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Home » Archives » March 2019 » 5 Stars For Lopez Community Land Trust

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03/11/2019: "5 Stars For Lopez Community Land Trust"

ig_SO_LCLT_VolunteersSalishWayII-001 (75k image)
(Contributed photo)

Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) teamed up with SAGE Building Solutions, Vandervort Architects and Balderston Associates to build three new homes that have received Certification under Built Green 5 Star, ENERGY STAR Homes, Indoor Air Plus, and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes programs. (

Each net-zero energy cottage located on Salish Way is approximately 500 square feet. LCLT continues its commitment to building homes that ensure affordability both at initial purchase and ongoing operating cost while practicing environmental responsibility. LCLT’s award-winning focus is on small is beautiful, comfortable and affordable. The model is proven and LCLT is celebrating 30 years of service to Lopez this year.

LCLT achieved Built Green 5 Star Certification thanks to the expertise of our building and design partners. Sandy Bishop, LCLT executive director says, “Working with knowledgeable, experienced people is a joy. We continue to learn and refine our approach to affordable, environmentally appropriate housing options. Big thanks to those in the trades who dedicate themselves to a more environmentally responsible way of building.” We are grateful for the dedicated work of carpenters Barry and Tanya, volunteers and interns, including Lisa Collandar, who dedicated her summer to LCLT and spent endless hours and intense attention to air sealing details. Her dedication enabled the project to meet the highest standards.

Doug Poole of SAGE says, “I’m grateful to have found an openness and enthusiasm in Sandy, the design team and crew for implementing some of SAGE’s innovative strategies from the Home Performance model to maximize building efficiency, health and comfort. Our community is again strengthened by LCLT’s dedication.”

Tom Balderston, a Built Green / ENERGY STAR verifier says, “LCLT is doing exemplary work in producing affordable homes at the highest levels of energy performance. Zero Energy and low Carbon homes are the future, and these cottages show us how to get there now. The advanced insulation, simple and efficient heat pump heating and water heating, and community solar system contribute to a home that balances all of its energy use for the year to net zero”

The three cottages are now home to islanders, Kristen Ryan, Valentino Tijerina and Stina Soderlind. Kristen is the STEM and Wood Shop Instructor at Lopez School. She and her daughter moved into their home just before the big snowfall. Stina is a local caregiver and jewelry maker and Valentino washes windows and tends bar at the Galley.

Salish Way II Cottages will host a community open house on May 11th. Stay Tuned for Details! For more information about LCLT, please visit

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