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Home » Archives » March 2010 » Take A Survey

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03/09/2010: "Take A Survey"

Want to weigh in on the Shoreline Management of Puget Sound? Take a survey to help the Department of Ecology (DOE) receive public input. Survey must be completed by March 19th . Click HERE to access the survey. And click HERE for a Shoreline Management Discussion Paper.pdf (207\k file)

Readers of The Island Guardian will recall Jim Kramer use to work with Shared Strategy, he and two other consultants have been hired to conduct the survey.

In their words:

“We are an independent consultant team working with the Department of Ecology. We are asking for your help to improve shoreline management in Puget Sound. Your opinions are important to ensure we protect Puget Sound and support the needs of our local communities. Please participate by filling out an online survey (link provided below) and/or giving us your comments on the attached issue paper regarding the Shoreline Master Program update process. We are requesting responses by March 19th.

The purpose of the paper and questionnaire is to solicit feedback from various parties involved with shoreline management in Puget Sound at the local, state, public and private levels. The intent is to stimulate those that have a stake in the future of Puget Sound shorelines to identify important areas for improvement and indicate where they are able to help develop solutions. The paper will be revised based on responses we receive from this outreach effort. The final conclusions will be presented to Ecology and Puget Sound local governments currently working on SMP updates at the Shoreline Planners meeting on April 21, 2010. Our intent is to help identify next steps for Ecology and other parties in creating the strategies and actions necessary to address the issues identified in the final paper.

The paper and survey were developed by Jim Kramer, Carol MacIlroy and Margaret Clancy (consultants with experience in shoreline management in Washington State) with funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and guidance and support from the Department of Ecology Shoreland Section (Ecology) and local government staff and officials. This paper reflects the views and experience of the three consultants in regard to some common challenges facing state agencies, local governments and other partners in protecting Puget Sound through the shoreline master programs.

In 2003, the Washington State Legislature took a significant step to revitalize the 30-year-old Shoreline Management Act. Based on agreement from a wide range of environmental, business and government interests, the Legislature set out an ambitious framework to update the Shoreline Master Programs for over 250 cities and counties across the State.

Healthy shoreline habitat is critical to our effort to protect and restore Puget Sound. The comprehensive SMP updates provide an unparalleled opportunity to apply science and bring communities together to achieve this goal.
We are approaching the mid-point of the statewide SMP update effort. Over the past six years, Ecology has worked with nearly 150 local governments to fund and support updates to the local Shoreline Master Programs as mandated by the State Legislature. Thirty local governments have completed the State-funded update process or are nearing final approval by Ecology. There is much to celebrate in the accomplishments achieve so far by local governments and the State. It also is timely to assess the experience to date, to improve the process and outcome for SMP updates over the next several years.

We appreciate your time. “

They may be contacted at:

Jim Kramer,, 206-841-2145
Carol MacIlroy,, 206-293-4741
Margaret Clancy,, 206-789-9658

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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