches the dollars both at the airport and at the Port. I appreciate that.

Our community is fortunate to have a person of Barbara's intellect, tenacity and experience to serve as Port Commissioner. Barbara Marrett has my vote hands down.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bob Brunkow
San Juan Island

Dear Editor,

This letter supports Anna Lisa LIndstrum for commissioner of our Public Hospital District #1. Anna Lisa supports our hospital, our EMS and Planned Parenthood, and

she is prepared to work for a solution in the closing of our convalescent center. Anna Lisa has raised her family on the island and understands the needs of all generations.

Besides having been a vital community member, Anna Lisa has experience from volunteering in our schools and in her work experience.

Anna Lisa truly has her “finger on the pulse” of the needs for our Public Hospital District #1.

Be sure to vote for Anna Lisa Lindstrum when your ballot arrives in your mail.

Eileen Drath
San Juan Island

Dear Editor:

I enthusiastically support Farhad Ghatan’s candidacy for Mayor of Friday Harbor. I have been closely acquainted with Farhad for almost 25years and count him as a close friend. He is one of the most talented, generous, smart, passionate and energetic people I’ve ever known!

Farhad has always given back to the community, supporting the efforts of numerous non-profits, serving as an auctioneer , cooking for huge crowds at fund raising events,
serving on various Boards, the list goes on.

Most recently he has been an effective member of the Town Council, establishing solid working relationships with the Town Administrator and his colleagues on the Council. He has a thorough understanding of the issues the town faces, and the energy and enthusiasm to succeed.

Please vote for Farhad Ghatan!

David Bayley
San Juan Island


Re-elect Marrett to Port Commission

We support Barbara Marrett for re-election as Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner. She’s tremendously committed and hard-working, thoughtful and analytical, open to others’ perceptions and opinions, and always concerned with what’s best for the Port District and San Juan Island in general. We can’t imagine how the Port District could do better than re-electing Barbara Marrett, so let’s do it!

Suzanne & Hawkins Pingree
Friday Harbor


Re-elect Marrett to Port Commission

Barbara Marrett is a perfect match for the Port Commission, which is exactly why she has held the position for the last 12 years. As a long-time boater herself, she understands the needs and wants of boaters. She cares about the stewardship of the port-both its functionality and its aesthetics. Moreover, after living on the island for nearly 40 years, she knows and appreciates the public she represents. Here are a few of her qualities that come to mind after knowing and working with her on a number of community projects over the past 19 years:

She is a consensus builder-she always strives to avoid the divisiveness so often prevalent in today’s society.
She is an experienced, articulate communicator who works well with others. Her interest in hearing what others have to say makes her effective as a board or committee member as well as in public outreach. She not only listens but also gives clear, reasoned, intelligent, concise answers.

She is focused and pays attention to detail, yet thinks out of the box, often coming up with smart, creative approaches. For example, she was a strong voice pushing to make the entire port area more user-friendly after the Downriggers fire, with outdoor seating, cafes for coffee and even a small pocket beach, making it a pleasant place for the public to wait for ferries or just to hang out.

She can ALWAYS be counted on, and if she commits she doesn’t give up until she finishes the job, regardless of how hard it is or how long it takes. This includes doing the necessary homework. If she doesn’t understand something, she makes it her business to find out. She is not afraid of hard work.

Above all, she has INTEGRITY- she is honest, candid, forthright, and incorruptible!

Please join me in supporting Barbara Marrett as Port Commissioner.

Jean Shreve
San Juan Island

Re-elect Marrett to Port Commission

At the recent League of Women Voters candidates forum, those who attended heard clear differences between the two candidates for Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner. As a result, I am supporting Barbara Marrett, the incumbent commissioner seeking re-election.

Here are three reasons why she has earned my support:

First, she has a well established record of balancing economic development with environmental stewardship.

Second, she is committed to making financial decisions based upon data and the best interests of the entire community.

Third, she has integrity and tenacity, as well as a strong sense of responsibility. Any assertions to the contrary are nonsensical.

For so many reasons, Barbara Marrett is simply the best choice for Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner.

Robin Jacobson
Friday Harbor

John Manning for the Public Hospital Board

Dear editor,

I would like to urge all voters to participate in the November election and vote for John Manning for the Public Hospital Board on San Juan Island. John has the experience necessary for this important position and would be a valuable asset to the board, representing all the people of our community. John has served our community for 20 years as director of the Public Health department, during which time he maintained Public Health Nursing Services, including WIC (women, infants and children) nutrition programs, purchased a new building (Compass Health, for mental health, alcohol and drug abuse programs) through grants and sales of existing properties, supported and managed grant funding for Prevention Coalition, maintained Senior Services staffing on all 3 islands, worked to pass and expand health sales tax for expanded Mental Health Services, managed county’s response to Pandemic Flu, as well as several other areas of Public Health. John knows how to get things done.

Dan Paulson
San Juan

Re-elect Marrett to Port Commission

To the Editor:

We are writing in full support of Barbara Marrett’s re-election as Port Commissioner and we support her platform. Over her terms in office in the last 12 years, she has taken an open and balanced approach to resolving issues facing the Port of Friday Harbor, whether involving the Marina or the airport.

Her support of the development and maintenance of the San Juan Aviation Museum at the airport’s Roy Franklin Terminal, as well as airport Fly-ins, are good examples of her ongoing contributions to the community. She is well informed about trends affecting aviation, yachting and boating and we can expect her to continue to serve the public interest when re-elected.

John and Emily Geyman
San Juan Island

Support Farhad Ghatan For Mayor

Dear Editor

I support Farhad Ghatan as a candidate for mayor because I feel he has the diverse experience and the perspective to effectively work on issues facing the Town of Friday Harbor.

A Friday Harbor resident since 1991, he has served as a member of the Town Council for four years and currently is chair of the Town's Art Council. As a current Council member, he is knowledgable about ways the Council is working to provide more affordable housing in Friday Harbor and he supports the importance of historic preservation. He feels that a major future challenge for the town is to bring the infrastructure up to date with current federal and state laws.

Farhad has been a contractor and builder and currently is owner/operator of the B&B, Friday Harbor Grand. He has been a member of many community organizations including being President of the Chamber of Commerce, a trustee of the Community Theatre and is on the Board of the San Juan Nature Institute. As a result of his community involvement over the years, he is in a position to network and bring community members together to help solve town issues.

Farhad gets along well with others which is a key factor in getting things done, and he has a deep caring for the Town of Friday Harbor and its future.

Emily Reed Geyman
San Juan Island

Keith Carver for Port Commissioner

Dear Editor,

I would like to urge voters to elect Keith Carver as the next Port Commissioner. He has the technical expertise needed for the position due to his being a former manufacturer and seller of technological products. He knows how to solve problems and also knows how to communicate fully with other humans. He has the wisdom and humility to know that it’s not a good thing to micro manage Port employees. Ask them who they would like to see in the position. He has serious concerns about the Port making the purchase of Jensens’ Marina. I know him as a friendly and approachable man with the best interests of the Port and the public as his goals.

Rand Fraker

Re-elect Marrett to Port Commission

Dear Editor,

Barbara Marrett took my place as Port Commissioner with my support. I keep an eye on my beloved port albeit from afar and have never been disappointed in Barbara’s performance. Her actions have always shown her strength, wisdom and most of all unique ability to see all sides.

Barbara has brought a combination of business sense, knowledge and love of boating and the environment along with a uniquely compassionate way of working things out to everyone’s benefit.

I support Barbara Marrett for reelection as commissioner, Port of Friday Harbor and hope you do too.

Former Port Commissioner,

Brian Calvert

Keith Carver for Port Commissioner

Dear Editor:

John and I are in support of Keith Carver for the upcoming position of Port Commissioner, representing District 2 on San Juan Island. Keith is the candidate that we will vote for because of his integrity, honesty, intellect and love for our Port of Friday Harbor.

We have sat along side of Keith and his family during many of the tumultuous port meetings when the current port commissioners hired a new port director to replace Marilyn O’Connor when she retired.

After much conflict under the new management, it was obvious that the current port commissions were covering up issues and even had changing explanations for firing one of their top employees and using the “port budget” as a cover up for the firing.

Never realizing that they trusted the wrong person in their decisions making and never listening to their staff. We felt like our three port commissions were incompetent at problem solving and never taking the initiative to address issues that should have been dealt with. Because of the actions from our current port commissioners, the staff sought out protection from the Union.

We understand that the majority of us have not been involved in our port meetings and therefore do not see the shortcomings of our Port Commissioners to date. While we were attending the port meetings, we realized that the tasks at hand belonged to more capable and skilled commissioners who could solve problems, manage and protect their employees and to protect the direction of our port. Just because they might have help their position as a Port Commissioner for a few terms, doesn’t mean they are capable of the demands of Port decisions and the integrity and responsibilities of today.

There is no doubt that our Port of Friday Harbor needs better representation with new port commissioners who are trustworthy, educated and someone with integrity to guide us on a daily basis. Because of Keith’s accomplishments in life, we support him and we know that he will be an asset as one of our port commissioners to see us through future projects and the possible purchase of Jensen Shipyard.

We need to make a healthy change and start out fresh.
We support Keith Carver and I hope that you will too.

John and Rynnie Wilson
San Juan Island


We call upon everyone everywhere to practice what our society so often preaches: tolerance and open mindedness. Everyone is tolerant of their friends. It is how you treat people with whom you disagree that defines tolerance and open mindedness.

Over the last week our volunteers at the Republican fair booth were:

• Picketed by about 15 people, mostly polite, but one got in a yelling match with an elderly Republican who happened to be walking by.

• Repeatedly called racists, or bigots, and many other labels -- by people who do not know us.

• We were told multiple times that "there's no way they [“resistors”] are any threat to women,” yet one of the women working in our booth was repeatedly harassed by the same man, to the point where she had to file a police report.

• All our people experienced harassment, and because SJC Republican Party has more female leaders than male, much of that harassment was directed at women in our booth.

• One woman related of a different visitor: “I had to beg a man multiple times to leave the cardboard cutout [of Trump] alone. I finally stood right next to him by the cutout, looked up and started saying loudly, ‘Please leave. Please leave us alone,’ over and over until people started looking. He was much taller than I and certainly stronger... He then walked off laughing....”

• Our cutout of Trump was in fact poked at and attempts at vandalizing it occurred multiple times. Multiple people stated that they hoped he would be assassinated. Just a few months ago Republicans were in fact shot at, and some wounded, so even in jest this was very poor taste.

• Some had their employment threatened, we were spit at, and repeatedly given the finger. Some felt we deserved such harassment, so that now we can "know what it's like to be black."

• We were worried about our neighbors in nearby booths, but several of them came by and apologized to us because they could not believe how we were treated -- including women and minorities.

We are hardly the first to be treated this way, but we condemn all such behavior, whether directed at us or at others. We are disappointed that events in far off places were used to justify aggressive and bullying behavior towards their neighbors. We are grateful to those who were polite, even friendly, and there were many of those too. But the men and women manning our booth handled such hostility.

Thank you to the hundreds of conservatives who came by and expressed their support. They were coming through all day, all week, glad that we were there. There are thousands of underrepresented conservatives in this county, human beings who everyday come into work and keep their heads down because they don't want to lose their jobs, or have their cars vandalized, or otherwise be harassed for practicing democracy.

But frankly, we are tired of attempts to bully us while complaining about bullying. You have every right to say what you believe, just as we do. But just notch down the hysteria please, and remember that we are neighbors.


Nathan Butler, Chair
Lynda Lee Gerpheide, Vice Chair
Rick Boucher, State Committeeman
Cindy Carter, State Committeewoman
Alex Gavora, Treasurer
Michelle Loftus
Mike Gallagher
Barry Cave
Veronica Romey

Letter On Being A "Sanctuary County"

Open Letter To SJ County

Dear Editor:

The County Council has denied its constituents the right and privilege to vote.
The County Council has declared that selected laws may be broken with impunity.
Illegal immigrants okay here as long as they follow all other laws.
(Related Story

It appears that this San Juan County is led by a troika and kept in legal check by a County Prosecutor who take their Oath of Office with more than a grain of salt, who have an obvious disregard for the laws they are charged with upholding. They display little proof of chauvinism, no appreciation of sovereignty, no pride in country and the sanctity of the uniqueness, indeed the exceptionalism of these Unites States in the global community.

Seemingly, those same borders that define and identify this great country are considered by them little more than lines on a printed map. At least the southern one can, according to the wisdom of those mentioned in the opening paragraph, be crossed without documentation or approval, at will and with impunity. Allow me to mention here that it must be understood that this crossing of the line is unidirectional; traversing same in a southern direction without documentation is not advised!

The following culled from an article by ACRU, the American Civil Rights Union, April 13, 2007:
"When the police, of all people, are told by politicians running the city (county, in this case, ALH) to look the other way at illegal immigration, what message does that send? If elected officials pretending to be leaders (emphasis intentional ) can turn their backs on laws they dislike, where does that “principle” stop? Are such leaders also free to disregard federal laws against heroin and LSD (for example), on the theory that drug penalties are too harsh and these drugs have “mind-expanding” qualities? And after the drug laws are tossed overboard, what next?

Democratic self-government presupposes fidelity to law, even when one disagrees with it. Were it otherwise, self-government would dissolve into anarchy. All are free to attempt to change the law by persuasion and argument - in other words, by making their case to the electorate. But they are not free to thumb their nose at the law, much less to tell police officers that they must follow the same grossly irresponsible, and dangerous, path."

I make the assumption that those involved with this 'official policy of the County Council' were born in the USA, with little or no appreciation for the uniqueness of this country; that their immigrating ancestors did not take the opportunity to share with them what great privilege it is to be allowed to set foot on North American soil, what determination and effort, not to mention cost, are involved in obtaining the permanent visa and the depth of emotion that floods through the immigrant upon seeing Lady Liberty in New York harbor at the time of entry. Having gone through this process myself, having suffered through the tests, interviews, physical exams and the numerous documents, the agonizing wait and anxiety, what the local powers-that-be have just done is a slap in my face, an insult to my integrity, ridiculing me for having been so stupid as to subject myself to all the legalities required for legal entry into the United States, in the same way every civilized country expects its immigrants to conduct themselves. How uncivilized do you want this great country to become?

It also seems safe to assume that this same trio that has just thrown away the keys to the county it was entrusted to safeguard, has nevertheless securely locked homes and cars when they came to the Council Chambers to take away the right to vote from those who are privileged to do so. More than a little hypocrisy in this, I'd say

As it is highly unlikely that this one letter, written with utter disgust, I must add, will make even the slightest impression and surely will not bring about a reversal of the policy, I am forced to accept that the three (not so esteemed) Council Members and the County Prosecutor have the self-adopted power to pick and choose those laws, rules and regulations that must be obeyed, witness the fact that entering the country illegally (across the southern border, at least) brings out the welcome sign in San Juan County as long as no heinous crimes are committed.

I have no plans to commit any crimes, heinous or otherwise. However, as immigrant, a legal one, I request to be granted the same right as was just afforded the law-breaking ones, albeit on a smaller scale, and that is to be exempted from just one minor offense, a traffic infraction. Please grant me the right to disobey the posted speed limit in the county, so long as that will not endanger others. It is not my intention to be facetious with this, merely to illustrate the ridiculousness of your actions.

Ary L. Hobbel
San Juan County

Re: A Male-Only SJC Planning Commission.

Allegedly no women applied for any open position on the Commission.

Now the San Juan Island Women's Group, formed by the organizers of the Women's March complain (should 'whine' be used here?) that women should be appointed…..!?!? Is there some irony in here? There must be, because logic is wholly absent.

The complaining group asks for the appointment of "women and other members of the community ….etc." Has DNA research discovered a gender other than female and male?

Excuse me for being confused; it must be old age.

Ary Hobbel
San Juan Island

Greetings Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students, and Community Members:

On Saturday, June 10, I participated in the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2017. They were rising juniors when I started my position two years ago. The accomplishments of these talented young men and women are obvious and highlighted by the number of scholarships that were distributed by our community organizations. As the superintendent of schools, I am proud of each and every graduate. Congratulations on your success!

I would also like to personally thank the community organizations for their dedication by helping finance our students’ college careers. You are amazing!

The following are just a few of our accomplishments for the 2016-17 school year:

• First year for K-5 Science specials w/ Sue Kareken
• Art instruction with Leisha for grades K-5
• The Board adopted the Balanced Literacy curriculum
• Sixth grade will re-join FHMS
• K-12 Science teachers met to ensure they align instruction with the Next Generation Science Standards
• FHHS completed their accreditation process with flying colors
• Community health committee recommended a health curriculum pilot, which we completed with great success
• Our new websites and ParentLink communication tool are up and running smoothly
• Twenty-one instructional technology courses were offered to our staff
• Fifty-seven staff took five hundred and twenty-four hours of professional development in Instructional Technology
• New School Bus added to the fleet
• Turnbull Gym Remodel
• Regular updates on our Facebook page. (Don’t forget to like it!)

Congratulations to our fifth, sixth and eighth grade students on their transition to middle school and high school, respectively. I know you have a bright future ahead of you!

On June 30, 5:30 pm " 7:30 pm, we will have an Immigration Workshop at Friday Harbor Middle School. The Immigration 101 session includes an overview of the immigration system and immigration status as well as which resources are available in the community. Katie Loring, local attorney, will provide information regarding Durable Power of Attorney documents.

Finally, I would like to thank every student, parent, teacher, staff, and community member for making the 2016-2017 academic year an extraordinary one! I appreciate you and I hope you have a restful and joyful summer!

If you have any questions, you may contact me at 360.370.7905 or email Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Danna Diaz, PhD

Open Letter re: Vacation Rental Proposals

Dear Councilmen & Staff Persons,

Several Reasons I oppose further regulation:
• There are a finite number of dwelling units in SJC. Additional steps to push more of those units into lower cost housing will have several adverse effects. You can divide a finite pie only so many times. You still have the same pie differently sliced.

• If we have fewer rental units and more low cost units, the units available for vacation renters will decrease; off-island revenue to county residents will decrease; lodging tax revenue will decrease.

• It seems that San Juan County officials are prone to blame owners of vacation rentals for the problem. However, since 2007 the county will not permit construction of additional dwelling units for vacation rental purposes. If this is the case, it is county regulations exacerbating (or causing) the perceived problem.

• When I recently visited the SJC County Permit office it was remarked by a staff member that the real problem is absentee owners who either leave their house empty all year making it available for their occasional use instead of renting it on a long term low cost basis or, alternatively renting it out part of the year as a vacation rental without proper lodging tax collection and associated permits. It was mentioned that these owners or properties are difficult to identify. When I told the staffer I have lived here fulltime over 26 years and am having an increasingly hard time remaining in SJC on a relatively fixed income; that we love it here, and would love to stay, but we might have to leave because of increasing costs and regulations along with advancing age, the response was, “That’s too bad.”

• The situation does not have an easy solution. We do not want to overdevelop the island and lose our rustic character. But we have tourism as our major industry and as long as we remain seasonally maladjusted in terms of economics the problem will continue. Just as a local business owner dependent on tourism cannot provide year-round jobs at summer employment levels, so vacation property rental owners cannot afford to charge winter or long term rates over the summer with little hope the renter will stay all year when his tourism dependent job goes away.

• The steps under consideration opt to pick the low-hanging fruit by aiming ill-considered remedies at those compliant property owners who can be readily identified because they have appropriate permits, pay the lodging tax and comply with existing legal parameters instead of tackling the harder job of identifying violators and aiming possible (partial) solutions their way. Not only that, but many of the new considerations are said to be retroactive and most will cost owners money, time and vexation.

• It also appears that recommendations are to charge compliant vacation rental owners to hire another code enforcement person to nab violators. How is it fair or just to charge the compliant persons for the costs associated with enforcement among the non-compliant?

Sometimes I feel as if San Juan County is not my friend and that it thinks it can manage my property better than I can. Proposed elements under consideration are that the owner must conspicuously post all of the new SJC rules about property use and explain to SJC how we would handle violations by our customers. I told the SJC staffer that I have learned in my sixty-three years of work is that there is no successful cookie cutter approach to handle every problem we may encounter with differing backgrounds, situations and personalities. Therefore, I would just call the most available SJC Councilman to handle the problem. The response from the staffer was “Just kick them out!”. If I were to use that simple rule, would the staffer assume responsibility to handle the ensuing suit over breach of contract when it was a “he said, she said.” situation any court might consider trivial contingent on the totality of circumstances?

I believe the staff writing these proposals really does have the best long-range interests of our beautiful county at heart. It is a difficult balance to maintain " especially when every loss to our natural rustic charm could probably not be regained. At the same time, I believe micromanagement is an issue and that the proposed targeting of compliant owners is misplaced.

Dennis R Hazelton
San Juan Island

'Thank You' From The Family of David Hall

We would like to express our sincere 'Thank You' for helping us through such a difficult time.
Perhaps you sent a lovely card, or came to visit while Dave was in hospice care, perhaps you sent flowers, made dinner or made a donation to help with the medical expenses. Perhaps you sent us prayers and positive thoughts. Perhaps you helped with his Celebration of Life event.

Whatever you did to console our hearts, to ease our pain, we 'Thank You' so much whatever the part. You gave us a gift and your kindness has made such a difference and will always be remembered. We hope you know how much you and our community means to us.

Thank you & much love from,

Nadine Hall, Jacob & Relissa Hall, Ian & Jessie Joujan, Katie Hall & Cory Parsons

John Evans
Greg Hertel
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Teresa Smith
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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