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Home » Archives » January 2008 » Council Sub-Committee Formed on Stormwater Issue

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01/16/2008: "Council Sub-Committee Formed on Stormwater Issue"

ig_StormWater_Conf_Call_11-09-07 (57k image)
(L-R Ray Bigler, Pauli Gavora, Alex Gavora, Gordy Petersen, Lori Petersen, County Community Dev & Planning Director/ County Administrator Pro Tem Ron Henrickson, Council Clerk Laura Tuttle listen as County Council conduct telephone conference call -County photo)

As promised, the county council moved quickly last Friday to explore new ways to fund the storm water ordinance, and not wanting to wait the three weeks until the council meets again, they held a meeting by phone to discuss setting up a Council Sub-committee that would report back to the full committee; perhaps as soon as they hold their next scheduled meeting on November 27.

After everyone was on the phone, and Chairman Bob Myhr called the group to order, Councilman Alan Lichter proposed “That the Council establish a sub-committee, to review the issue of funding the stormwater situation.”

Councilman Gene Knapp questioned why the committee would look at only the funding, “I assumed that it would be a subcommittee that would look into the problem, and not just one phase of it.“ he said. Councilman Kevin Ranker had seconded Lichter’s motion, but then agreed with Knapp that the issues went beyond how to fund the program.

Councilman Rich Peterson agreed that the issues involved are greater than the funding issue, but stressed that the council did need to move quickly to resolve how the funding would be accomplished, due to the “budget time constraints”.

The draft budget that the council adopted on Tuesday assumed the stormwater initiative would fail, and so included the current and projected funding from the “fee” into the design of the budget.

Lichter suggested that his proposed second motion to appoint the members to the sub-committee could include language spelling out the role of the sub-committee. After some discussion, the group decided to leave the motion stand as presented, and Lichter’s motion was passed.

Chairman Bob Myhr, without waiting to hear Lichter’s second motion, immediately suggested Councilmen Knapp, Peterson and Rosenfeld be appointed to the sub-committee.

Lichter then made his second motion, which was in accord with Myhr’s recommendation. The new committee will hold their first meeting on Monday (a federal and state holiday) at the court house in Friday Harbor

While the Monday meeting is not required to be a public meeting, and because the Courthouse will be closed for the Veterans Day holiday, members of the public who do wish to attend the subcommittee meeting will need to come to the entrance on the East (water) side of the building before 8:15 a.m. to be assured of being admitted.

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