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Home » Archives » September 2010 » Holiday Mon & Hmm..Tue To?

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09/02/2010: "Holiday Mon & Hmm..Tue To?"

OLYMPIA ~ The next widespread shutdown of state agencies as a result of budget shortfalls will take place Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010, following the Labor Day weekend.

In April 2010, the state Legislature passed and Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6503. Designed to reduce state government spending for employees, the law requires that state agencies close on the 10 days specified in the bill or submit an alternate compensation reduction plan for approval by the Office of Financial Management.

The following agencies, boards and commissions will be closed Sept. 7:

* Board of Accountancy
* Commission on African-American Affairs
* Agriculture
* Archeology and Historic Preservation
* Arts Commission
* Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
* Commerce
* Conservation Commission
* Corrections
* Council for Children and Families
* County Road Administration Board
* Criminal Justice Training Commission
* Early Learning
* Ecology
* Office of Education Ombudsman
* Employment Security (local WorkSource offices, tax offices and the unemployment claims call center will remain open)
* Environmental Hearings Office
* Office of the Family and Children’s Ombudsman
* Financial Institutions
* Financial Management
* Fish and Wildlife
* Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board
* General Administration
* Governor
* Growth Management Hearing Boards
* Health
* Health Care Authority
* Higher Education Coordinating Board
* Commission on Hispanic Affairs
* Horse Racing Commission
* Human Rights Commission
* Indeterminate Sentence Review Board
* Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs
* Information Services
* Labor and Industries
* Licensing
* Liquor Control Board (liquor stores will remain open)
* Military Department
* Commission for National and Community Service
* Personnel
* Pollution Liability Insurance Agency
* Printing
* Public Disclosure Commission
* Puget Sound Partnership
* Recreation and Conservation Office
* Department of Retirement Systems
* Citizen Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials
* Sentencing Guidelines Commission
* Social and Health Services
* Board of Tax Appeals
* Traffic Safety Commission
* Transportation Improvement Board
* Utilities and Transportation Commission
* Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

The law specifies exemptions to allow certain public safety, public health and revenue-generation activities to continue. Services provided by child protection workers, community corrections officers, emergency public health and patient safety workers, and State Patrol field enforcement and investigative service personnel, will not be affected.

In addition, institutions of higher education were required by law to submit compensation reduction plans to avoid office closures. Most offices headed by separately elected officials (Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Auditor, Attorney General and Commissioner of Public Lands) also submitted compensation reduction plans. However, most state agencies are scheduled to close their offices on the dates specified.

Additional closures will take place:

* 2010: Oct. 11, Dec. 27
* 2011: Jan. 28, Feb. 22, March 11, April 22, June 10

For a complete list of agencies closed Sept.7 and for specified dates in 2010�"11, visit

The closures will save more than $70 million in all funds in 2010�"11. The temporary layoff law was passed as part of a series of measures to address an almost $12 billion shortfall during the 2009�"11 budget period.

For more information on state agency closures, visit

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