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Home » Archives » October 2011 » Ecuador Chocolate Cooperative

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10/17/2011: "Ecuador Chocolate Cooperative"

ig_ChocolatePhoto-1 (41k image)
The local county Land & Sea chapter has sponsored Ecuador's Kallari Cacao and Chocolate Cooperative trip to the County for presentations (Mon,Tue & Wed), by Judy Logback, the founder of the Kallari Cooperative, and a young Ecuadorean woman of the Kichwa tribe, Leonor Cayapa.

Leonor's a cacao grower and chocolate maker, and also the financial director of the Kallari Cooperative.

Monday, Judy and Leonor will be visiting Friday Harbor High School Spanish language, current events, and cooking classes, also sponsored by Land & Sea Slow Food chapter. FHHS's wonderful and energetic Spanish teacher, Brook Landers, helped schedule Monday's visit and will be our Kallari visitor's main ambassador during their visit, along with Linda.

Monday evening, Judy and Leonor will do a Kallari chocolate tasting/demo at the SJ Community Co Op sponsored by Land & Sea and the SJ Co Op. Caffe Femenino coffee will also be available, sponsored by the Soroptimists.

Tuesday, October 18, 10:30 am to 12 noon, they will talk about the Kallari cooperative, and about sustainable farming practices and fair labor practices used by the cooperative's farmers, the improved environmental changes, and improvements in the local economy Kallari started, plus lessons learned from the formation of the cooperative that our islanders can relate to.

They'll also talk about the making of chocolate, and will have chocolate to sample. Leonor speaks primarily Spanish and the Kichwa language. Judy will also speak and interpret. Chocolate Cooperative’s welcome, and the presentation is free. (Donations will be happily accepted from anyone wishing to help defray the cost of the chocolate.) Thanks to Adrienne Bourne, library program director, for helping arrange this visit.

( Leonor and Judy will also be giving a truffle making workshop Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 18 from 1:30 - 4:30. Class size is 14 people. Class is already filling fast, but some spaces are still available. Cost is $25 to cover cost of materials and travel. If you would like to take this class, call Linda at 317-5890 and leave a message with contact info.

Wednesday Oct. 19, Judy and Leonor hope to go to the Community Dinner at the High School, which should be delicious! The dinner will be prepared with local meat and produce by the Chef 101 and 201 culinary students with their teachers Liz and Andy, and Ruthie Paull and her class. (Also, with the help of students, we hope to harvest the Ozette potatoes [] now growing in the Land & Sea Youth/Community garden across from the school for this dinner.

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