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Home » Archives » September 2005 » Interim Director To Return To PW

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09/14/2005: "Interim Director To Return To PW"

ig_Matt_Zybas-2 (12k image) (file photo: Matt Zybas)
Citing the demands of the job, Matt Zybas announced to the Community Development & Planning Staff that he will not be putting his name forward as a potential candidate to be the permanent director of the department.

Zybas was appointed as the interim director of the department after Deputy Director Shaw was fired in May of this year. While Commissioner Miller stated at the time that she was "excited about the new opportunities to have a fresh start in the department", there were no noticeable changes made, and the time to process a building permit has increased from what it once was. In June, Zybas told the BOCC that he would not be replacing the Deputy Director position that had been filled by Shaw, and he intended to hire an outside consultant to advise him on ways to improve the department.

It is reported that Zybas will continue to serve until a new Director is hired, and plans to be part of a committee that will interview and advised the BOCC on the hiring of the new Director.

Zybas will be returning to Public Works once his replacement has been selected. While on the job Zybas impressed the public with an open door policy and willingness to respond to concerns and questions about the department, and was popular with the staff. One observer opined that the job is simply too big for one person to try and control, and that since the building and planning portions were once again combined, and by not hiring a deputy, Zybas was simply overwhelmed by the combination of the day-to-day work load and the demands of the political and legal pressures that have been a part of the job. Adding to the pressure and demands is the travel time of commuting from his home on Orcas to Friday Harbor.

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