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Home » Archives » May 2010 » Gaylord Will Run Again

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05/04/2010: "Gaylord Will Run Again"

Randall K. Gaylord will seek re-election to a fifth term as Prosecuting Attorney for San Juan County. "I would be most honored to serve the people of this county and the state of Washington for another term," said Gaylord.

Gaylord, age 52, was elected Prosecuting Attorney in 1994 and reelected in 1998 and 2002, and 2006.

The prosecuting attorney in a small community has many roles: criminal
prosecutor, lawyer to elected and appointed officials, county coroner, and
leader on legal issues.

Gaylord said he is motivated to serve because the community benefits from a
stable prosecutor's office that will protect the people and protect the

Gaylord is especially proud of the work by the office to assure that victims
of crime have the services they deserve. The Victim Services Center is a
model of how small communities can serve victims of crime. "My goal is to
make sure victims recover from the crime and the offenders are punished
appropriately." "Victims have important rights, and we have a great way to
see that they are honored," said Gaylord.

"San Juan County has many of the same crimes that occur on the mainland, but
fewer incidents. Indeed, criminal cases in a small community often have
more impact because people usually know the victims and the offender."

Gaylord has taught other lawyers on municipal law and ethics. In the last
few years, Gaylord has assumed leadership with state-wide associations and
brought the good ideas learned from that work to San Juan County. He was
President of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys in 2007 and
is currently Vice President of the Washington Association of County
Officials, which provides training and assistance to assessors, auditors,
treasurers, prosecutors, sheriffs and coroners.

Gaylord said "I am proud of the way our County government serves the public.
The decisions of the County are open and transparent to the public."
Gaylord said that his state-wide teaching experience and historical
perspective has been valuable in implementing the changes from the county
charter. "This office has been diligent, adaptable, and skilled to respond
to issues," said Gaylord.

Gaylord said he looks forward to the campaign, "I want to hear from the
public and assure that the decisions of this office reflect what the public
expects from their prosecutor."

Under the county charter, the Prosecuting Attorney is the only partisan
position at the local level. Gaylord said his preference for the Democratic
Party nomination does not influence his approach to making decisions. "Just
like a judge, a prosecutor must not allow party politics to influence his
decision making on individual cases," said Gaylord

Gaylord and his wife Marny, who teaches at the Orcas Island public school,
have lived in Eastsound since 1993. They were married on Olga in 1981, and
have two children, Colin, age 23, and Genevieve, age 21.

Gaylord graduated from the University of Utah College of Law in 1985, and
was a lawyer clerk for Utah Supreme Court Justice Christine Durham before
moving to Spokane where he was in private practice for eight years.

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