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Home » Archives » September 2008 » Town: NIx On Crosswalk

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09/19/2008: "Town: NIx On Crosswalk"

Voting concern about the loss of three parking spaces, the Town Council voted against the SJ County Council's request that a new crosswalk be painted on the road between the court house and the new county legislative building.

The irony is the Town was reported to be joining up with the SJC Land bank to buy land in the middle of town to preserve it, and remove 25 plus parking spaces, but according to the Mayor, the Town is not interested in becoming involved in the Land Bank proposal to purchase the property

It was in any case a bit of a confusing discussion, ranging from County Council Chairman (and former Town Council member) Howard Rosenfeld's comment that the Town and County have some legal exposure if someone is struck crossing the street now that a safety concern has been expressed, to which Town Prosecutor Don Eaton said "that is not correct", to Town Council member Carrie Brooks statement that we would need to also install a stop sign if we added the crosswalk; to "is it illegal to jaywalk?". No, was the answer in both cases.

As for the jaywalking issue: cars must stop for pedestrians crossing at an intersection regardless if it is marked with a crosswalk or not, and pedestrians are required to let cars past before crossing a road at other than an intersection, unless there is a marked crosswalk. The best advise for drivers and pedestrians appears to be "pay attention!"

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