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Home » Archives » November 2010 » Abbott & Costello Redux

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11/28/2010: "Abbott & Costello Redux"

(The following is a conversation between two island guys about Sheriff elect Rob Nou -commonly pronounced “No”- who will replace the retiring Sheriff, Bill Cumming)

By Fred Yockers

1st Guy: “Have you heard who will be the new sheriff?”

2nd Guy: “Yeah…Nou”

1st Guy: “That’s what I’m trying to find out, what’s the name of the new sheriff?”

2nd Guy: “I told ya…Nou”

1st Guy: “Hey, don’t get snappy, I want to know the name of the new guy”

2nd Guy: “It’s not new, it’s…”Nou”!

1st Guy: “Okay, let’s try this again…Do you know the name of the new guy coming as the Sheriff?

2nd Guy: “The new guy is not Cumming, it’s…Nou!”

1st: Guy: “Whattya trying to do -confuse me?”

2nd Guy: “No man, Cumming is going and Nou is new”

1st Guy: “What planet are you living on? You’re making no sense.”

2nd Guy: “This is the last time I try this…”Nou is new and Cumming is---

1st Guy: ---“I’ll break your arm if you tell me Cumming is going”

2nd Guy: “Well you got it half right!”

1st Guy: “I ain’t got nothing, except no for an answer!”

2nd Guy: “That’s it: Nou is new and Cumming is gone [Jan. 1]

1st Guy: (Utterly confused )“Have a great day”

2nd Guy: “You too man, hope you meet the new guy Nou soon”

1st Guy: (Leaving) “Grrr!”

(Mr. Yocker is the Friday Harbor High School Drama Director -Ed)

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