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Home » Archives » October 2006 » CC Reduces Speed Limit On SJI Road

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10/23/2006: "CC Reduces Speed Limit On SJI Road"

ig_PW_Rds_SpeedLimit_10-17-06 (62k image)
(County Council reviews Public Works road map)

Citing concerns about safety, the CC (County Council) supported a request by neighbors and PW (Public Works) to reduce the speed limit on a portion of a main road entering Friday Harbor, from 45 to 35 miles per hour. A Public Works report to the CC pointed out that the Beaverton Valley road is the only major road entering Friday Harbor that does not have a decreasing speed limit as it approaches the more populated area of town limits.

Neighbors testified to the Council that the location of the historical driveway exits to the road have blind spots, and limited sightlines, that pose a potential for accidents. Public Works in turn reminded the Council that a new business park will soon be open for business, and that an affordable housing development has recently been completed, both of which will result in more traffic entering the road, and increasing the need for a reduced speed limit.

What was not noted was the same area also has an entry drive to acres owned by Public Works that was originally purchased for a new PW yard, and construction of a new Transfer Station and re-cycling center. If this development goes in -which is an open question- the increase in traffic by cars and large trucks will certainly be an impact on traffic flows, and will increase the need for safe speed limits.

The Council agreed with PW and those who came to testify, and voted to reduce the speed limit. Councilman Bob Myhr has been a proponent of reduced limits, partly as a way of increasing the use of electric cars in the county, and in making his vote stated he will always be in favor of reducing speed limits in San Juan County

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