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Home » Archives » March 2018 » OIFR Welcomes Baby Elliott -At 4:51am

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03/02/2018: "OIFR Welcomes Baby Elliott -At 4:51am"

ig_Elliot_Richard_Wooding-001 (45k image) Paramedic Nick Kiniski received an early morning wake up call early Thursday morning, March 1st. At approximately 2:00am, he received a call from an expectant father; mom was in labor and they may need to get off island before the first ferry. After some discussion, the family was made aware of options and Nick hung up the phone. He stated, “I couldn’t go back to sleep though. I knew I was probably going to get called again. So I took the opportunity to review our delivery protocols and make sure I had everything together just in case.”
At 4:19am, dispatch paged out a call. “En route to station 21. Woman in Active Labor.”

At 4:19am, dispatch paged out a call. “En route to station 21. Woman in Active Labor.” Kiniski knew, this had to be the same family. Approximately ten minutes later, Seadrick and Emily Wooding arrived at Station 21; Emily was in active labor, her water broke, and the baby was coming - fast. Kiniski called for Airlift, who arrived about 30 minutes later to pick up the Woodings. There was not time to get in the helicopter for the 8 minute flight . . . baby Wooding would not wait.

At 4:51 am mom delivered a healthy baby boy, Elliott Richard Woodiing. “I’m not going to lie,” recalls Kiniski, “I got a little teary eyed..” Kiniski wants to credit the Airlift Northwest team who stepped in and worked right with the OIFR team., “it was my 11th delivery; but my first in an ambulance,” Kiniski stated. He also credits Emily who, he says, did the hard work. “Mom was a superstar,” describes Kiniski.

Following delivery, the family was transported by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation. They were discharged home later the same night. Elliott joins his parents and an older brother in their home on Orcas Island. Elliott weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Chief Williams sums it up by saying, “So often EMS and Fire crews are involved in someone’s worst moment. It is an honor for our crew to be a part of someone’s best moment. I am very proud of the OIFR and Airlift crews on this exciting delivery.”

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