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Home » Archives » July 2008 » CC Approves FH/SJC UGA Agreemen

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07/10/2008: "CC Approves FH/SJC UGA Agreemen"

An agreement by the San Juan County Council and the Friday Harbor Town Council on a Phase 1 expansion of the Buck property has been approved.

The plan calls for close cooperation between the Town of Friday Harbor and the County in development of land within the non-annexed area of the UGA.

The Town asked specifically for assurance that “In allowing for rural land division, the County will ensure that the developments’ design does not preclude future infill development at urban density.”

The County Council voted unanimously Tuesday to join in a management agreement with the Town on the 74 acre, first phase of a planned two-phase expansion of the unincorporated Urban Growth Boundary adjacent to the Town. T

he agreement removed a major stumbling block for the affordable housing project planned by the San Juan Community Home Trust on a portion of the expansion area known as “the Buck property,” east of the town’s current boundary.

During public testimony on the agreement, Nancy DeVaux, Executive Director of the Home Trust, reminded the Council that the expansion includes the portion of the 45-acre Buck property on which the Home Trust plans to build its affordable housing development. She said Council approval was a necessary step toward the future development of up to 120 units of badly needed affordable housing on 15 acres of the 45-acre Buck property. The Trust hopes to build 15 homes on the property during 2009-2010.

The Town of Friday Harbor approved the UGA agreement on July 3. The Town Council will need to approve a petition for annexation from the owners of the Buck property before the affordable housing project could break ground.

County Community Development and Planning Director Ron Henrickson said the agreement also sets the stage for negotiations with the town on the larger “Phase 2” expansion of the UGA. That proposed expansion, supported by the County, connects the three tracts of land that fall within the Phase 1 expansion and adds 128.5 acres of land, including the County Fairgrounds (see map ).

The Friday Harbor UGA is being redrawn in accordance with a state requirement that UGA boundaries be revised every ten years to accommodate projected population growth over the following 20 years. The expansion was divided into two phases after the Town and the County disagreed over the amount of future growth that should fall within the town’s boundaries, and the Town expressed concern about the cost of expanding water, sewer and other urban services to the larger area.

Negotiations on Phase 2 will resume in September after the County completes a study on the potential infrastructure requirements for the phase two expansion.

More background information on the Friday Harbor UGA expansion is available on the San Juan County website by Clicking Here

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