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Let’s retire Randy

To the Editor:

Let’s retire Randy,

Randy Gaylord should be thanked for his services for the past two-plus decades. But his trail of mistakes in judgement and obfuscation of events should not be a reason to reelect him.

Finger pointing is a typical defense Randy has used during the past few years. Most of us recall the Lt. Parker fiasco that could have been avoided if the Prosecutor’s Office had been diligent in its investigation. Randy pointed public attention off island and called in an “outsider” to whitewash the actions. It took a state agency to finally act in any way to sanction Lt. Parker for his inexcusable actions against a young Mexican American girl.

In quite the opposite situation Randy does not hesitate to find the most punitive interpretation of the law where flexibility clearly exists. In other words, don’t get on the wrong side of Randy or one of his current public interest groups from, which he believes his justifications flow. A case in point. Recently, a group of well-known local citizens met with Randy presenting a petition from sixty of the sixty-one residents of the Roche Harbor Road trailer park, pleading for him not to enforce jail time on a young man who had spent years as a volunteer worker with their children. Numerous lesser options including no jail time were available to Randy. Tone deaf to what even the judge found such public support as an unusual event, Randy endorsed a sentence that not only branded the young man with a sentence for life with no option for good behavior, but extended the jail sentence one day into the period that would cancel his pending application for US citizenship.

There are some who feel this approach is justified. Claiming to see a rapist behind every leaf blower is not my concept of justice or how we view our neighbors. Randy, in my view is out of touch with today and clinging to his past.

That is why I am voting for a change and voting for Nick Power.

Don Pollard
San Juan Island

Voting For Nick Power

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter to urge my fellow citizens to vote for Nick Power for Prosecuting Attorney in the upcoming election this fall.

I’ve been a resident of San Juan county since moving to Lopez Island in 2012.

Nick is an accomplished attorney who cares deeply about our community. He and his wife Penelope are raising two daughters on San Juan, and the family participates in activities like the San Juan Community Theater.

As a private attorney, Nick has represented a spectrum of our neighbors and fellow residents seeking justice through our legal system, including whistleblowers and other victims.

A political progressive who was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the state caucuses in 2016, he will be a reliable public servant in the political mainstream in our special community. During the campaign, Nick has advanced new ideas for addressing the hard drug problems that have plagued our county.

Twenty four years is long enough for someone to hold the same elective office - please join me in supporting Nick for Prosecuting Attorney.

Marci Flanery
Lopez Island

Will Vote For Nick Power

To the Editor

Nick helped us with a difficult issue a few years ago and his guidance led both sides to a fair and equitable solution.

We also appreciate his concern about our quality of life on the islands. He is running for Prosecutor to confront those who bring hard drugs into our community and to increase the quality of legal advice provided to the county, protecting civil rights and saving taxpayers money by avoiding unnecessary lawsuits.

We appreciate Nick as an attorney-at-law practicing in Friday Harbor. We hope for his election to the San Juan County Prosecutor.

Don Hall
Decatur Island

Dear Rick and fellow Council members,

If you believe, as the research seems to indicate, the biggest and most immediate problem our Orcas face is starvation! lets do something. I know you as a Council and all of us as a county community can take action that will make a real difference. Pass an emergency ordinance to prohibit all commercial fishing for Chinook salmon in the waters of San Juan County.

I am well aware that the County does not have specific authority to enforce such an ordinance. However, it can create enough publicity that may force the State and/or Federal authorities to do what the whales need to survive; stop taking the main food supply for the whales for the financial gain of commercial fishers, restaurants and the backyard barbecue trade.

Back in the day, San Juan County dealt with the jet ski industry and was successful. If you also secure the cooperation of the sheriff and the prosecutor, enough of an issue can be made that will make a real difference for our Orca whales, especially if you get the media involved.

There is no downside for the County and a big upside for our whales.


John Evans
Doe Bay

Supports Gaylord

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to urge the voters of San Juan County to vote for Randy Gaylord in the upcoming election. I've known Randy and his family for over 25 years. I have always appreciated the integrity that Randy brings to his job as our Prosecutor. I've also valued the support that he's offered in his capacity as prosecutor to those of us that also work for the public. I believe that Randy has the necessary qualifications that we should all demand of our Prosecuting Attorney: KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION - he's demonstrated his astuteness and those virtues for almost 25 years. I wonder if his opponent can do the same.

Randy cares about our county and the people in it. He has the experience and the passion to continue doing the job. You can't ask for more in a public servant!


Cathy Ferran

Supports Gaylord

As a police officer for 34 years, the first 28 in San Diego, the last six (1994 " 2000) as Seattle’s police chief, I am honored to endorse Randy Gaylord for reelection as our Prosecuting Attorney.

I have known Randy for as long as I’ve lived here on Orcas (over 17 years) and have enjoyed several in-depth conversations with him on key criminal justice issues facing the residents of San Juan County. I’ve also had an opportunity to observe his administration of the prosecutor’s office, his handling of an ever-increasing caseload, and his commitment to community involvement and leadership.

I can say without hesitation that Randy Gaylord has the knowledge, skills, temperament, and integrity needed to lead the vital and complex work of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Please join me in voting for Randy Gaylord as our Prosecuting Attorney.

Norm Stamper

Gratitude to our County Council from FSJ

To the Editor:

On September 5, 2018 the San Juan County Council and the Islands' Trust of British Columbia sent an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. This letter urges him to reconsider his decision to triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The Friends of the San Juans are grateful to councilors Rick Hughes, Jamie Stephens, and Bill Watson for working with the Islands' Trust representatives to craft this powerful letter that describes the threats posed by 400 additional oil tankers passing through our island waters each year. Our councilors' letter conveys our deep connection to the islands of the Salish Sea and the marine life surrounding us. A major spill of tar sands diluted bitumen on the route traveled by oil tankers would not only threaten sensitive environments where salmon and orca whales struggle to survive, but also threaten islanders’ jobs and property. We thank our county council leaders for actively protecting the land, sea, and amazing natural beauty of the Salish Sea region with their eloquent and powerful letter.

Janet Alderton
Friends of the San Juans

YES for Homes

To the Editor:

Please join me in saying YES for Homes Coalition of San Juan County in the next election!I’m a lifelong Islander and I’ve seen dramatic change in affordable housing and home ownership in San Juan County, and it’s not for the better. Please consider your neighbors, the elderly, and children growing up here, their teachers, your health care providers, house cleaners, bankers and bakers, when you fill out your ballots this fall. We owe it to our community to help with the housing crisis in San Juan County. You can do just that by voting YES!

Lisa Nash Lawrence
San Juan Island

Supports Gaylord

To the Editor:

As General Counsel for the largest public employee labor union in Orange County, California, I represent working people at scores of municipal offices, including those of the District Attorney and Public Defender. I know from my own experience how fortunate San Juan County residents are to have a Prosecuting Attorney with the integrity and experience of Randy Gaylord, and I strongly support his re-election.

The qualities of an effective prosecutor - like a commitment to justice, a sophisticated understanding of people and their motivations, and an ability to determine and prioritize the needs of the public - are qualities Randy has consistently demonstrated since he was first elected Prosecutor in 1994. He understands the importance of the work performed by public sector workers and is a strong advocate for their economic security. And every day Randy models the conviction and strength of character necessary to successfully further the cause of justice with fairness, compassion and empathy.

Randy Gaylord has been a great Prosecuting Attorney. Whether expanding crime victim services, protecting our islands, or mentoring young prosecutors, Randy has served us with commitment and distinction. He has earned and deserves your vote for reelection as Prosecuting Attorney in November.

Don Drozd

EMS Same-Same

To the Editor:

During the first EMS levy, I attended the Hospital Board meetings at the Frank Wilson EMS Building. There were typically only a handful of people in attendance for these important meetings.

Years ago, I asked the Hospital Board to consider providing their meetings with audio, video or live streaming. But Chairman, Michael Edwards cited “budgetary constraints” and all members at that time, voted unanimously against it.

I spoke later with a County Council staff member about the possibility of using their equipment for the Hospital Board meetings. She presented it to a County Council Board member who graciously allowed the Hospital Board to conduct their meetings in the Council Room, where they had access to the audio, video and live streaming.

A larger number of people could now focus their attention on EMS business by attending or watching the meetings.

Sadly, the Hospital Board meetings have returned to the Frank Wilson EMS Building and I can see flashbacks to years ago when only a handful of people were in attendance with no video recordings of the meetings at all.

If this isn’t bad enough, the Board has now decided the meetings will no longer begin at 5pm when people getting off work might be able to attend. Rather, it was decided the meetings should be at 3pm which means less of the public can attend and there won’t be the needed public oversight.

It just feels like we never left!

Leslie Brennan
San Juan Island

Letter In Support Of Nick Power

To the Editor

I am Colleen Kenimond and I am the adult public defender for San Juan County. This is my sixth year in this position, and my 24th in criminal practice both as a defender and as a senior deputy prosecutor in other counties. Normally I would not broadcast my personal beliefs about who should be prosecutor in the event my clients and their families might be harmed by those personal beliefs.

This prosecutorial election is too important for me to remain silent.

I endorse Nick Power for county prosecutor. I do so from a vantage point of nearly a quarter century of experience on both sides of the courtroom and significant prior experience as a substitute judge for district court in two counties. I know what it takes to be a good prosecutor. Nick has what it takes.

I have known Nick since I first began serving as public defender here. I know him to be of high integrity and completely transparent. He does the right thing whether anyone is looking or not. He is as committed to the constitutions of the United States and Washington as anyone I know. We finally have a highly qualified alternative to the incumbent. It is time to clean house. Please pick up your brooms and dusters and join me.

“Power for the People” isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s the truth.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Most sincerely,

Colleen Kenimond
San Juan Island

Letter in Support of Randy Garylord’s Re-Election

To the Editor:

I am compelled to write this letter to share my support for Randy Gaylord’s re-election.
Many have written about a records lawsuit filed in my name, all without benefit of a personal interview. The case did not start about records, it was about the land use code.

I went to an attorney with the expectation land use codes apply the same to each of us and Mr. Power turned it into a records case.

Shortly after signing his contract, he requested I sign a new contract with an associate, a well-known attorney he utilized in records cases around the region. Her contract stated she was lead and he would assist, and both would provide monthly billing statements which was not the case. Mr. Power was lead while co-counsel assisted. Co-counsel sent monthly billing for her small amount of time while Mr. Power never did. Mr. Power also requested I front each of them $2000 for expenses.

The County quickly offered to settle. I was to receive $22,501.00 which I intended to donate, and Mr. Power would receive reasonable attorney fees. Mr. Power asked for attorney fees of $29,942.75 ($330 per hour), which I was not made aware of until the court hearing in Skagit County. The County objected to the amount, and upon learning his charge to handle a single complaint I too was naturally upset. Rather than Mr. Power arguing his own fees, he used co-counsel to defend him and charged me. Ironically, after defending their attorney’s fees, ended up with $51,000 ($27,000 to Power and $24,000 to co-counsel for defending Mr. Power’s attorney fees).

Mr. Power claims to be the candidate of transparency and honesty but his actions reflect his self- interest.

Randy Gaylord has worked on our County’s behalf for years and deserves our votes.

Sheryl Albritton
San Juan Island

Of Signs, Land, and People


Dear Editor:

My thanks to those who voted in the primary election. Shortly after the election, Team Gaylord removed most of the Re-Elect Gaylord for Prosecutor signs from our scenic roadways. I believe residents and visitors deserve to finish the summer with a landscape without interruption.

I hope voters will take the rest from our signs to confirm the qualities you want in your prosecuting attorney. I have the proven experience, compassion, and leadership that matter. I will listen and provide independent advice unhitched from self-interest.

I have heard from citizens about the concerns about drug offenses, domestic violence, and emerging issues such as public access and protecting our marine resources.

This community demands much of its prosecutor and coroner. Sure, we defend claims and lawsuits, and prosecute criminals. But we also provide guidance and advice to independently elected officials for cutting-edge solutions. I have a record of meeting those demands as seen by the jet ski case, charter reform, unique solid waste and recycling Lopez and Orcas Island, and changes to state law inspired by the Barefoot Bandit Case so that restitution is paid to victims first.
I want to hear what you think. Look for me at the County Fair (after work or Saturday) or contact me at #teamgaylord

Randy Gaylord

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