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Home » Archives » March 2009 » Mayor Says "Thank You"

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03/05/2009: "Mayor Says "Thank You""

By Mayor David F. Jones

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all the citizens and visitors who attended and participated in celebrating Friday Harbor’s 100th birthday party and for making the celebration a once in our lifetime affair! We truly enjoyed having you come and hope that you enjoyed the events we had planned.

It took a great community spirit to produce such an event and I am proud of all who took the time to perform, speak and help with the extensive production. Listed below are names of volunteers from various service organizations, non-profits, students, musicians, entertainers, businesses, and officials who had directly participated in bringing you the day’s events:

Abbi Havenar, Adam Ayers, Aiden Haines, Al Nash, Al Spry, Albert Strasser, Alisa Schoultz, Angel Michaels, Anna Maria de Freitas, Archie Brooks, Athlene Schneider, Audrey Olshefsky, Austin Pierce, Austin Scheffer, (Battery D, American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary, who’s names were unable), Beau Borrero, Becki Day, Ben Goodman, Bette Cantrell, Bill Cumming, Bill La Porte, Bill Paterson, Bob Anderson, Betsy Anderson, Bob Freeauf, Bobbe Needham, Brent Sandifer, Brook Ashcraft, C. King Fitch, Candice Faylor, Carly Woodward, Carol Christenson, Caroline Wampler-Bryant, Carrie Brooks, Carrie Lacher, Charles Nash, Cheyenne Cook, Chloe Beliveau, Chloe Schutza, Chris Chesley, Chris Wolf, Clara Brand, Cody Fischer, Cody Price, Coey McPadden, Coy Shipley, Dakota Rosales, Dalton Ayers, Dan Drath, Dana Bune, Darlene Wahl, David Brown, Deanna Rogers, Debbie Pigman, Debbie Staehlin, Debbie Taylor, Deborah Hopkins, Denny Holm, Devorah Gottesman, Diane Olshefsky, Dick Rich, Dick Saylor, Don Leff, Doug McGrew, Douglas Barnett, Ed Wilson, Elle Guard, Elwyn Pratt, Emily Reed, Emily Reynolds, Emily Rothlisberger, Farhad Ghatan, Fionnoula Bourne, Frank Hastings, Fred Popham, Gary Boothman, Geoffrey Castle, Gerard Woldtvedt, Gina Sandwith, Graham Ellis, Gretchen Gubelman, Hailey Ott, Hannah Snow, Harry Kuheim, Holly Harbers, Ian Cooper, Jack Cory, Jackie Altier, Jake Beliveau, James Barkshire, James Ronhaar, Jan Schubert, Jane Hutchison, Janet Olsen, Jeff Altman, Jerusha Turner, Jesse Kolowitz, Jessica Procaccini, Jim Buterbaugh, Jim Cahail, Jim Morrison, Jim Schubert, Joan Byrne, Joel Ball, John Miller, Jonathan Piff, Jordan Nash, Jordyn Taylor, Judy Holm, Julie Corey, Julie Strang, Karen Marler, Karen Woldtvedt, Katherine Dietzman, Kayla Desermeaux, Ken Arzarian, Ken Fuller, Keri Kovats, Kevin Loftus, Kirsten Crichton, Kitty Roberts, Kip Roberts, Kramer Baisch, Kristie Ayers, Kristin Mouk, Kristine Odle, Laura Tretter, Laura Tuttle, Lavelle Foos, Lee McEnery, Linnae Radden Nash, Lisa Brown, Liz Illg, Lori Stokes, Luis Aguilar, Maddie Schroeder, Madi McPadden, Madison Leiren, Maggie Andersen, Margaret Nash, Mari Peterson, Mary Jean Cahail, Megan Cuomo, Megan Goudie, Meli Hickenbottom, Merle Turman, Mia Saccio, Michael Cohen, Mike Adams, Mike Cohen, Mike McClellan, Mike Vouri, Miles Cobos, Nancy Best, Nancy DeVaux, Nancy Fusare, Nancy Hanson, Nancy Tiederman, Oliver Strasser, Pablo Lopez, Pat Mayo, Patty Brightman, Peter Risser, Quinn Bune, Rich Barker, Robin Jacobson, Roxanna Zalmanek, Roz Casad, Sally Thomsen, Sandy Strehlou, Sara Nade, Sean McLaughlin, Shade Noble Workman, Sharon Kivisto, Shelley Alan, Sid Schneider, Simon Vincent, Siri Lindstrum, Sis Baker, Spencer Bune, Stephanie Barnes, Steve Grandle, Steve Keys, Steve McDonald, Steve Trembley, Stewart Bell, Susan Risser, Teddy Deane, Terry Sanders, Tery Kruth, Thor Hanson, Tim Pope, Tisha Staudt, Todd Cochran, Tony Smith, Tony Vivenzio, Tracy Koenig, Ula Grace, Vern Long, Vickie Miller, Vivien Burnett, Wayne Fitzgerald, Wendy Weigert, William King, Wilson Schuber, Windjammer Barber Shop, Zaim Melic, Zoe Kromer, and those who may have been overlooked.

Another special thank you is deserved by many of the Town staff, particularly the crew from the Town Shop, who contributed to the arduous task of set-up and break down for the day’s events, as well as these businesses and their staffs for their services: Bakery San Juan, Journal of the San Juans, King’s Grocery, Printonyx, San Juan Florist, San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, San Juan Island Grange, San Juan Island Historical Museum, San Juan Island Visitor’s Bureau, San Juan Island Yacht Club, and Vinny’s Ristorante.

Once again, Thank you!

Tom Bauschke
John Evans
Mary Kalbert
Ron Keeshan
Gordy Petersen
Janice Peterson
Bruce Sallan
Terra Tamai
Amy Wynn
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