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07/03/2013: $5.5 Million for Cattle Point Road Project on San Juan Island
05/14/2013: The New Spring Council Is Sworn In
06/05/2012: Official Findings Of The Charter Review Commission
06/13/2010: The Deer Harbor Station Ground Breaking
06/01/2010: Your Public Lands - Or, Are They?"
04/27/2010: Port Of FH Spring Splash 2010
04/06/2009: Affordable Housing
03/06/2009: Agreement For A Clinic & Hospital On SJI
03/03/2009: Answers To Gordy Petersen Quiz
01/05/2009: Keep The Dump or Move The Dump??
01/05/2009: Health Department Budget Cuts Services
01/05/2009: Loss Of Money To Impact Parks
01/05/2009: CC Considers Hiring Lobbyist For $3,000 A Month - Lichter & Myhr Opposed
01/05/2009: Noxious Weeds Tax Sprouts Up Again
01/05/2009: Transfer Station Choice Delayed
01/05/2009: CC Rejects New Weed Tax
01/05/2009: Council Passes Critical Aquifer Ordinance
01/05/2009: Essential Public Facilities Ord Moved Forward
01/05/2009: CC Cuts Stormwater Fee 90%
01/05/2009: Essential Public Facilities Ord “Not Legal”
01/05/2009: "Old" Regulations May Not Stop A New Dump
01/05/2009: Peterson: “Stormwater Fees Counter Productive”
01/05/2009: CC: Need More Info On New Housing Program
01/05/2009: Critical Area Designation Delayed
11/04/2008: SJI Library Board And Budget
11/04/2008: A Storm Water Funding Plan
11/04/2008: Sex Offenders, Tasers, & Overtime
11/04/2008: Council Splits Vote On Cell Phone Coverage
11/04/2008: Water For A Few Not A Public Benefit
11/04/2008: Little Support For Orcas Franchise
11/04/2008: At Last: Public Input Asked On Stormwater Funding
11/04/2008: Public Meetings on Stormwater Utility
10/03/2008: CC Agrees To New UDC Docket Timelines
10/03/2008: A Million Here, A Million There..Oops!
10/03/2008: PC Reverses Former Opinion -Agrees To ADU Lottery
10/03/2008: Staff Recommends Against PC Recommendations
10/03/2008: Rush To Keep Tax Break For Ag Land
10/03/2008: County Reviews Code Enforcement Policy
10/03/2008: New Land Bank Purchase
10/03/2008: More Cell Towers?
10/03/2008: County Hiring Freeze
10/03/2008: Stormwater Funding Details Dribble Out
10/03/2008: Supreme Court Update On CAO Agenda
10/03/2008: Too Much Too Soon On Orcas Village?
10/03/2008: CC Forced To Postpone Orcas Action
10/03/2008: Fuse lit on Fireworks Ban referendum
10/03/2008: County Feels The $ Squeeze
10/03/2008: WA Supreme Court Sinks-Saves SJC?
10/03/2008: Stormwater Ord Bogs Down
10/03/2008: West Coast Governors Ocean Action Plan
10/03/2008: SJC Proposed As: Critical Aquifer Recharge Area
10/03/2008: SJI Transfer Station EIS Released
10/03/2008: Appeal Filed on Fireworks Ban
10/03/2008: CC Continues Discussion On Stormwater Regulation Complaints
10/03/2008: Local Assistance For Veterans
10/03/2008: County & Town Approve Letter On Border Checks
10/03/2008: Salary Commission Says Enough Already
10/03/2008: Who Should Be Allowed To Use Turtleback Mountain?
05/20/2008: SJI School To Interview Candidates For Principal
04/30/2008: Community Action Month
03/31/2008: April 2nd: Fundraiser For Stormwater Legal Costs
03/17/2008: “Normal” Service Will Resume -WSD Director Moseley
03/14/2008: Discussions On Future Transfer Station Monday
02/11/2008: 2nd Council District Community Meeting Scheduled
01/16/2008: New County Veterans’ Advisory Board Formed
01/16/2008: John Linde Is The New Judge
01/16/2008: CC Splits Vote, Rejects Fee To Study Stormwater
01/16/2008: Here We Go Again? CC Takes Up Storm Water Ord
01/16/2008: Suit Over Ballot Bar Codes Will Go To Trial
01/16/2008: 31 Million -Or More- For A Hospital
01/16/2008: Stormwater Sub-Committee Reports Disagreement
01/16/2008: County Gains Some Important Support For Priorities
01/16/2008: Council Sub-Committee Formed on Stormwater Issue
11/08/2007: County Policy Reversed By Fed Law
10/15/2007: San Juan County Schedules Flu Shot Clinics
09/07/2007: Statement For the Stormwater Funding Referendum
09/07/2007: Statement Against the Stormwater Funding Referendum
05/07/2007: Intermodal Transportation Committee Review F H Master Plan
05/06/2007: SJ Initiative Second Public Meeting Monday on Orcas
05/04/2007: Low Income Seniors Free Produce Program
04/19/2007: New Septic Maintenance Program Proposed
04/18/2007: County Counts Successes at State Capital
04/17/2007: Is Your Name On This List? If so, There Is $ For You
03/16/2007: Matt Zybas Will Return To Snohomish County
02/21/2007: Shannon Makes U-Turn On Road Failures: Rock Passed Tests, But Rock Is Wrong
02/20/2007: PC Public Hearing On Changes To HE Rules
02/14/2007: Growth Board Rules In Favor Of County & Friends
02/06/2007: Petition On Ferry Fare Increases
01/29/2007: Charter Bites Back On New Tax
01/29/2007: CC Tells Rose Not To Attend State Meeting Of Officials
01/29/2007: "Good Ol' Boy" Government, Or Charter Government?
01/09/2007: New Elected Officials Swore In
12/26/2006: At Last, MedVac Program Returns!
12/21/2006: Legislative Priorities
12/19/2006: 100 Yrs: Courthouse Re-dedication
12/12/2006: Public Hearing Today On New Fees: Storm water
12/08/2006: Public Input Wanted On Fee Increases
12/06/2006: End Of An Era
12/05/2006: At Last: A Full County Council
11/30/2006: Two Attorneys Join PA Team
11/15/2006: Saying Goodbye To SI
11/13/2006: Project Manager Selected For SJ Initiative
11/01/2006: WSF Recommendations For FH Master Plan
10/31/2006: CC To Provide More Information To Public
10/31/2006: New Understandable SJC Budget
10/23/2006: CC Reduces Speed Limit On SJI Road
10/22/2006: Ferries fare collection system at Anacortes Oct. 24
10/17/2006: Self-Haul On SJ To Remain? New Transfer Station To Be Built?
09/29/2006: Protecting Civil Liberties while Combating Terrorism
09/28/2006: CC Wants Priority Loading for Livestock on Ferries
09/28/2006: 15 ADU Permits To Be Issued On Monday
09/21/2006: SJC Stormwater Steering Committees Final Meeting
09/12/2006: Court Agrees To Drop County ADU Case
09/12/2006: GMB Declines To Rule On Vesting Ord
09/12/2006: Appeals & Court Action Likely On ADUs
09/12/2006: Council Moves to Withdraw Appeal Of ADU Case
09/12/2006: ADUs Questions Still Remain
09/12/2006: Town & County Agree On Capron Funds Split
09/12/2006: Council To Decide Who May Bypass On Appeal
09/12/2006: Council To Move To Carlson Building
09/12/2006: Gaylord To Council: "That Would Be An Illegal Act"
08/30/2006: FH Port Commission Agenda: 8-30-06
07/26/2006: County Manager On The Job
07/26/2006: CC & Citizens Make Their Case Before GMB
06/19/2006: Shared Strategy Offer Considered By CC
06/14/2006: Fire Code Fees Adopted
06/13/2006: Hearing On Fire Code Fees
06/06/2006: Proposed ADU Ordinance
06/01/2006: Salary Commission Cuts Council Pay
05/16/2006: Court Grants Partial Stay Request -Good/Bad News
05/16/2006: CC Takes On Guesthouse Vesting Ord Again
05/12/2006: Serious Questions On CC Selection Process
05/12/2006: CC May Form CA Review Committees
05/08/2006: Council To Hold Another Public Hearing On ADUs
05/08/2006: Clallam County Files Against SJC Motion For Stay
05/08/2006: Council "Holds" short Illegal Meeting?
05/08/2006: Guest House Decision Continued to Friday
05/08/2006: CC May Decide On Guest Houses
05/05/2006: CC May Ask Court To Rule On Guesthouses
04/04/2006: CC Moves Forward With Restrictive Ordinance
04/04/2006: Court Asked Not To Grant Stay Of Decision On ADUs
04/04/2006: Lichter's Missive To Bush & Congress Still On The Pad
04/04/2006: CC May Ask For Vote On Iraq War
04/01/2006: Court Asked Not To Grant Stay Of Decision On ADUs
03/15/2006: Getting Tough On Allowing Guest Houses
03/13/2006: PW Director On Sustainability In SJC
03/08/2006: CC Wants to Extend Timelines For ADUs
03/05/2006: PC Splits On ADUs
02/28/2006: Salary Commission Appointments - Who Does What?
02/16/2006: FH Port Seeks Comment: 6 to 20yr Master Plan
02/15/2006: Controversial Ranker Visit to PC Meeting
02/15/2006: Windstorm Creates Emergency? CC Says Yes
02/15/2006: Griffin Bay High School Graduates
02/01/2006: Impact Fees? New Taxes? Maybe.
01/27/2006: County Can Add Members To Board Of Health
01/26/2006: County Fire Marshal Job Handed Back To CD&PD
01/25/2006: PC Still Unimpressed With Proposed ADU Ord
01/24/2006: Pro Tem Is On The Job
01/23/2006: New Codes, Permit Fees & Penalties Proposed
01/19/2006: Council to Hire Professionals to Find Administrator
01/10/2006: Taking The Oath To Uphold The Charter
01/10/2006: County Council May Appoint Pro-Tem Today
01/06/2006: First Meeting of County Council: Mon, Jan 9
12/27/2005: BOCC Votes Eastsound Regs Over Shoreline Act
12/27/2005: Wood Boat Center ($2 Million?) Dead In The Water
12/19/2005: 1st PC Workshop On ADUs Finds Problems
12/15/2005: 1st Workshop on ADU Compromise To Be Held
12/15/2005: Si Tells BOCC They Need a New Project Leader
12/12/2005: Affordable Housing "Bank" Still Moving Forward
12/12/2005: County Questions Rosario EIS Responses
12/07/2005: SJC Dog Ordinance To Get Some Teeth
11/29/2005: Draft Model Rules For Public Disclosure
11/29/2005: No Money For Town-County Bld
11/08/2005: Quall To Meet County School Boards In FH
11/07/2005: County To Increase Bld & Land Use Fees
11/02/2005: Public Participation Plan Set For ADU Ordinance
11/01/2005: CD&PD To Retain Consultant, Make Changes
10/26/2005: $13,383,585.00 Budget For 2006
10/19/2005: Town & BOCC May Share New Office Bld
10/16/2005: BOCC Requested To Adopt New Bld Code
10/13/2005: Attorney Tells Gaylord Charter Has Flaw
10/12/2005: BOCC Still Working On Citizens Committee
10/06/2005: Appeal Upheld On Thor Black Permit
09/30/2005: BOCC Starts Work On 06' Budget
09/29/2005: BOCC May Impose Building Moratorium
09/28/2005: Whatever It Takes
09/27/2005: Bld & Planning Closed Until Oct 3rd: Fire Damage
09/24/2005: Grants For Habitat Restoration On Private Lands
09/19/2005: New Proposed Tax Moves Slowly Forward
09/14/2005: Gaylord & Bahrych At Odds On Sherman Case
09/14/2005: BOCC Ignores PA Advice, Stays Guesthouse lawsuit
09/14/2005: Interim Director To Return To PW
09/05/2005: BOCC To Discuss ADUs
09/02/2005: New $5.00 Flat Tax: Conservation District
08/29/2005: BOCC Slows Down PW Yard Development
08/25/2005: Comp Plan Update Workshops Attract Few
08/24/2005: Freeholders Present Charter To BOCC
08/17/2005: Cannot Live In Existing House while Building New
08/13/2005: Thank You Freeholders: Their Work Is Done
08/11/2005: Questions On BOCC Executive Sessions Raised
08/05/2005: BOCC: Still No Decision -But Now We Know Why
08/02/2005: Commissioners Fail To Appoint -Will Try In The A.M
07/29/2005: Jamie Stevens (D): A Candidate For The BOCC
07/27/2005: So Who Needs A Committee Anyway?
07/26/2005: Guest Houses Only With Permits Prior 2000
07/26/2005: Water Rights Fees Increased.. Because..?
07/24/2005: Time Running Out To Be On Ballot
07/21/2005: Bob Myhr (D): A Candidate For The BOCC
07/20/2005: Two Volunteer Groups Want County Funding
07/14/2005: 911 Program Missing Names & Addresses
07/10/2005: Oops! Webster Lives In Wrong District-Out of Race
07/07/2005: And The Nominees Are: Ellis Jr., Lehman, Myhr & Stephans
06/30/2005: Miller's Views On Draft Charter: Not Positive
06/26/2005: Gaylord's Actions On I-912 Concern Initiative Organizers
06/24/2005: Another Senior Planner Comes On Board
06/23/2005: Murray: $25 Million Fed Funds For WA Salmon Recovery & $1.4 Million For N. Straits
06/20/2005: DOE Tells Gaylord "It's Your Job To Do"
06/17/2005: Interim Director: $20,000 For Study Of Department
06/06/2005: Memorial Park Redux
04/26/2005: Rose Strong Speaks At Lincoln Day Dinner
04/13/2005: Planning Commission To Hold Workshop On Transient Rentals
03/17/2005: No Impact Fees By New Excise Tax Allowed - Yet
02/13/2005: Your Future in Five Minutes, and Is the Comp Plan Broken?
02/03/2005: A Little Dust-Up At The BOCC
01/28/2005: Will Taxpayers pay for the Permitting of Private Barge Landings??
01/20/2005: BOCC to conduct a Work Session for Essential Public Facilities - Again..
01/18/2005: The Puget Sound Action Team released State of the Sound 2004 today
01/18/2005: New Director is On the Job

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Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
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Terra Tamai
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