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Home » Archives » July 2008 » Eddie & Friends Dog Park

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07/14/2008: "Eddie & Friends Dog Park"

With just a few thousand dollars left to raise, construction of the Eddie & Friends Dog Park has begun in earnest.

While it is still too early to set a date for the opening celebration, the park will most certainly be complete well before summer’s end.

“We are confident that the support we have received to date will continue until we have met our financial goals,” commented Lori Stokes, co-chair of the Dog Park Steering Committee. “We will need to raise enough for all the construction costs plus a bit more to start us off with enough in the bank for initial maintenance.”

Stokes wishes to remind the public that “if you have been meaning to contribute, now is the time, as the sooner we meet all our goals, the sooner we actually open.”

It is anticipated that the park will be self-sustaining through donations of either time or money by park users. Maintenance tasks will include regular mowing during the growing season and emptying the receptacles for the disposal of filled dog waste bags (dog owners will be expected to pick up their dog’s waste using the provided biodegradable disposal bags).

Co-chair Jack McKenna noted that the cost of fencing has come in over budget. “We had initially planned to use volunteer labor for putting up the fence, but ultimately decided that it would be more prudent to hire experienced workers to handle the fence installation.” Most of the fencing will be steel post with six foot no-climb galvanized horse fencing. The material is durable and movable, and tennis balls cannot get through the mesh.

“The list of people deserving thanks is very long,” said co-chair Jim Stegall, “but here are a few to whom we are especially grateful.”

* Homeminders for picking up a huge pile of old tires from the property and disposing of them
* John Dustrude for lining out the site plan and many other tasks
* Jack Cory for crafting our stormwater run-off plan
* Mike Erickson for mowing the property (the grass was REALLY tall!) and cleaning up debris
* Cal Ryan for identifying and soliciting contractors to bid on fence construction
* Rich Lawson for putting in the parking lot
* Jaime Ellsworth, Harbor Veterinary Services, Downtown Dog, and Friday Harbor Pet Supplies for donating raffle prizes
* Paul Chadwick for drawing pet caricatures during the K-9 festival and donating the proceeds to the park
* Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos for teaching a cooking class and donating the proceeds to the park
* Marcy Hahn for designing our brochure and posters
* Printonyx for ably handling all our printing needs
* Billy Maas for making park benches
* Susan Kiraly for donating a new gazebo for shelter from rain and sun
* Jeff Brash for designing and furnishing water troughs
* Dave Spurgeon for donating a car which was sold
* Pat Taylor, Joan Rowe, Doris Estabrooks and John Maya, for helping us at our fund-raising tables at the Market Place

And every one of our more than 100 donors!

“By the way,” added Jim, “many of our $100 donors have yet to return their completed plaques to the Island Rec office. As we are quickly approaching the date for fence installation, this would be a good time to get your sign done and turned in.”

If you would like to help the park with a donation of any size, please contact Lori Stokes at 378-4643 or

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