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Home » Archives » June 2017 » Lopez Student Appointed To Naval Academy.

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06/18/2017: "Lopez Student Appointed To Naval Academy."

Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02), today announced that nine Washington students he nominated to U.S. Service Academies have accepted offers for the Class of 2021.

Goodrich attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School this past year. He was ranked number one in his high school class and served on the student council at Lopez Island High School. Goodrich is a volunteer firefighter and a Student Emergency Medical Services member, a role in which he assists with the Island paramedics and EMTs.

When asked what motivated him to apply to attend a Service Academy, Goodrich responded, “I live in the best country in the world and it would be an honor to serve her.”

“The Second Congressional district is home to some of the most talented young people in Washington state,” said Larsen. “Each year I have the privilege to nominate students to attend military service academies and I am always impressed by students' achievements and commitment to public service. I applaud these young women and men for choosing careers of service to the United States, and I congratulate them on their acceptance to these prestigious institutions and I wish them luck in their future military careers.”

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