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Home » Archives » December 2017 » School Board & Superintendent Communiqué November and December, 2017

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12/27/2017: "School Board & Superintendent Communiqué November and December, 2017"

Below is the first of a regular installment of Superintendent Diaz and the San Juan Island School District Board of Directors recap of board meetings:

Highlights of the November 29, 2017 School District Board of Directors regular meeting:
• The district celebrated Brent Snow’s eight years of service to our schools. Former School Board Director Boyd Pratt continued the long-standing tradition of reading a poem to commemorate the end of a term, and Brent topped off the celebration with a second poem and selected words of wisdom.
• Two new Board Directors were inducted, Sarah Werling-Sandwith, Position #1 and Barbara Bevens, Position #2.
• The FHHS Hiking Club’s annual Grand Canyon trip was approved for Spring Break.
• The procedure for the Staff-Board-Superintendent Communication Policy, 1620P, was accepted.
• Dr. Diaz shared that she has organized a community presentation of the newly released documentary “Dolores” about Dolores Huerta, co-founder with Cesar Chavez, of the American Farmworkers Association, now known as United Farm Workers, scheduled for January 29th at the San Juan Community Theater. Please contact Dr. Diaz for further information at

Highlights of the December 6, 2017 School District Board of Directors special meeting:

• The SJISD Board of Directors met in open session for new Board Director orientation.
• The Superintendent shared the recently developed Strategic Plan.
• The communication process was reviewed with an emphasis on listening to all stakeholders, but, as a board, speaking with only one voice.
• Special programs were examined through the lenses of data, assessment and support.
• Student engagement was cited as the focus for this year.
• The public school funding model was explained. Most of school funding from the state is based on reported student enrollment and staffing. Additional funds are funneled through the local levy (property taxes), grants from the federal government and additional targeted funding from various local sources such as Island Rec., Untied Way, PTA (and PTSA), Purple and Gold Club, several foundations, businesses and citizens.

Highlights of the December 20, 2017 School District Board of Directors regular meeting:

• The Turnbull Gym remodel was granted final approval.
• A Local Support Levy (formerly the M & O Levy) was discussed. San Juan Island School District will prepare a ballot measure for a special election in April, 2018. Full figures will not be available until the state legislature finalizes changes to the McCleary Act during the next legislative session.
• The Board’s proposed “Values” were presented for second reading. The board will review comments from staff and a third reading will be held at the regular January 31, 2018 board meeting.

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