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Home » Archives » July 2009 » Another Storm Story

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07/31/2009: "Another Storm Story"

Becki Day, co-owner of Vinny's Ristorante in Friday Harbor, wrote in that she too (see "Holy Cow" story) had a lightening hit from the Friday electrical storm. Day said she had "heard a loud combination crack/sizzle, and discovered my satellite dish had been hit -only after trying to make the TV work for hours!

Turned out when the repairman came, it fried the dish, the connection at the house and 4 of the 5 receivers in the house. I had turned the main TV off at the surge protector. which helped that one!)

The experts say there are simple precautions that can save lives during a lightning storm:

*Stay at least a few feet away from open windows, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, electric boxes and outlets, and appliances. Lightning can flow through these symptoms and "jump" to a person.
* Look for a large, enclosed building when a thunder or lightning storm threatens. That's the best choice.
* If you are in a car and it has a hard top, stay inside and keep the windows rolled up.
* Avoid small sheds and lean-tos or partial shelters, like pavilions.
* Do not shower or take a bath during a thunder or lightning storm
* Avoid using regular telephones, except in an emergency. If lightning hits the telephone lines, it could flow to the phone. Cell or cordless phones, not connected to the building's wiring, are safe to use.

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