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Home » Archives » April 2010 » Sustainable Living Fair Weekend

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04/27/2010: "Sustainable Living Fair Weekend"

ig_Yellow_Island-001 (72k image)
(Yellow Island -with buildings no longer allowed in SJC)

The public was able to stretch their sea legs, put on hiking boots -or water shoes- and pick a field trip over land, sea or both for the countywide Sustainable Living Fair weekend that was held in May.
There were five trips for the choosing. All trips were coordinated by the Stewardship Network of the San Juans.
Yellow Island Wildflowers by Kayak

Yellow Island’s carpet of spring wildflowers wawere explored with Shearwater Kayak Adventures by paddling through the Wasp Islands, stopping to enjoy a picnic lunch. Then explored the trails of Yellow Island, with its abundance of native wildflowers. Lilies, shooting stars, camas, stonecrop, and even cactus are just a few of the species which bloom each spring on this Nature Conservancy preserve.

The Creatures of Indian Island

“What lives on and around Indian Island?” was a fascinating presentation about Indian Island and its environs by Russel Barsh and Madrona Murphy of Kwiaht. Dubbed the Indian Island Marine Health Observatory, local WSU Beachwatchers, Orcas Island students and Kwiaht have been working together to protect the East Sound marine environment through research and education.

Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead Tour

Winners of the 2009 “Finnie” for Farmland Stewardship, the Bullock Permaculture Homestead held a tour of their permaculture site. The Bullock brothers founded the homestead, near Deer Harbor on Orcas Island, in the early 1980s. Pursuing the three ethics central to permaculture design - care for the earth, care for people and fair share for all - the brothers grow vegetables, flowers and livestock in a manner that is in harmony with their surrounding environment.

Turtleback Mountain Hike

Kathleen Foley and Dean Dougherty from the San Juan Preservation Trust ledr a hike on Turtleback Mountain. Visible from throughout the islands, the mountain is especially well-known for providing dramatic views over the San Juan archipelago, the Canadian Gulf Islands, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and numerous waterways in between. The mountain has a wide variety of habitats and is home to an intriguing variety of plants and animals.

Geology of Sucia Island, a boating and hiking tour

For the “Geology of Sucia,” a boating and hiking tour with Shearwater Kayak Adventures involved hiking a total of approximately two miles over level ground. The short course covered the tectonic evolution of the Pacific Northwest, focusing on the intriguing geology of Sucia Island, including colorful Protection Formation b

The Sustainable Living Fair at the Village Green in Eastsound on May 1 and field trips the next day were cooperative efforts of the Stewardship Network of the San Juans and Sustainable Orcas Island. For more information, please visit the Stewardship Network website at

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