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Home » Archives » April 2006 » Lichter's Missive To Bush & Congress Still On The Pad

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04/04/2006: "Lichter's Missive To Bush & Congress Still On The Pad"

As advertised, a proposed advisory vote on passing a County Council resolution calling for "a rapid, orderly, and humane withdrawal of all US military personnel and bases from Iraq, during a period of no more that four months, commencing no later than January 1, 2007..and the US continue to provide financial and humanitarian aide (sic) to the Iraqi people...administered by the United Nations..." was discussed during the Council's Discussion/Other Action Agenda period on Tuesday. Lichter said that over 100 cities and municipalities have issued resolutions about leaving Iraq, but that he does not want to be a part of three council members taking an action that does not reflect the will of the voters, so is proposing an advisory measure be placed on the ballot for the August primary (thereby avoiding the cost of a special election). (Previous story) The draft proposed by Lichter differed from other resolutions that have been passed, in that the Lichter draft calls for a petition of the President and the U.S. Congress to withdraw from Iraq, and to do so based on the time-table in the draft.

The content of the draft failed to move beyond a discussion of should the Council embrace national issues when, in the words of Councilman Ranker, "I am opposed to the war and wish we were not therebut we have so much to do in the county, we are barely treading water. We have a number of issues and it is important that we stay focused." Ranker went on to state he was not opposed to the advisory ballot, but was just raising concerns. In response Lichter asked Ranker if he thought the Dog Ordinance was as important. Ranker pointed out that the Council has the ability to "solve problems that are important to our residents" , but that "we do not have authority to stop a war in Iraq".

At this point Councilman Myhr agreed with Ranker that he too had been "a strong opponent to the invasion of Iraq in the first place" and he did not object to putting this on the ballot "but agree with Kevin on how much we can do" to influence action on the issue of Iraq. Lichter in turn pointed out that "If enough voices are heard. It can make a significant difference" Ranker told Lichter that "we have a lot on our plate alreadyagain I question the focus" , to which Lichter asked "What do you mean Work on our plate'"? To which Myhr responded by saying "I can think of a few".. Both Myhr and Ranker stated they would like to see more information on the subject, and Lichter said he would provide it.

While the agenda item was not a public hearing, at the end of the discussion period a couple of the spectators spoke in favor of the proposal, and a couple were against it.

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